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Maybe Today? Bigly Ratings For Sure


Maybe Today? Bigly Ratings For Sure

With crowds outside chanting, "Jail to the Chief!" and caught in the wreckage of Watergate, Richard 'I Am Not A Crook' Nixon resigned the presidency 44 years ago today in the name of hastening "the start of that process of healing which is so desperately needed in America." Revisiting his final speech, most startling in this crudest of eras is his relative gravitas; for those pining for history to repeat itself, Borowitz suggests, "Imagine this, only without the complete sentences."


I have a complete copy of the Arizona Republic’s morning edition of that day. Never unfolded, never read. Nixon does not appear on the front page :-)))


Deja Vu all over Again

How Nice…Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate Gang of Criminals


Who would have thought back then, that Nixon would seem sane and intelligent, compared to what we have now ?


President Pratfall would plunge this nation into a civil war rather than resign in the face of a pending impeachment process. H.L. Mencken’s prophecy has been fulfilled.


Just like clockwork, the historical record can be rightly reflected once a year no matter what. With 364 days in each cycle, that could be a whopper of an inspirational calendar to keep!!


President pratfall presumably prefers to plunder. For a break from the bluster, try taking a look at what astrologers say about Trump’s natal chart and other things… Hey, he’s the one faking the faking. Astrology has stronger roots that most of what he talks about.


What is never mentioned is that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that before Nixon resigned, he cut a deal with his Vice President Gerald Ford to pardon him.

If the Mueller investigation finds Trump guilty and he is forced to resign…one wonders if Trump will cut the same deal with Vice-President Pence!


The current tempestas stercore started, not with Nixon, but with Barry Goldwater’s loss in 1968. It was consolidated with/by St. Ronnie, and finished off with The Donald. The hard right has been playing a series of long games since they tried to replace FDR in a coup; the two-time Medal of Honor Winner, General Smedley Butler (to whom they offered the White House) blew the whistle on them, and they(the hard right) successfully kept the whole thing quiet. To General Butler’s, and our, great expense. When they’re done with Donald, the hard right will find another sap. And the cycle will play again, like a warped and scratched record in an old jukebox.


Very true. Can you imagine what it would have taken to get Bill Clinton to resign?
Who knows, maybe Trump would resign if he got tired enough of it all. He could always just go back to being a billionaire which ain’t too shabby a fallback lifestyle.

A Clinton, on the other hand, would NEVER give up power under ANY circumstances. It could be wrested away perhaps but no shame, disgrace or pressure would ever be enough for one of them to just walk away from power.
But maybe I’m just too cynical.


Very, very true! Trump is not the problem; the FASCIST, HARD RIGHT, political, system is… and has been the problem. Trump is just being used as the latest “sap”! And if Trump is impeached the next sap will be BIBLE THUMPING, HYPOCRITE, Pence.


You can stop wondering.


It’s not the ‘hard right’; who control Amerika but the people behind the creation of the Federal Reserve.


Your analysis is quite flawed I say. Firstly, Trump cannot go back to being a billionaire because he never was a billionaire. He’s a conman, up to his eyeballs in debt to the Russians. Even Forbes said he’s nowhere as rich as he claims. Buffet and Gates ridiculed his so-called business acumen. That’s why he’s scared shitless that Mueller will gain access to his tax returns and the jig will be up. Even his brain-dead supporters won’t be able to deny his con then. The very thought of it probably gives him a bowel movement despite the constipation caused by a steady diet of Big Macs. Secondly, Bill Clinton did not do anything even remotely close to what Nixon or Trump did. So there’s NO REASON for him to resign. Don’t forget, the Repubs wanted Ken Starr to investigate Whitewater. After years of expensive investigation, he came up with NOTHING…so he got lucky the Monica Lewinsky, which was pretty much an afterthought because Starr didn’t want to go home empty-handed. Clinton was indicted by a Republican House for lying about an extramarital affair, while the SAME REPUBS give Trump a pass for groping, sleeping with prostitutes and paying them hush money, violating campaign finance laws, lying through his teeth,kissing Russian ass, etc, etc. And you have the gall ti talk about Clinton. Get real dude.


You got me interested. In short and no surprise, the Vulgarian is unstable.



Sadly, those days aren’t over because they certainly represented fascism entering
the White House and taking over government –

Nixon was very much a part of that – having volunteered to work for the GOP in
responding to an ad by Prescott Bush. Of course the general rewards would be to
have been elevated to Congress, but whatever they were Nixon demanded $50,000
a year OVER those benefits … a secret slush fund for Nixon.

