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Mayhem Is Our President


Mayhem Is Our President

Michael Winship

I know that some find it odious to compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, that doing so violates what’s known as Godwin’s Law. That’s the idea first put forward in 1990 by author Mike Godwin that morphed into the notion that in an argument, whoever first compares someone or something to Hitler, loses.


Dean Winters is hilarious in the mayhem commercials. I think the one that most applies to Trump is the one where he’s a ringing phone under the car seat, tempting the driver to reach farther and farther until he’s driving without looking and crashes the car.


Our mayhem is Donald Trump, Britain’s mayhem is Theresa May.:scream::scream::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Trump may be like Mayhem but he does have a political agenda. He is protecting the interests of white people. For his most extreme followers such as the neo-Nazis that means preventing the extermination of the white race through limiting the mixing of the races. For his less extreme followers it means stemming the flow of Hispanics who they see engulfing their towns. For others it is standing up fro police against against the charges of Black Lives Matter. And for still others it sis protection against Islamic terrorists. Trump may not be another Hitler, he didn’t quickly establish a dictatorship after being elected to office, but he seems to embrace fascism and is a white nationalist.


Maybe, or maybe he just saw the “deplorables” as the easiest dupes to exploit on the way to the White House. I’m not sure I believe Trump has any interests other than himself.


“A lie travels around the world in the same amount of time that it takes the truth to get its socks on”.

Not sure who said that, but its true…keep on broadcasting a steady stream of lies and the truth will never get traction.


He’s about as interested in protecting the interests of “white” people, as was Cheney, who also believed that only a certain wealthy population segment deserve survival.
In top-down societies, all are mere cannon fodder to be used to protect the few in charge. The USA has not for the most part, ever differed from this essential slavery.
Whites feeling in danger of losing social status are merely the most easily aroused and led, and Trump /republicans most identify with other whites. Does no one remember the defection of slave-state democrats in the 1960s? They represented those who feared the long social drive toward equality.
While racism is inbuilt, as foreigners most unsettled sedentary communities , it is based more familiarity. The dog-whistle rhetoric of “family values” should be obvious as it merely means sequestration for perceived stability. So is “honor killing.”
Not all those who appear “white” share the mental illnesses of trump. growing up during segregation era, my first romantic kiss was with a tall african girl, socially interacting with rather rebellious african americans, as the constrictions against our freedoms were the same. While I never had to seek refuge in dense groups, being born to natural wild lands, I recognize the terror that is assuaged when one is assailed by groups of this lethal social primate, the human.
But having the skin color of the fearful and dominant does not mean that I identify with them, in spite of easily moving anonymously among them.
I recommend that ALL individuals spend some time isolated, thinking about their individuality, rather than immediately seeking shelter in groups whenever they experience anxiety. No, I do not believe in any automatic value inherent in money or any other social signal. Everything is contingent, and in constant change.
this is the state into which every animal is born, and why brains and muscles evolved - for movement, contingency.
Almost none of you ever experienced places where your whiteness was a sign of not being in the ingroup. Yet, much of the world is exactly this place. Consider this well, explore what being of lower caste feels like, and then return with sufficient humility to recognize that light skin is neither to be regarded as a reason for huddling behind weapons, nor a trait to be excoriated (which means, by the way,scraped or scratched off). It is merely an adaptation to higher latitude cloudy shady habitat. that’s it.


You will notice that the entire system is based upon derogation of any one can identify as and outgroup. The whole US system is based upon this fallacy.
that trump arose is due to the difference in signaling capacity available to the wealthy and to individuals and groups they speciously identify as sharing their “values.”
I once worked for an organization which had the option of support by a billionaire. He personally asked me only to “see things [his] way, and I could go far.”
That was the last time I ever spoke seriously with such a manipulator. Of course most saw things his way, and the organization was destroyed its intent and purpose fragmented and then repurposed in a vastly diminished way, never recovering its goals or its service to the world.

Analogies are rather dangerous, but the USA neither has nor can ever accomplish a social, environmental, or ecological purpose of ANY kind, because it is and has been steered by social dominants and submissives of this species.

the symbols humans use, in their minds and interactively, are not related directly to reality:
Examine the narratives through which you personally and groupily live: they are mere heuristics, definitions and individually differing accumulations of beliefs, accumulting more contingent beliefs.

The earth’s hugely accelerated incidence of extinctions occur because of the social-climbing ideations of humans, incorrectly exteriorizing effects which are invisible to the individuals, like trump, they do not sense or see directly affecting them.

Worse, they CANNOT sense them because they have worked to insulate themselves, ignoring the biological and physical signals now becoming obvious (in fact, there have been journalistic observers noting the problems in every civilization of which we have sufficient original written record. these have multiplied in the time when scientific methodology has been used.

Humans do not desire, are not evolved to think beyond their own lifespan and that of their immediate descendants. Worse, they are biased in favor of even the most dysfunctional of their offspring, tolerant of, for example, torture. This has favored refusal to examine one’s own beliefs for their effects.

So such things as completely contrafactual existence, as seems to occur in trump (4200+ lies? Nothing, then is true, and language is mere tool for manipulation - but cognitive scientists examining humans have already noticed that long before trump and his army of stupids arose), are predominant in the human social structure as a way to gain status, maintain it, and exclude “competitors.”
For, as ecology consistently shows, competition is always limited and cooperation is the actual norm, as competition is extremely subordinate to the function of the whole.
Your DNA shifts contingently in production. No real competition can occur after the individual is formed. Children may compete to explore their most functional traits, but communities that fight within themselves do not survive, nor can adults for long.
In north America, tolerance was maintained because individuals and tribes recognized affiliative appreciation for those who acted altruistically, being generous. this stimulates generosity in the receiver, especially toward the giver.
THIS was the nature of their trade, until deceived, deluded, and cheated by European sociopaths intent upon gaining wealth, giving garbage. There is far more mutuality than here mentioned in traditional native culture, but this much should alert you to recognition that the society and the world is NOT as you have been taught to perceive.

Te present is an ill, a destructive, a moronic culture, albeit like a cancer, it is one extant among humans only, worldwide. And cancer, of course, tends to be terminal. This is what this idea of trade for gain, ingroup vs. outgroup, rights exceeding that of ANY others, is.

Is it yours, as well as trump’s and his followers?


“You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth.” —O’Brien. 1984. Orwell.


We simply reap that which we have sowed.