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'Mayor 1%' Retakes Chicago Office, But Grassroots Groundswell Here to Stay


'Mayor 1%' Retakes Chicago Office, But Grassroots Groundswell Here to Stay

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Chicago's historic mayoral runoff vote, which became a nationwide symbol of the contest between the political machine and people power, ended late Tuesday in a second term for the man dubbed "Mayor One Percent"—and with vows from grassroots groups that, far from being defeated, their organizing will only grow from here.


The legitimacy of elections does not exist. Kermit the Frog could be elected. In fact, a major American city can produce a former Israel Defense Force politician to mayor.


To all the Obama supporters out there, it says a lot the Mayor 1% was his Chief of Staff. But does that mean I like repubs - hell no! The repubs are even worse. But that does not let Obama off easy.


" …a galvanized Hispanic population united with the African American population united with the white left …"

If that were really true, Emanuel would have lost …


The moniker and adjectives used to describe the Mayor and his record are very interesting: Mayor One Percent, entrenched political insider, paragon of Wall Street Democrats, heartless, racist, and authoritarian. Even so, they couldn’t cause enough ordinary people to vote for a better man! The article would have been more informative if it had given the size of the turnout and the percentage of the electorate it represented. How could such a man win if the ordinary people in Chicago voted? 56% to 44% is a huge margin. Despite his record, Rahm must not be disliked enough to motivate people to vote against him.


While the Chicago election result is disappointing and disheartening in Commissioner Garcia’s loss, I am inspired by Garcia’s assessment delivered to his supporters, reported by the AP: “We didn’t lose today, we tried. We fought hard for what we believe in. You don’t succeed at this or anything else unless you try.” I like that. Commissioner Garcia, by all accounts, is a decent, caring, and courageous politician, and I wish him well.


not necessarily. how are the votes counted?

‘It doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.’

Josef Stalin


Were there any reports of voting irregularities - or significant differences between the count and exit polls - in fact, apparently the pre vote polls showed Emanuel ahead …

My point is I think one has to be careful about painting too rosy a picture of how all these groups are coming together - i saw another piece that suggested there are definitely tensions between the black and latino communities and that Emanuel got a majority of the black vote …


It may be true, and Emanuel probably did lose.


Based on what?


Based on the history of Chicago politics. Chicago politics has a sordid history of being very corrupt; going way back to Mayor Daly, that it is not difficult to be anecdotally, skeptical. Rahm may have won fair and square… but I doubt it!


Ahhh. Could be. thx 4 info.


Proving once again that the American electorate is as dumb as a brick.


I get your point, but if one believes it is impossible for a decent candidate to win in Chicago - then why should anyone try?


I think it just indicates that there is a way to go in the effort to get the disparate groups that constitute the 99% together to upset the “system” that Emanuel represents …


Please don’t get me wrong that it is impossible for a decent, honest candidate to win, because that is exactly what the corrupt 1% want the 99% to think. There was a grassroots groundswell in Chicago that was better than I expected that should give hope for the future.


and a long way to go to install a verifiable and transparent voting system across America, as well. need both. :O) glad that at least Rahm’s slimy ways were bared.


I agree! Just gotta keep that 1% from splitting up the 99 …


But until the 99 get their act together, those slimy ways, bared or not, will keep on slipping through … doncha think?


yah. we definitely need to get it together. think it’s cuz we’re such an unruly, opinionated, (maybe cranky?) bunch? :O)