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May Your Song Always Be Sung


May Your Song Always Be Sung

Unreal. Bobby Zimmerman of Hibbing Montana turned 75 on Tuesday, and America's great troubadour is still on the road, heading for another joint. By now, pretty much everything's already been said about Dylan and his "extraordinary single imagination." And never mind that he's cranky and cryptic and his performances are wildly uneven. He's earned the right to all of it. Listen.


Happy birthday, Mister Zimmerman!

Hibbing is in Minnesota.


Kennedy was dead and the dark forces ruled. In a blink of an eye a half a million men were sent to war and the bombs of genocide. Oh to be young and facing the draft and then heard Dylan for the first time. It changed you.


Ditto. Dylan gave civil disobedience the rythem it needed to make the sixties a decade of progress.


Couldn't play the harmonica; couldn't play the guitar; couldn't sing tunefully and did a fine job of doing all three at once to bring joy to millions.


Dylan is a wordsmith, a Gemini trickster shaman songster of the highest order.

Some of my favs below in one form or another.........but there are way way way too many to name including amazing covers.......

Nina Simone


and the man himself..........


Every re-viewing of The Last Waltz brings an ache to the heart. Oh, The Weight of it!


Every time I hear any of the early recordings my mind is blown again by the beauty of his voice. He once sang of "the strength of strings/No voice could hope to hum." On the other hand, Bach considered the most powerful instrument to be the human voice.

"Rest yourself."


I know the generation (mine) that grew up in the 60's and 70's decries that today's music is lacking something, that it's all top 40 and American Idol pablum, but honestly, will there ever be such a collection of greats as we experienced back then?


Holy shit! Never heard this version before. Tears rolling down my cheeks


That's what I thought upon first hearing Dylan. I was a Simon and Garfunkle fan. Didn't appreciate Bobby until I was older and wiser. My musical taste actually deepened and expanded with age.


Couldn't play the harmonica; couldn't play the guitar; couldn't sing tunefully.

Ah, value judgments. I'll offer a second opinion: Bob Dylan is a very skilled guitar player, and a very skilled singer who can and does (maybe not always) sing in tune.
And he definitely used/uses the harmonica very effectively in his songs, so I would rate his skill with it pretty high as well..


Thanks for the all day Nina Simone binge.


I just put 3 or 4 of her CD's on hold at the library where I work. Wow, can't wait for more.

(And you are welcome: )