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McCabe Fired by Sessions... Then Fires Right Back at Trump


McCabe Fired by Sessions... Then Fires Right Back at Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a move widely seen as political retaliation that came straight from President Donald Trump, former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday night, but the ousted law enforcement official immediately struck back by stating his removal was clear retaliation directly related to last year's firing of FBI director James Comey.


Two days before his retirement date !!! That ass must think he is totally invincible


Denying a pension 24 hours before retirement is BS! If they were going to fire him why not a decade or two ago? Obviously it’s mean spirited and politically motivated. There should be laws in place for just this type of unprincipled instability.


NERO CAESAR is ruining the U.S government, piece by piece. and the americans are sitting there and taking it. i call for the public to raise money for mccabe - at the exact amount that he would have receive in his pension.


Craven for power, they eat their own.


While there are other lessons to be learned from this, I want to use it to highlight the unfairness of retirement in this country. While nowadays, most people don’t have any kind of defined benefit pension, the few that still do live in fear that their employer can capriciously terminate them shortly before retirement and deny them the pension they, in many cases, worked decades for. Sometimes, those pensions are taken away from entire companies of employees in a bankruptcy or corporate takeover. Mostly, workers these days have been herded into 401(k) plans that mostly benefit the Wall St. firms that administer them.

There is a better way, and it could be available to every worker in this country, if we have the political will to make the change. it would be based on a successful and long-running pension plan already in existence. That plan is the national Railroad Retirement system (RRTA). A system that covers hundreds of thousands of retirees and current railroad workers coast to coast. While it requires a greater contribution up front by both employers and employees, it pays enough after a career for the retiree to live a decent life on - without having to work a menial job in their declining years to make ends meet. The other major features of the Railroad Retirement system is that it is portable between railroad employers, and cannot be taken away from the employee; not for the failure of the railroad financially, and certainly not at the whim of an employer for revenge, or for dismissal “for cause”. The employee earned that money, and it cannot be taken away under any but the most extreme circumstances.

We could ALL, all have this plan, if the political can be found to make it happen. Call it Social Security Plus, whatever. Like the idea of Medicare for All, it would involve extending the RRTA system to everyone currently under Social Security, by extending the RRTA scheme to everyone. It would require a higher SS tax payment up front by both workers and employers (which I have no doubt corporate America would oppose with all of their muscle), but it would give just about every American worker a guaranteed, livable pension after 30 years of work, that could not be taken away from them for just about any reason. A fair system for just about everyone. How about it, folks? Worth fight for?


Another example of abuse of power by the President who started this during the election cycle. Yet what do you bet Congress will do nothing to stop it? It is Mueller Time indeed!


It’s a shame McCabe lost his pension, but I think he’s got a good case to appeal his firing and win it back. Alternatively, he could write a book, go on the talk show circuit and make millions, an option most of us don’t have.


Mr. McCabe, I feel limited sympathy for you. For if you truly believe that law enforcement has ever been anything but politicized, you are dangerously ignorant. And ignorance of the Law is no excuse, right?

If, on the other hand, you know—as you should—that law enforcement has ALWAYS been politicized, then you are as craven as those whom you now condemn with false righteousness.

In that case, what you are really saying is that you were fine with law enforcement being politicized, as long as the WAY it was political benefitted you and “yours.”

You apparently didn’t care that law enforcement was politicized as long as “you and yours” benefitted from people of color being disproportionately targeted for harassment, brutality and incarceration. You apparently didn’t care when law enforcement served to demonize and disrupt grassroots dissent (COINTELPRO and its successors), but ignored white supremacist domestic terrorism.

Where was your righteousness then, Mr. McCabe?

It appears that you only care now that the natural consequences of such politics have come home to “you and yours”.

Your historical behavior suggests that you’re a hardened social predator, Mr. McCabe, a criminal just like most of the rest of those in positions of power within our predatory political system.

You don’t deserve a pension, paid for by taxpayers whom you were happy to discriminate against.

You deserve to suffer consequences that you were only too happy that others endure while it benefited you.

And you deserve to be knifed in the back by those you served, for that is what you have been doing to the body politic, whose health depends upon our acting from unity within our diversity.

May you learn from the consequences of your own mistakes, Mr. McCabe. Perhaps genuine righteousness will someday result.


Here’s to hoping that Agent McCabe can craft a tell-all book that will exceed his pension loss. The time is coming for the final squeeze of the orange and all of its pulp fiction shall ooze through (what’s left of) the media for all to see. November 8, 2016, a date that will live in infamy.


Is there not a Martyr to the nation out there willing to endure the ultimate sacrifice for their country?


“No, not McCabe, Mueller!”

“Well, these G-Men all look alike.”


Another one bites the dust. I will spare you the fake indignation. While not knowing anything about the man, he was the deputy director of the FBI…that makes him a colossal dick at the absolute least. He will get no sympathy with me. This is just more distraction from the real issues that are plaguing this nation.


Yes, there are many issues needing the attention of the people, and this is one of them, a corrupt and morally bankrupt administration. This is what is driving the dismantling of government, flawed though it may be.


Actually pension plans like the RRTA are common in many states for state employees. I was in the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System for 32 years (the system is for Ohio K-12 teachers and Ohio college faculty and there are other pension systems in Ohio for other state employees) and it provides for a very livable retirement.

I definitely agree that such systems are really worth the dampening on wages at the front end for middle income and somewhat upper income people (employee and employer contributions are about double what happens with social security). However since they pay out the same percent of base income regardless of your earnings - they are not necessarily a better deal than Social Security for very low income employees.


Well said.


Good idea. It would probably be easier to just scrap the cap on FICA tax and enhance Social Security, and expand Medicare to cover everyone. I just found out one of my pensions was taken away.



Fry this guy for every wrong committed by law enforcement

Gee how intelligent is that


Ratfcking someone out of their pension with two days left on the calendar and firing them by press release. Wow.


Yes - well said indeed.