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Maybe Bernie Can Win


Maybe Bernie Can Win

Bob Burnett

I’m beginning to believe Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination and then the presidency.

Sunday night, January 17th, I watched the Democratic presidential debates with my wife, a Hillary Clinton supporter, and stepson, an Edward Snowden fan. After two hours – of a real debate – they concluded Bernie Sanders had won. (That was the critical consensus.)


The tide against Hillary and the third way posse that has owned and run the (D) party since G. McGovern is ending. Eight years of empty promises and endless WAR under Obama has split the party into a tiny DC / Wall st. backed elite and the base which has had it with these people. GO BERNIE GO !!!


I will NEVER, EVER support or vote for her, especially now, after she and her machine have so brazenly lied about Bernie and his record. In fact, if she lies her way to the nomination, I will do everything I possibly can to make sure she never becomes POTUS. I haven't liked the Clintons since the '90's. Like the NBC campaign, "The more you know"...about them, the less you like them and what they "stand for", which is being out for themselves and their rich masters on Wall Street. I know I'm far from the only Bernie supporter who feels this way. Eff-her and the horse they rode in on!


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Hillary was nagging and carping and Bernie spoke passionately on the issues. I think people will recognize the difference between establishment and a movement to change the System. Onward Bernie!


I now understand why Chris Hedges rails the way he does against Liberals.

I also understand how prescient Rod Sterling was in MANY Twilight Zone episodes.

The two premises fit together; and here's why:

When Mr. Burnett says he "likes" Hillary, that gives a pass to her position as war hawk and proponent of U.S. foreign policy that's led to the murder of over one million persons and allotted toxic refugee status to millions more.

Is THAT something to like?

I noticed the same thing when Amy Goodman interviewed two women who both self-identified as Feminists and Socialists, and yet one of them also "liked" Hillary Clinton.

Hillary's pro-war, pro-Wall Street, and pro-Deep State (as in demonizing Edward Snowden and allowing a gigantic Security-Spy State apparatus to burgeon) policies, pronouncements and acts are anathema to women and children (and everyone else)... everywhere.

How can THAT be something to like?

The woman is dangerous because she is a part of the Orwellian State, a/k/a American Fourth Reich.


The only Democratic candidate running who is a Washington outsider is Martin O'Malley, Clinton has been an insider from almost 25 years and Sanders even longer. I do think Sanders can win if he can get more support among African American voters. If he can't Clinton will definitely win, unless her e-mail situation really blows up. The voters have forced the whole Democratic Party to the left so no matter who wins they will have a progressive agenda. And no matter who wins little will get done because of Republican opposition as the Republicans move ever further to the right.


And Sanders feels drones "have their place" and, with the exception of the inception of Bush Jr.'s, Iraq war, and even there he voted for bills that funded it, he has supported all our military misadventures ... How can THAT be something to like?


The voters have "forced" the the whole DP party's rhetoric to the left - as they did with O ...
Been there, seen that - but never bought the T-shirt ...


Hmm, so if this guy is a Quaker, considers himself progressive and wants a woman Pres - have i got a candidate for him .... Stein ...

This fellow gives the perfect reason why Sanders will not mount a peep if Stein is, once again, denied entrance to the Pres debates - he was swayed by a debate ....


The other statements that stand out were the one where he supports Clinton because it time they had a woman in the White House and if Sanders loses he would support Clinton.

I am not suggesting a woman should not be elected to the White House but doing so just because she is Woman or a Democrst while ignoring her legacy and policies is just vapid thinking

It in fact diminishes women when it suggested that Hilary the woman that best represents their interests


Exactly! She is not a candidate to help women, workers, peace, negotiations with "enemies" (like Russia, that everyone is expected to hate) and her history is full of dangerous actions and efforts to prove she is just as "tough" (ie cruel and vicious) as any man.


I still find it perplexing that as a so-called Jill Stein fan, you only trash Sanders. Why is that?


Someone please tell David Brock and the Blue Nation Review that.


Rosemerry gets what I mean.

I mentioned that Amy Goodman had a debate between two women who both self-identified as Feminists and also as Socialists, yet one said she supports Clinton... which I, as a Feminist, find repugnant.

If the only color children ever see is blue, they will think the entire world is blue.

By analogy, the patriarchal capitalist paradigm paints power in ways that support typically male initiatives like the quest for power, domination, and who's got the biggest swinging dick.

Women who want power and behave like the males within the system in my view betray what Feminism is about.

I don't want a world where more women act like men who abuse those with less power or status.

I don't want a world where women are in positions within the existing hierarchy which itself not only does enormous harm, its entire modus operandi is HARM-based starting with war and ecocide.

I also don't think any Socialist could, in good conscience, support Wall Street's candidate and one who makes noise about NOT reinstating Glass Steagall... for starters.

So as George Benson once sang, "We tried to talk it over, but the WORDS got in the way..."

Today, words have been pushed far from their points of origin in the same way that food isn't food, money has become entirely decoupled from sound measures of worth, and candidates lie to obtain office and 100% betray their constituents.

It's a very ugly time... but out of the carcass of collapse, a Phoenix will rise and in such times of crisis, enormous, unprecedented change occurs. This time, much of it may point to a new Progressive Era.

One last thing: Katrina Vanden Heuval (from The Nation), Rose De Morro (United Nurses Union), me and other thinking women do not support Hillary just because she is a woman. I would support Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren or Barbara Lee... but none of these individuals have a chance at this time.


It's the same mentality as those who congregate here who trash: Marjorie Cohn, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Kumi Naidoo, Nader, and others.

(Since the site went off DISQUS, those individuals--along with their Trash Talk--are decidedly reduced.)

Their attack appears to come from the Left... a sort of "more Leftist-than-thou" stealth attack; but at its core, it's really about effecting right wing policies and outcomes.

Such persons try to shame Progressives, look for chinks in their armor, slight flaws in their arguments and positions.

I think it's funded by some Koch Brothers' think tank CESS POOL.


I have always been convinced that Bernie can win. He is honest and incorruptible. He is concerned about people like you and me. What more do we need?


Sigh .... Because, as i have said before, trashing Clinton on a site like this is like bringing coals to Newcastle - totally redundant. Clinton is not in the running for the hearts and minds of progs - no prog in his/her right mind (or perhaps only a prog in his/her "right" mind) would think of supporting her ...

The issue, for me, at any rate, is where should progs put their time, money, energy and votes ...


Oh, baloney ... what a bunch of nonsense - brought forth by those who cannot refute the message so they engage in shooting the messenger ... You started whacking me years, yeah years, ago when i had the temerity to disagree with you on something or other ..

As for "slight flaws" - lordy, some of them are so large one could drive a 20 ton truck through ...


I'm a lifelong Democrat. If Hillary wins the primary election I cannot support her. She is too dishonest and too beholden to the corporations. We have to draw a line somewhere. Republicans will be worse but I expect my Democrats to be actual Democrats and not DINOs.