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'Maybe Rich People Can See the Writing on the Wall': CEOs Stepping Down at Levels Not Seen Since 2008

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/maybe-rich-people-can-see-writing-wall-ceos-stepping-down-levels-not-seen-2008

Oh oh the rats are jumping ship.


They see more than the writing on the wall. They see the protests and insurrection around the world and the climate heating…


Deserting the ship they’re sinking … ?


There is really nowhere to run from ecological collapse.


Oh but there is somewhere to run. The Bush family, not the sharpest pencils in the drawer, recently purchased 300,000 acres in Uruguay over the Guarani Aquifer, the largest fresh water reservoir in the world. That is an area equivalent to a square of land 25 miles on a side. Basically a grand feudal estate that could be self sufficient with its own airport and power supply. South Americans are a bit pissed about it because they know the .00001% are after their water. That it became public knowledge is proof the Bushes are not bright. No one knows where or how much land the Rockefellers, Morgans or Rothschilds have but they assuredly do.


“Sign of a recession?” Of course. ‘They’ know that the pitchforks are coming.


Blame the rich or the system that turns people into greedy, war profiteering parasites?

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They know the fraud is ready to blow. Inflated stock market via the corrupt bank owned Federal Reserve creating 29 trillion and counting for themselves to pump up the market and then tax cuts used to fund stock buybacks to further inflate the bubble so the executive Suite can cash out their stock options and run. Hence more wealth inequality created by fleecing others.


The system doesn’t make people do anything. It’s a choice they make themselves every day.

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What we should be learning from all this is that another Great Recession (aka a real Great Depression) is right around the corner. Money is a poor means of storing wealth, but keeping your 401K is apt to leave you with zipkiss for a retirement plan.

Buy land with water rights (and mineral rights if you can get them), tools, and seeds. Learn how to farm using pasture-based agriculture. Your agricultural production will be in high demand when the crash comes.


True, like our choice to believe in things like “money” and “property” that don’t exist outside human minds and are at the heart of the system of capitalism.


I refer to the system that allows, encourages wealth and power concentration to public detriment.

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The great majority of people will not be able to do this.


A Million March of Pitchforks might spoil their plans.


It will remain theirs only as long as it can be defended.

They lit the ship on fire first.

With global warming, the Furies will be unleashed. There will be no havens.

The “abstracting” power of capitalism that unleashes the rapacious behaviors in the system.

Eastern Europeans learned a long time ago that its hard for an army to destroy a field of potatoes but wheat is easily burned. Grow potatoes.