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McCain Drops 'Maverick' Facade to Deliver Massive Gift to Rich, Strip Healthcare from Millions


McCain Drops 'Maverick' Facade to Deliver Massive Gift to Rich, Strip Healthcare from Millions

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Arizona senator is a "maverick, except when Wall Street calls"


The old reprobate has to ensure massive tax cuts for his wife’s businesses along with their own millionaire incomes and he certainly has no worries when it comes to paying his medical expenses He is no hero…either then (a sell-out to the VietCong who knew all too well who his father and grandfather were) or now. McCain kicked his injured long-suffering wife to the curb for a rich blond bimbo he danced the horizontal bop with while on a trip to Hawai’i. And I am sure he has had his share of gropings both in and out of the Senate. Time to go back to the barn, jackaxx. Folks in AZ are like the AL fans of Moore…vote party not policy and against their own best interests.


Yes, a beer distributor contributes so much to the nat’l tavern debates, which made Trump’s followers sober analysis of this horrible giveaway, so much easier to understand. Pickled turkey gizzards, pickled eggs, pickled hamhocks pickled brains and a Coors Light, now that’s Fascist living in an army surplus sandbox. Would someone put a working lightbulb in lovely Globe, Arizona. Please, anyone.
Also, who doesn’t want to see less regulation of Arizona’s vast Federal landholdings? Why hoodwinking real estate developers and shady lenders, that’s who. Water, water everywhere but, but, but wait…we can’t privatize it, yet?
Another Profile in Slurry-age, that guy.


You went right to the cold heart of McCain’s vote for the tax plan: his wife’s multi-million $ beer distributorship business, their wealth and his family’s hundreds of millions $$ estate.


What else would you expect from a multi-millionaire. It’s all about amassing as much money as possible. McCain has always been a a$$hole. Too bad he survived being shot down while bombing innocents on behalf of the US empire. May he rot in hell for eternity.


I’m in Superior AZ, Globe is 23 miles away…I wrote john mccain an email thanking him for signing my death certificate. My life is supported by the “safety-net” almost completely since I have been disabled for the last 25 years. There are millions just like me. It feels so weird to be hated so much by my own government, so weird. Since I have nothing I can’t run to Canada, which I would do in a heart-beat given 1/2 the chance. If you’ve got money, go, while you can.


I agree with much of what you say but I surely didn’t vote for him.


Isn’t Globe grand? But there isn’t water everywhere in AZ, wish there was though.


I apologize…I was referring to the people that voted him into the Senate year after year after year. I wish you blessings and comfort in these dire and dreadful times. Stay strong and RESIST!

Bendita seas!


Oh for Pete’s sake, McCain is maverick. Maverick, schmaverick my ass.
Ol’ Mitch is very busy dangling big, juicy carrots, wonder what AZ gets? AL on the the hand, vis a vie Murkowski, wants to drill baby drill, everywhere.
I hate these people. Maybe they really are lizards…which is ,of course unfair to lizards.


I’d prefer if he “burns” in Hell for eternity.

He’s been rotting here on Earth for, how old is he?


McCain has NEVER been a “maverick”…that is all nonsense – I never fell for it;
never liked him, and always thought he is a s.o.b.
he is married to a beer heiress/ or her family has made a fortune in beer distribution, have they not?
therefore, the (not) “hero” McCain will do very nicely, thank you, if this horrible
bill passes…end of story…


Just like the Clintons are “progressive” — except when Wall Street calls.  Or Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Israel or the M.I.C.

OOooops – I should have said “most DamnocRats, and the MSM” – not just “the Clintons”.  Mea Culpa.


I am the one to apologize, I have been rude lately, I’m on the edge and I knew what you were saying but stuck my nose in anyway. Thank you for your kind words, you have always been thoughtful towards me. The vote on the bill is to take place tomorrow sometime, debate tonight and vote tomorrow. Tomorrow I change my focus, I will be trying very hard not to post here or on other sites including f/b. I have my site to work on instead. It has been my pleasure to have shared much with you and others here. Be well Seatower.


Or when the war machine calls…




Maybe McCain is not just getting senile.  IIRC, the tumor is growing on the left side of his brain, so his logical thinking is increasingly impaired.  Too bad Arizona’s goobernador is a Repooplican – otherwise it might make sense to push for McCain to retire, but it’s unlikely Ducey would appoint someone better, and might appoint someone even worse.


Hope you pop back in once in a while. Happy trails.


McCain is worth about $100 million (married into wealth). My guess is that Megan McCain had some influence…“Daddy please, I might need that extra $40 million” (the estate tax is 40% of the amount above $5 million).


This is the second time I have witnessed John McCain do a 180 and march in lock step with the Republican Party’s anti citizen agenda. The First was at the 2001 Republican Convention when he forgot everything he said about George W. Bush during the primaries and practically saluted as he joined the march. Now, he has agreed to vote for a tax “reform” bill that he knows will be ruinous for all but a handful of wealthy individuals and corporations, and that will confirm our transformation from democracy to oligarchy. He has nothing to lose by voting for the American people, but he will vote instead to rob them of social security, medicare, medicaid, education, health care and the “American Dream” in order to support even more obscene wealth for people who will never be able to spend what they already have.