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Maybe This Is the Article That Will Convince You Not to Cut Medicaid


Maybe This Is the Article That Will Convince You Not to Cut Medicaid

Katie Fernelius

My sister Maggie’s body attacks itself.

In 2010, she went to the eye doctor for difficulties she was having with her vision. She thought she needed a new glasses prescription. Instead, she was admitted to the emergency room because the ophthalmologist thought she was having a stroke or a brain tumor.


You inspire people Katie because you are the type of decent person and loving family member that we all wish for ourselves as Americans. While it may be hard for you to think about your needing to explain things in public but many people will be glad that you did. We all read far too much about the greedy and vindictive, the selfish and cruel who have no empathy for anyone or anything except for their receiving campaign donations and tax cuts.

So when I read about your ‘fight’ for your sister’s sake, it was a chance to feel like a human being again because it reminded me of why I like people - people like yourself and why I don’t like the republicans and oligarchs who would deny your sister medical care just to give themselves more tax cuts.

It feels good knowing that there are Americans like you in the world.


Concerned journalists who come across retirees kilt outgo to contributor to a blog of the people whose lives


“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Oh, the irony! Of course Speaker Ryan means “…one of us uber-rich white Republican Leaders.” Not “…one of us ordinary Americans struggling to survive on wages that have been stagnant for 40 years.”

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us!” Well said, Mr. Heartless.


Unfortunately, Republicans are driven by ideology, and they contend that Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional programs left over from New Deal and Great Society aberrations that never should have happened. They dream of rolling back (aka destroying) all of these programs, regardless of the consequences. They are extremist ideologues, who rose to power not because society wants what they offer, but because Hillary Clinton and her cabal were too corrupt to win. It’s tragic. My heart aches every single day for people like the writer’s sister, but I fought hard for Bernie Sanders, as I knew HRC could and would never win.


Yes. You nailed it!


Thank you for putting a human face to this issue and well said. There are thousands more that need to be heard by members of congress and others. Medicaid is essential for the health of all Americans. It provides services to all those medical cases that would otherwise fall though the holes in our health care system. Each case meets a medical qualification, so it is not a disputed fact that these are necessary services. The elimination of these services means only one thing, more people will face health crisis.


Republicans just do not care. Telling your heartbreaking story will have no effect on the heartless, who will vote to maim and kill Americans who republicans perceive as not being deserving of anything except their scorn. The 99% are now Jews in 1930’s Germany. The question is what can we do to avoid being consigned to death by people whose moral centers are an all-consuming void.


Me and my partner are both on Medicaid. The fact that sold-out politicians in DC, working on behalf of the looting class, are publicly parading around and threatening to strip us of this shred of dignity, is simultaneously enraging and traumatizing.

Our health care decisions this year ARE SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECTED by this stupid hateful drama in DC. We are talking with our doctors, telling them that our decisions are affected by the fact that we may have our insurance yanked. The MDs say they really cannot take that into consideration in their position.

i appreciate that as a doctor you are not advising your patients based on the vagaries of heartless political drama. But as patients WE MUST.


Lucky you have Medicaid! I have not have had health insurance for ten years. With the only policy in my state offered at $18000/yr with a $5000 deductible I cannot afford it. So, I eat lightly, exercise wisely and keep on surviving. Things are changing rapidly in the country. Take care of your health the best you can. Even with health insurance, the for profit rakateering medical industry is no sure bet. Eat lightly, exercise wisely, enjoy this ephemeral existence…peace and love cannot be overestimated!


nail on the head


Isn’t it true that under Obamacare you will be fined for not having insurance? I am really curious how much the fine is.


You might want to re-investigate the cost of insurance in your area and whether you might qualify for a subsidy outside of Medicaid. There is no state in the country that has that high of a cost under Obamacare. Obviously, it still might be unaffordable to you - but it should be worth checking into, given the way the proposed Republican health care bill will operate.


The fine is $695 per adult and half of that per child up to a max of $2,085 per family.


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I paid a $2500 fine last year


I hope this is echoed in the fight against Trump care and all these policies aimed against common people.


And something many people don’t seem to understand you can opt for the bronze plan—it mainly covers preventive health and a major health issue but is very cheap on monthly payments. And when one does their taxes they will get a healthcare refund.


I think its interesting how the government covers the most vulnerable and the insurance industry covers the cream of the crop! Almost like some kind of corruption was going on here?

The real question is why do people accept this as NORMAL.

And I do believe going to the hospital is the 4th leading cause of death-----and what is the infant mortality rate? And the corporate media tell us we have the best healthcare in the world??More corporate media conditioning.

The best healthcare plan is a healthy life style and give the corporate elite the finger. Of course this is hard with all the poison everywhere. Even the water with fluoride in it----in the thirties fluoride was used to kill rats----fluoride kills healthy bacteria in the gut-----look at the warning labels on toothpaste???