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'Maybe We Should Be': Rebuke and Ridicule After Mike Lee Says 'We Are Not a Democracy'

People argue about the definitions of communism, fascism, socialism and all the other isms. When will we finally address the fact that the wealthy class takers continue to steal the wealth, health and prosperity from the working class producers regardless of which ism defines the government?


It’s arguably why the Wobblies were suppressed and killed a hundred years ago.

Let’s hope that the disgruntled masses don’t find illusionary relief when this despot leaves office. We are arguably worse off in every way than we were even 30 years ago, except if you’re one of the plutocrats.

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The catch is … if you are not a Republic/Democracy then likely you have no basis
for Separation of Church & State – another nut they are trying to crack with Barrett –

White Male Supremacist Religion – “Christianity” underpins Elite/patriarchy –

and is likely their creation –

With members now abandoning religion – especially the Catholic Church – there is
every reason for Elites to fear that “Christianity” could collapse –

In which case so would Elites –

but then so would their wars and efforts to use them to keep us divided –

The oligarchy is not dependent on KKKristianity for its survival or success. They can always find ways to subjugate, divide and conquer the sheeple.

Kevin –

Correct – but I think it’s helpful to recognize that their organization is based in
“Christianity” – and regularly tote the CROSS around to frighten the public.

However, should “Christianity” fall, Elites would be effected –
NO one left to proclaim their “male superiority.”

There has been a very long term attack on Separation of Church & State by
the right wing even suggesting that it doesn’t exist.

No, the oligarchy is most certainly NOT based on Christianity, but on money$$$

Also, the oligarchy is not based on “male superiority,” but on “multi-generational, privileged, wealthy, elite superiority,” which includes both males and females alike!

Hi Kevin – Just want to make clear that I said KKK is based in “Christianity” –
not Oligarchy/Elites/wealthy –

Oligarchy is based in the system of Elite/Patriarchy – White Male Supremacy –
inflicted upon the rest of us for their profit.

Discrimination is highly profitable –

No, the oligarchy is not based on patriarchy because women are also members of the oligarchy.
Besides, a patriarchy can have good or bad aspects, just like a matriarchy can have good or bad aspects. Stop discriminating against men.

Kevin –

PATRIARCHY IS A SYSTEM of control throughout the world – and throughout
all of our societies –

It’s a political system just like what the system of Colonialism was –

Yes – among the few billionaires (and today many, many more) there are of course
females profiting from Elite/Patriarchy –

That fact has nothing to do with the SYSTEM of Patriarchy still in place globally –

And it is RELIGION which underpins Elite/Patriarchy all over the world –

Muhammed – as I recall it – rose as an equal with his wife – who was very quickly
disappeared –

The story of Jesus put forth in the New Testament was as a rebel against the Old
Testament which was written to cement patriarchy – and to fashion a “god” more like
a Roman Emperor - a cruel and violent “god.”

And, gradually, Jesus has been altered to remove MARY as the “Disciple to his Disciples”
and his wife – and mother of his children –

and look at any alleged portrait of Jesus – who was a JEW – and you will see that he has
also gradually become a Caucasian in appearance.

This is how our history is often changed to bury truth and further lies –

Yes, by falsely claiming patriarchy is a political system,you are burying history and furthering lies. So good of you to admit it!