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Maybe It IS a Single-Issue Election


Maybe It IS a Single-Issue Election

Michael Winship

Maybe it’s that 50,000-year-old, Neanderthal DNA scientists say a lot of us possess, but this feels like the most brutal, vicious and mendacious political year since the days when politicians traded jugs of corn whiskey for votes, fought duels, and flagellated opponents to near death with canes


For me, it's looking like accountability is THE issue we need to deal with.

Beginning with Nixon's evacuation from the White House in disgrace and Ford's "Let's move on folks," speech, America has failed to hold politicians accountable for their misdeeds. We saw the pinnacle when the criminal cheney/bush-2 administration invaded Iraq on the base of the lies and propaganda it espoused.

With each new example of corruption not prosecuted we see the sharks get bolder. In the government sector, we're looking at Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder continue to drag its feet when it comes to stepping in and stopping the poisoning of the Residents of Flint, Michigan.

Holding politicians, bankers, the wealthy and the greedy accountable for their actions would go a long way in helping to put this country back together.


Single issue indeed. Several years ago I wrote in the intro of the Blue Collar review that all issues are like the branches of a tree tied together at the root by tangled a knot of corporate influence. Unless that corporate influence is addressed, it is a waste of time to work on other issues because that same brick wall of moneyed opposition will block real progress. Though Sanders focuses on many issues, his (and our) main focus is on addressing that root problem.


The biggest issue is not inequality but the role of government. Compare Ted Cruz with Bernie Sanders and it all becomes clear. Its about people wanting government assistance for this and that versus versus people saying most of the land in the West should not belong to the government but to us. The country seems hopelessly divided on the role of government. Is the era of big government over as Reagan wanted or not? That is the central issue of this election. Cruz or Sanders?


america is a land in which facts do not exist. Since the advent of the internet and the concept that money equals speech, anytime a person wants affirmation of their prejudices there are countless experts, "facts" and anecdotes, that anyone can find or create. Then people build enclaves where people will reflect their prejudices back onto them. Over time you can observe that people with different prejudices have their own reality. I don't know of any solution that can bring people together to use the same facts and the same anecdotes or even to agree that concrete reality effects everyone the same way.



It's about wanting a citizen first representative republic or a corporate oligarchy. It isn't about big or little government, it is about whose government. You're buying into the stuff the people who are screwing you are selling at your own expense.


That is Lrx's Modus Operandi:
Accept the status quo propaganda first; then construct a "logical" argument based on that.


I've concluded a whole lot of Democrats simply don't want things to change at all. At least, not if it could possibly affect them.
Once again, Brother Ochs proves correct.


"... And that's why i'm turning you in!
"So love me, love me, love me, i'm a Liberal!"


The analogy I use is a Hydra, the Many-Headed Beast; the Hydra of big-money/TBTF banks/Wall St corrupts, subverts, builds and protects most "issues" via corruption, but the center/heart of the beast must be destroyed, or else we face one head after another with predictable results - an endless game of whack-a-mole - the heart of the beast, the power and influence of big-money and greed must be destroyed, to end all its various destructive/divisive manifestations!

Sanders rightly sees the Hydra's "heart" as central to end or reform the numerous issues it subverts or nourishes. Racism, education, health-care, wealth distribution, taxes, income inequality, military waste and fraud, corruption of our political processes, Congress and laws - all flow from big-money's subversive corrosive influence. Sanders is NOT a "one-issue candidate" as it is that central subversion by big-money that dominates, controls, protects the many heads of the Hydra..........


You echo the sentiments I have expressed on CD during the past decade.

If the only thing President Sanders accomplishes during his first term is breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks and criminalizing bribes to politicians, he will have given the 99% more than any president has during the past 70 plus years.


Never let facts get in the way of a good story...now that IS Murkin exceptionalism !


To get the money out of politics, you have to put money in. How rigged a system is that?


Yes, the single overarching issue that Bernie is pushing is the theme he has been talking about for decades: Namely taking back our government for "We the People". That theme encompasses literally dozens of sub-issues.


Again with the all-encompassing "WE"?

"Have we so lost touch that the truth no longer sets us free but inspires braying derision?"

