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Maybe Next Time Stick to the Notes


Maybe Next Time Stick to the Notes

Charles P. Pierce

The reviews are in!

"…a stunning tour de force…" — Jake Tapper, CNN.

I'm only kidding here. After the president* took his sojourn into the izonkosphere on Tuesday afternoon, CNN cut back to Tapper, who looked very much like a man who had seen space aliens humping in his jacuzzi. I give him credit for having been able to say anything at all. I sat there in silent awe and petrified wonder for a good two minutes.


Trump going off-script, as disgusting and sometimes incomprehensible as it is, at least allows us to see the real Trump. What anyone with an ounce of decency sees is an astonishingly ignorant man with no semblance of a moral compass. In other circumstances, this would be a man many people would simply shun and avoid, but here he is, the president of the United States.

Pierce is right. There’s no going back, now. The country is at a crossroads. Allowing Trump to remain as president is to admit that patriotic talk of all men being created equal we’ve heard since we were children means absolutely nothing.


Isn’t it true that Washington and Jefferson eventually freed their slaves?
That is a repentance that I can respect.
Rich powerful white guys admitting they were wrong and doing what they can to correct their transgressions- we need more of that today.


Slavery has much deeper roots though our history. This is only one form, chattel slavery and yes we fought a bloody war to end it. Slavery is addressed in religious texts as ok if it is voluntary so it still has permission from various historical points. The examples are numerous, that is why plantations became tenet farming and share cropping. And now, prison contracted industry that is well established in the U.S. It is not gone we just stopped building monuments to it. Factory farming too = animal slavery of sorts.


Considering the CIA thought JFK had to be neutralized, I would guess the Donald has less than a week to live. After all he’s a much bigger threat to our national security than OBL ever was.


If ever there was a time that Trump was going to start a war/launch an attack against another country, in the next few days/weeks would be the time to do it. If he ever needed to distract attention from the horror that is his presidency, now would be the time. So I fully expect another “Presidential moment” like when he attacked the Syrian airbase, or the MOAB in Afghanistan, very soon…then all of this Nazi-sympathizing criticism of him will go bye-bye and be forgotten in short order.



Trump needed to do something to get the nightly news off the subject of Russia, so far it seems to be working.


A fine commentary on a person, a persona, a party and a country that defy rational understanding, except with the help of intimate knowledge of abnormal psychology. Thanks for this witty, insightful piece.

However, however you put it in quotes, follow it with a lost asterisk, or otherwise punctuate it, you’re sill calling the perp the pres. I prefer ”White House resident” or just ”resident” (in addition to all the other things I call him and them.)


The USians are eagerly awaiting more zany antics of “The Bozo in the White Supremacist House”.


Claims of “national security” threats are rarely about national security. Actions taken to protect the country and the people of the US and world from actual threats are rare; actions to protect the oligarchy and its subsidiary security state from the people are justified, consciously lying or not, by the National Security label.

Climate catastrophe is the biggest threat to national and world survival in human history, has been labelled that by the Pentagon for a decade (?) but not taken with anywhere near the seriousness that would demand. Capitalism and it’s attendant inequality, objectification and exploitation of humans and the rest of nature is a bigger threat all our security than anything but climate, and never a word mentioned except in praise of it. Somewhere on the list of security threats are the unholy twinity of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, especially with the laughably inadequate insurance they come with. Heard that from the security state recently?


The CIA is well to the right of the Nazis. Donald is the ugly face of their black souls. How else can you understand their catalogue of wanton murder and mayhem other than it is founded on the notion of America First and to Hell with all the rest? JFK was their antithesis because he actually believed in the Constitution and in Civil Rights, he believed in every nation’s right of self-determination and opposed Colonialism and Empires throughout his political career. He was pro-Peace and anti-war. Trump is the polar opposite to JFK, as were the CIA, State Dept, Pentagon, Big Steel, Big Oil.


If Don weren’t such an egotistical, narcissistic asshole. I would actually feel a bit sorry for him. He is a sick, sick chump.
Impeach the carnival barking, delusional liar.