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Maybe Kansas Deserves Kris Kobach


Maybe Kansas Deserves Kris Kobach

Christopher Brauchli

Do not veil the truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth knowingly.
—The Koran, Chapter 1


We all know that the real issue is candidate fraud, but the dog whistle’s not tuned for that.


Kansas most definitely deserves Kris Kobach. They were made for each other.


Not a single one of the voters identified by Kobach as fraudulent was found to be ineligible. I guess a Harvard degree ain’t worth much after all, especially when attached to a fraudulent, twisted intellect. Beware Kansans, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!


Kansas elected Brownback twice, didn’t they? Hell yeah, they will elect this jerk off.


Here’s one Republican who won’t for Kobach. Worth watching the video:


“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

― George Carlin


The only thing about this situation that’s ridiculous, is Kobach not sitting in jail for contempt, like any other citizen would be.


Kansas does not “deserve” this.
Kansas has been under the micros scope from people like Thomas Frank and others for a while.
It is true that churches have lurched the state rightwards in a very real way.
But there are two or there institutions, among others, that are responsible for this.

  1. is the fred phelps church of hate (Topeka).
  2. the koch brothers church of mamon (Wichita\the fields (of oil)).
  3. the scientific church of Monsanto (Manhattan\the fields).

Remember that since the aeronautics giants left Kansas, it has been a very very poor state.

Although independent minded people have been making some waves lately.

If you speak against the mentioned trinity, you are likely to loose your job and be ostracized for life.
If you speak for, you are awash and money and can win any election.
The Jayhawks have all but dissappeared.
But the state had towns called independence and liberal for a reason.


Mostly, we get the kind of leaders we deserve.


They were once famously progressive populists, a hundred years ago.


Not sure who she won’t vote for. She voted for Trump!!!
Quick short version. She filled out a mail-in ballot but forgot about it at home. She voted in person. Then her mom found the ballet and mailed it for her.
She and her mom were up front about it. Kobach talked with her and assured her the mistake would not be a problem, except the creep filed felony charge against her anyway for perjury on a ballot and for voting twice. It carried serious jail time.
Her lawyer, who doesn’t sound that bright, got a plea “bargain” for her with charges reduced to a misdemeanor (which stays on her record) and a $500 fine.
Not to mention lawyer cost that was a pretty expensive mess and could have been cleared up in nothing flat, by an actual decent human. Kobach doesn’t qualify.
So, yeah, hard to imagine her ever voting for Kobach but then she did vote for Trump (twice, once at the ballot box and once by mistake through the mail).


More than mere contempt of court. He should be in jail for multiple lifetimes for removing the vote from at least 18,000 Kansans. At least and for all those whose votes he removed across the country using Cross Check.


So true, my post was a reaction for this court action only.


we’re witnessing the back-wash from the one-trick pony and the bizarre language he speaks that defies real lexical translation


If you watched the video, you’d see her specifically say she’s not voting for Kobach.


Sorry to say this–but rural conservatives vote party-line, without much consideration for ethics or intelligence.


The article is good but the title is not. Several of the comments verge on victim blaming. I expect better from CommonDreams and its readers. Bernie Sanders & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know Kansas.