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Mayors of 12 Major Global Cities Home to 36 Million People Make Unified Fossil Fuel Divestment Pledge

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/mayors-12-major-global-cities-home-36-million-people-make-unified-fossil-fuel

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Now we’re talking !!!

Enough with the toxic and soul-destroying cynicism.

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I can imagine Trump & Co. feverishly talking to Barr about how to make this illegal just like they attempt to do with BDS movement against Israel.

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Well, I’m all for celebrating wins, but I think we need to cast another eye on this. Of the world’s cities, only 40 belong to the group C40 Cities that are purportedly committed to tackling the climate emergency, and of these, only 12 committed to a kind of divestment that depends on a lot of encouraging words and no timelines, never mind legally-binding ones.

This is where we’re at as time is running out on the preservation of species, including ourselves?

We are waiting for the profiteers to get their ducks in a row. Electric vehicles are viable now, and batteries better and more dependable. When they sort the patents we can move on.

The sort of non-consuming future you desire has to go beyond switching from fossil vehicles to electric vehicles. It has to move towards bicycles and to new sorts of housing and urban organization that do not require moving so much and so many such a distance from here to there, (and back again.)