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Maybe Rich Liberals Don’t Hate Sanders Because They Fear He Can’t Win, But Because They’re Rich


Maybe Rich Liberals Don’t Hate Sanders Because They Fear He Can’t Win, But Because They’re Rich

Adam Johnson

Why does the New York Times take rich liberals at their word that their concern with Bernie Sanders is that he would lose to Trump, rather than the obvious, glaring fact that his election would run counter to their interests?



Adam Johnson sees through the smokescreen and discovers the actual truth.

Bernie, Warren, or both!



Johnson sez:
“It’s a writer’s trick, and one the New York Times passes off without criticism …”

You’re gonna love the sequel, in which the voters, whose voices and candidate have been kneecapped and sidelined, are shamed into backing the neoliberal status quo candidate, “Because, unity.”



Ah yes, those in the ivory tower who look down on the rest of us. A pox on them!



This morning I saw Randy Weingarten The head cheese at AFT ( I think) teachers union ( who makes at least half a mil a year) and Kathleen Kennedy talk about how financial lit was needed at schools. I agree- a lot of that has been thrown by the way side in favor of STEM and testing ad nauseum. I was fine until Randi seemed to imply that only the rich have these skills. Turned me off- shame on her. They were talking about how over 50% of people in the US had no retirement- none! She faulted literacy. I fault greed and low wages.



fuck the new york times, mouthpiece for the establishment … ever since Krugman piled on sanders in 2016 ive never read his column again …this was a guy who wrote a book “THE Conscience of a Liberal”, fucking liberal my ass. I take nothing the times writes about politics seriously



With Sanders popularity, I believe the people have spoken. These super rich have always had their own agenda.
An just as the majority of Republicans no longer understand conservatism,
many who call themselves democrats, no longer understand what it means to be liberal.
They hover in their living rooms mumbling about their ducats and fearing taxation.



The American Pravda.



There is probably no greater taboo in the Democratic Party than talking about, much less shouting about, class contradictions within the party. Likewise on state TV.



It’s shocking and depressing that stuff like this not only happens, but out in the open. I mean, we could have elections where candidates run with public funds, people organize for particular candidates and whoever gets the most votes wins. But, this system is dominated by corruption and the rich. Not only is the Democratic Party internally undemocratic, but it is dominated by assholes like this. They see the peasants going in the wrong direction, and rats like Brock run in to throw their money around lying to people. So, what is the end result? The vanilla social democratic policies that Sanders wants will not be implemented. When the tens of thousands of people die because the candidate they do push for and gaslight people on doesn’t put in place anything near single payer, they will blame the deaths, the bankruptcies, the horribly inefficient system on the right. No, they are responsible, the people that will die in this healthcare system is on them. The candidate that the push for that will not put in place the radical changes we need to address the environmental crisis (these rich pricks will oppose the needed changes there too), and again, it will be on them.

I struggle to figure out if they act and think in this way because they are evil or if they are just cut off from the reality of everyone else, or if they realize what they are doing and rationalize their behavior. Yes, my candidate and his (likely) policies will destroy lots of people, yes this whole thing is undemocratic, and yes we have been in charge for decades as the country has fallen apart under our watch, but we really understand things more than the peasants, and so this is for their own good. I just think they are horrible people, and I don’t give a damn what charities they give to either, or if they are cool with the LGBTQ community. That doesn’t make them anything other than open minded libertarians, which is essentially what they are.

Brock is particularly horrible.



no kidding … just rubbish journalism

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Those people aren’t liberals, they’re establishment



Classic New York Times behavior, conflating “Democrats” with the rich, when 78% of Democrats like Bernie. The Times consistently uses elite opinion to characterize the American people, studiously ignoring polls that contradict them. And, of course, they also incorrectly label struggles of people in the South against American imperialism as “civil wars” within those countries, ignoring the role the US has played supporting (if not creating) governments that oppress the people.



I sure hope Bernie can pull it off because it is completely clear that he won’t have the mainstream press giving him any breaks. I looked at a WP story yesterday (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/can-bernie-sanders-really-win-over-trump-voters/2019/04/14/43744f10-5c65-11e9-9625-01d48d50ef75_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8c4e54b54db0) and what do I see?

Framing Sanders as the face of the Democratic Party, as the Fox appearance could do, will help Trump rather than hurt him, they contend.

Who’s they? The same assholes Adam Johnson is talking about in his piece on the NYT story. Or how about this one?

The divide over Sanders reflects a dilemma at the heart of the Democratic primary: Should the party nominate a Democratic version of Trump who can match his combativeness, energizing liberals and taking the fight to the president? Or should it embrace a consensus builder, one who can rise above the country’s partisan anger and bring people together?

A Democratic version of Trump? Jeez, and this isn’t an opinion piece either (or at least it isn’t advertised as such).

@KC2669, since you read this paper, is this guy (Sean Sullivan) representative of the quality of reporting at the WP these days? If so, I’m not even remotely considering supporting them.



Remember, the bagmen supporting anybody-but-Bernie are the same limousine liberals who insisted that:

  • Hillary should pied piper Trump into the Repub nomination
  • It was just fine to use atheism, sexism, and racism to tar Bernie supporters
  • Hillary’s emails were an issue because “Russia hacked them” and not because of the truth they revealed
  • Hillary was safe behind an unshakeable blue wall in the rust belt
  • That in the aftermath, they needed to actively promote Russian collusion as the reason she lost

So, damn, they’re not just morally bankrupt and corrupt as hell, they’re incompetent on top of it.

You can bet they’ll do everything in their power to kneecap Bernie, and shame on Bernie for letting them get away with it so easily in 2016. He’s fighting back harder this time, but he needs to up the stakes in my view.



There’s the consummately anti-Bernie rag, the WP, framing the d-party nomination process on an almost absurdly false premise. Whoodathunk?



Marxism 101:

The ideology of the ruling class will never be represented as ideology, but as objective truth, common sense, factual reporting.

Ideologues of the ruling class will never be represented as ideologues, but as disinterested parties, rational commenters, objective observers.


Any presentation of “objective truth, common sense, factual reporting” by “disinterested parties, rational commenters, objective observers” should be questioned to see if it is masked ruling class ideology.



Also i appreciate that Johnson refers to the candidate as “Sanders” and not “Bernie.” i like Bernie Sanders as a candidate, but i don’t actually know him, i’m not on a first-name basis with him, and he’s not a friend of mine!



You are probably kidding, but given both Bernie and Tulsi campaigns use first names primarily on their campaign sites, it seems perfectly reasonable to use first names in their cases. I don’t know about any other candidates but I prefer first names (luckily mine is pretty unique and I got the CD username easily). I guess it is weird to mix first and last names like saying Bernie and Warren (who puts Warren at the top of her page) so I usually say Sanders and Warren in those cases. Otherwise Go Bernie!



Not really kidding, but it’s not terribly important. If you waste time digging through my comments you’ll see i almost always say Sanders. Just a minor matter!

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