C'mon, Mr. Winship... the lunatics that would gravitate to a Republican Convention tend to believe in Creationism, that global warming is a hoax dreamt up by Al Gore, and that Free Enterprise means government should not be allowed to regulate things like the poisonous fracking or oil spills in the audience's very own backyards.

Their allegiance to Bush runs along the lines of religious fervor. Remember, Marx was onto something when declaring that "religion is the opiate of the peoples." And if the dominant religion is a martial brand of Christianity that equates killing all those Islamist Arab "terrorists" in some kind of God-sanctioned holy war, then NO revision of the narrative will be permitted... because it's all FAITH-based.

The WE attending Trump rallies is no indication of the greater collective WE anymore than do trade deals enacted behind closed doors--by elite interests--represent the interests of WE, the people. And adding to the list, the daily atrocities enacted covertly by the Military Industrial Complex do not comport to WE, the People, either.

WE didn't kill Kennedy. But some ONE did.

It's not just rhetorical. This straining to put all citizens under ONE umbrella is an intellectual fraud and embarrassment.


The single issue I see of this election is** truth.**
Bernie's potent weapon is truth - truth has no need for feigned sincerity, sincerity is inherent; and with it he projects unflappable human decency.

In comparison, others are revealed as mere corporate sponsored enablers - the louder they shout, the more vitriol they expound the taller Sanders stands.
As Sanders says - a (peaceful) revolutionary act. More strength to his hand!

Orwell agrees:-
In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell


I am also tired of this nonsense:

"Have so-called “reality television,” and social media plagued with trolling and conspiracy theories so melted our brains that when facts get in the way of whatever nonsense we prefer to believe, we bellow like wounded beasts?"

The term "conspiracy theories" is the most efficient way of shutting people up who don't conform to the Official Narratives that are trafficked by the corporate media.

They're volleyed around all over the spectrum.

There's a VAST difference between right wing lunatics claiming that global warming is a Conspiracy theory or that the connection between Fracking and earthquakes is a conspiracy theory, and those--including HUNDREDS of engineers and scientists--who demand a genuine investigation as per the TRUTH of 911's events!

There are now so many retired pilots and military personnel who have come forward with gripping stories about area 51, Roswell, and reverse-engineered alien spacecraft as to make this discussion no longer a "conspiracy theory," either.

As Dave Chapell stated during an interview on "The Actor's Studio," to call someone crazy (or a conspiracy theorist) is to DISMISS them (and by extension, what they have to say).

Mr. Winship (given his long career in journalism) has seen enough lying from corporate places--like the tobacco giants insisting that nicotine was perfectly safe, or Exxon and oily friends hiding the TRUTH about global warming--to retire the damning frame of "Conspiracy theory."

All unpopular TRUTHS start out as dangerous heresies.

It does a society no good to silence its inconvenient Truth tellers and Mr. Winship is too casual in his embrace of the frame used for that express purpose.


I must stand against the assertion that Homo Sapiens Neanderthals were more brutal, vicious and mendacious than we Homo Sapiens Sapiens. There is no evidence to support this form of racism. The only facts we know are that Neanderthals lived for hundreds of millennia in harmony with the Earth through various climate changes and that they died off after Homo Sapiens Sapiens moved in.

Ben Bova helped me think differently in his obviously fiction SF novel, "Orion", in which he painted a picture of them as superior to us, which was just as plausible as our standard myth.


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I have to agree with you about Neanderthals ( I doubt they called themselves that - but thats what this model does does best - claim that its vision IS identity - truly pathological) and the narcissistic framing of the methods of basic research science in order to conflate it with technology and patentable products.

The linear 'development' model that permeates "modern life" (a crock if there ever was one) is in its last gasps. Having morphed into a caricature of its historical parasitic self in an attempt to stem its overdue demise, its own overheated greed has cracked its mirror world. . and the narcissism of Glory days - look forward not back - when we were great - ... it is searching long and hard - constantly - for scapegoats bu people are wising up.
The larger shards of that still extremely dangerous mirror still sling their razor-sharp edges at the marginalized while the parasite 'owners' hold fast to practicing their lines in ts shiny surface. Ever notice the all pervasive glass/mirror architecture of corporate headquarters? It is the old sociopath gambit of "I am You". Coocoocachoo was one musical response decades ago.