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McCarthy’s Ghost Smiles as Dems Point the Fnger at Russia


McCarthy’s Ghost Smiles as Dems Point the Fnger at Russia

Norman Solomon

On Tuesday, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and six ranking members of major House committees sent President Obama a letter declaring, “We are deeply concerned by Russian efforts to undermine, interfere with, and even influence the outcome of our recent election.”


Brought to you by the same "intelligence" sources that brought us the Iraq WMD lies.
" The biggest lesson I learned from Vietnam is not to trust government statements. I had no idea until then." J William Fulbright.


Perhaps this will put to rest any nonsense that the Dem Party is rebuilding itself to be more progressive. If the Party can't corral it's own officials, it won't regain viability. See me pointing my middle finger at the Democratic Party for it's own hubris.

(Hey CD, fix the headline! There's an "i" in finger.)


Democrats and Republicans have been tripping over themselves for a long time being first in line to blame Russia for everything that goes wrong in Amerikkka. Bad habits seem hard to break..


This all pointing fingers at Russia is all so hyprocritical giving the US propensity for regime change in other nations and their NED which by design is intended to meddle and manipulate elections abroad.

In fact it was founded to manipulate public opinion in Russia directly and its chair has indicated its goal is regime change in Russia.

This falling over themselves to "blame russia" makes the lot of them look like buffoons.

Russia did not build all of those voting machines. Nor did they force US states to have electronic counts with no paper trail. Nor did they force the USA to use Corporations to count the votes in an election. Nor did Russia write those emails from Podesta and Clinton and the DNC that exposed the DNC for the corrupt fraud that it is.

All of these things were done right in the US of A by citizens of the US of A.


The over-hyped demonization of Putin seems to be producing the unintended consequence of making him look rather badass in the manner of a Bond villain.


Way to go, Dems -- blame ANYBODY else, ANYONE else but yourselves for your own miserable failures. We don't dare admit that maybe your coddling of neoliberal interests has more to do with HRC losing than pinko commies undermining the election. The DNC can undermine democracy without anyone else's help, thankyouverymuch.

Your distractions just aren't working any longer and no one trusts you. How about we start talking about all those economic issues that affect the bottom 90% that you keep evading?


I'm not so sure there's a solid connection between McCarthy's witch hunt and the desire to know if there was any Russian involvement in the recent election. McCarthy was a tyrant intent on power mongering. His targets were by-and-large well-known people -- politicians, writers, actors -- who had translated their liberal inclinations into flirtations with socialism (of one sort or another) during the Great Depression. The crowning irony about McCarthy is that his con job would have to include the "socialist" projects that made up much of the New Deal. Social Security, for instance, was only one of many New Deal programs that were loudly condemned as socialist or, for emphasis by the irate pundits who hated everything about Roosevelt, either Bolshevism or Communism.

The recent monkey business seems to me to be worthy of a bit more transparency. Rather than Father Coughlin braying into a radio microphone or newspaper op-ed writers having fits of righteous anger, we are now dealing (obviously) with a secretive, and perhaps more insidious form of interference. I, for one, am not quite ready to just blow this off as typical shenanigans by one country looking to influence a highly contentious election in another. If there was "influence" or interference, how did it work? Merely through hacked email servers, or was there some larger, more insidious method of cyber-snooping at work? For the sake of curiosity, at least, I'd like to know.

And yet I really don't want to renew the Cold War, either. Some sort of what is being labeled "neo-detente" in much of Eastern Europe seems to me a constructive first step toward finally -- finally -- bringing Russia back into the community of European nations, which may be the only thing that I can think of that I might actually agree with Trump about.

Thanks for a fine article -- you've given me much to ponder, and I am in almost total agreement with you. I'm griping here about a matter of degree -- or perhaps a matter of perspective -- rather than any of the substantial points you made.


From ZeroHedge:
Washington Post Appends "Russian Propaganda Fake News" Story, Admits It May Be Fake

In the latest example why the "mainstream media" is facing a historic crisis of confidence among its readership, facing unprecedented blowback following Craig Timberg November 24 Washington Post story "Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say", on Wednesday a lengthy editor's note appeared on top of the original article in which the editor not only distances the WaPo from the "experts" quoted in the original article whose "work" served as the basis for the entire article (and which became the most read WaPo story the day it was published) but also admits the Post could not "vouch for the validity of PropOrNot's finding regarding any individual media outlet", in effect admitting the entire story may have been, drumroll "fake news" and conceding the Bezos-owned publication may have engaged in defamation by smearing numerous websites - Zero Hedge included - with patently false and unsubstantiated allegations.

It was the closest the Washington Post would come to formally retracting the story, which has now been thoroughly discredited not only by outside commentators, but by its own editor.

The appended note in question:

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post on Nov. 24 published a story on the work of four sets of researchers who have examined what they say are Russian propaganda efforts to undermine American democracy and interests. One of them was PropOrNot, a group that insists on public anonymity, which issued a report identifying more than 200 websites that, in its view, wittingly or unwittingly published or echoed Russian propaganda. A number of those sites have objected to being included on PropOrNot’s list, and some of the sites, as well as others not on the list, have publicly challenged the group’s methodology and conclusions. The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so. Since publication of The Post’s story, PropOrNot has removed some sites from its list.

More at link.


"When liberals have helped to launch a witch hunt"

As a liberal, I am offended that Solomon accuses me of doing what neoliberals do.


The USA's obsession with Russia is most peculiar I can understand the UK's obsession with the enemy in France or in Germany, but Russia has never threatened the USA with invasion. The only people to have invaded the USA were we Brits and we burnt Washington to the ground. Why isn't the USA scared of us? We can even beat you at soccer.


"While lacking public accountability, the committee is mandated to ferret out such ambiguous phenomena as Russian 'media manipulation' and 'disinformation.' Along the way, the committee could target an array of activists, political opponents or irksome journalists."

And HRC is proposing "legislation" to stop "fake news". Way to go "Democrats"! Show everyone finally how corrupt the Establishment is - meaning YOU. Crap on the First Amendment? Check. Do witch-hunts on journalists (what few real journalists are left, that is)? Check. Prosecute whistleblowers? Oops - already doing that in droves under Obama. Let corporate criminals off the hook, though? Been doing that one for a while.

The Neo-Liberal establishment ARE fascists - whether Rs or Ds. Hurray! Now the "Liberals" are tacking even farther to the right than conservatives, all to keep their fingers on the levers of power for themselves. Who do you think both Ds and Rs will go after with this "committee"? Actual Progressives, of course, real journalists, and anyone else not toeing the duopoly party line. NEVER corporate power or right-wing propaganda. And remember, this is being pushed by the DEMOCRATIC Establishment, not that fascist clown Trump.