Nixon had been part of the McCarthy Era – and played a very prominent role in it
against Alger Hiss who had been part of the New Deal and who had worked for FDR
on prison reform. The McCarthy Era was about purging liberals from government and
Congress and Hollywood using the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)
where witnesses were threatened with prison if they didn’t testify against themselves
and others in regard to having joined the Communist Party at a time when that was legal.
Originally, UHAC was created to investigate the right wing in the US at the time of WWII
where there were very legitimate concerns about German-Americans and the Nazi
movement in the US. Those investigations don’t seem to have ever been carried out,
however, and the intentions were reversed in the McCarthy Era attack on liberals.

It’s now clear that Nixon was given faked evidence – a faked typewriter – and fake film
in order to carry out this persecution of Alger Hiss.

This is what the right wing – Cheney and Rove – mean when they say that … “We create
reality and while you are trying to figure it out and deal with it, we are creating a new reality.”
Of course, the right wing creation of our reality goes much deeper than Nixon and Hiss and
is a long organized and secret and stealth operation which like involves even the creation of
a fake Cold War.

It’s likely also that Nixon colluded with the Gov. of Ohio in the Kent State shootings of students.

Before the story of the resignation of Nixon even begins, we must recall the resignation of
Nixon’s VP Agnew which gave Nixon the opportunity to “appoint” Jerry Ford as his new VP.
Later, Jerry Ford became our first unelected VP and unelected President. THAT should never
happen again, but it could. VP Agnew also had suspicious fascist connections. Jerry Ford, as
a member of Congress, became the FBI’s man on the Warren Committee and was responsible
for moving the wound in JFK’s right shoulder blade up in order to cement the idea in the public’s
mind that there was a “Magic Bullet” which connected from JFK’s throat to the wound in his back.
Of course, it was impossible as the wound in JFK’s neck was a wound of entry with NO outlet
which was proven at autopsy as the wound was probed by instrument and fingers many times.
And same for the wound near JFK’s right shoulder blade which also had NO outlet.
Congress never made this information clear to the public and neither did our “free press” under
the controlof our CIA. See: Operation Mockingbird drafted in 1943, along with Paperclip and Gladio.
And, certainly Nixon was involved in the carrying out of the assassination of JFK along with many
others named by LBJ’s long time mistress, Madelaine Brown who had a son fathered by LBJ.
She was also very familiar with associates of LBJ’s such as H. L. Hunt and many other political
figures he was involved with. Madelaine Brown was present at the private meeting at Clint
Murchinson’s home to see the arrival of the central figures involved in the assassination of JFK
the evening before the assassination. She was not present at the meeting, but both she and
journalist Helen Thomas were still at Murchinson’s home when the men arrived for the private
meeting and awaited the arrival of LBJ. Madelaine also makes clear that LBJ had met earlier
that day with George Bush. LBJ was also reported in newspaper accounts to have met earlier
that morning with Allen Dulles in DC.

John Dean, who also seemed to have been recruited by the Nixon Administration for some of
his questionable behavior as a lawyer, later betrayed Nixon over Watergate, providing evidence
of Nixon’s having been involved from the beginning and later with the cover up of the break in at
the Watergate to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee there. I don’t think anyone
can say specifically what they were after; likely everything and anything they could find out.
But this was also at a time when Larry O’Brien who Chaired the DNC should have been aware of an investigation of computer voting machines by two journalists – brothers Jim and Kenneth Collier –
residing in Florida who began looking into the very odd right wing results being produced by these hack-able voting machines. Results later claimed by Nixon to be part of his “Southern Strategy.”

As for the Nixon tapes which Butterfield revealed it was never made clear that the Secret Service
always made at least one COPY of the tapes and likely that they may still exist somewhere.

Nixon and Kissinger kept Vietnam going – and at one point Nixon seems to be suggesting to
Kissinger that he should think about using nuclear weapons in Vietnam.

Also see Nixon’s Huston Plan which was put together by White House Aide Tom Charles Huston
and which was modeled on the original Joint Chief’s plan called “Northwoods” which was a plan to
use false flag events to suggest that Cuba had attacked a US plane carrying college students and
which would then lead to a US attack or war on Cuba/Castro. There was other violence planned,
as well, as part of the plan. Supposedly, Eisenhower vetoed the plan.
And, allegedly so did Nixon allegedly veto the Huston Plan, but it’s possible parts of it were carried out.

The Huston Plan

Jim Garrison was right, it is the past which delivers our future.