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McConnell Accused of 'Doing Everything He Can to Suppress the Vote' by Proposing $0 in Election Assistance

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/mcconnell-accused-doing-everything-he-can-suppress-vote-proposing-0-election


The fix is already in folks. Voter suppression, purges, the closing of thousands of polling places, bankrupting the USPS, and a virus that will scare many people away. All they need now is no security or organization at the remaining polling spots and the game will be over.
Trump will win re election.


Neither of these “leaders” deserve to remain in the country.

This article is limited to what Congress IS NOT doing and doesn’t mention the GOP announcing that their initial budget for rigging the 2020 election is $200M, with the 2017 tax cuts providing the 1% endless funds to bolster the $200M.


“It is outrageous that …”

“It is outrageous that :::::::::”

For those who are having trouble buying a clue because of the bad economy, here’s a giant hint:

The entire system is outrageous. When the entire system is outrageous, it’s no wonder that people are experiencing outrageous results.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Two sour flabby old white men, permanent scowls on their pitiless faces, two enablers of self serving fascist policies that serve the corporations and the wealthy elite, today’s robber barons, to run roughshod over the rest of the country. No conscience or human warmth.
Vote these sub-humans out of office in November


I think it is time we faced fact- the American people know what they want and yet no politician/government EVER gives them what they want. This time we have 2 presidential candidates that offer none of what the American public wants The republican party is doing its best to absolutely deny the votes of the very needy American public. This seemingly is legal, but my opinion, republicans are destroying the people and voting system in any way they can.They have done it year after year and now coupled to Biden’s deceit we are facing the most corrupt election ever and everyone is NOT getting mad about it.Their voter suppression is ok for everyone except the voters. If some lunatic tried to drag the criminals of party to jail for betraying the American people there would be faked outrage from everyone and yet all the republicans are doing is destroying the rights of millions on millions of American in order to keep some nasty psychopathic fascist lunatic in the White House. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Let’s get some accountability, justice and truth going on. Lets rip up this corrupt criminal system and replace it with a prosocial caring system and get these political players in jail. Turf them out of office and let them be forced to learn morality based on the behavior of clear light until their psychopathic behavior dissolves. Somebody has got to do something before the American people start fighting psychopathic republicans


The LAST thing that McConnell, Trump & GOP in general want is to have free, fair & safe elections!
This should come as a surprise to…NO ONE!
(Srsly folks.) GOP is THE party of suppression. They know that if everyone gets to vote in fair elections, they will lose! Trump even said so on FauxNotNews. The ONLY WAY Rethugs can get elected is thru their various forms of election fraud. The party has refused to evolve with the times & attract young people to their party for legit reasons, legit ways. They’d rather perfect the cheat. And it’s kept them in office, hasn’t it?!
In fact, they are so sure of their continued hold on power, backed by their very wealthy business & private donors, that they feel no need to even pretend they care about fair elections. That’s right. Don’t even fake it! Election fraud is totally GOP thing, which is why they are not inclined to secure our elections. Voting by mail is their biggest threat!
McConnell brags about not letting any House bills go to Senate for voting into law. Brags about that! Refuses to work with Dem-controlled House, so is refusing to do job, or let rest of Senate do theirs ~ 2yrs of this sht now ~ plans to continue until Rethugs are back in charge of the House. His own words. Not mine. No one seems to give a dam, but I sure do! Pisses me off! How dare they take our money & best-ever perks, while refusing to do their job?!! How do they get away with that crap?!! McConnell has been there too long & has too much power! None dare speak against him; even if they want to, they can’t – too risky. Remember Justin Amash? He stood his moral ground & is now with the Ind. Party. Now, that is a good, moral, respectable politician! We need more of those!!

We also need term limits for Congress. Never meant to be job for life. Campaign $$$ & favors have skewed politics, elections, & the accumulation of such power over time has poisoned Congressional chambers by abuses of too much power within. (McConnell is the ugly poster child for that!)

Term limits – say, 2 terms in office, then out you go. Let fresh minds/thinking come in. Mix it up. After 1- 2 terms out, at home, if want to try & run again for 2 more & you didn’t “soil your seat” (reputation) last time, ok. Let the voters decide.
You will hear the piggies squealing about this - they love that cushy power seat & benefits it gives ya’. Big corporate money & lobbyists too, would have tougher time keeping our gov’t in their deep pockets, if power changes & their “old pals” for decades aren’t in there long enuff anymore to obtain such power. “Awww, Poor babies!” – Not!
Money has never had trouble getting heard & represented.
That’s the way I see & think it. Sure to get some flack about this. I have been an informed voter since days of Carter. Have seen many things change in all that time & not for the betterment of all Americans. In fact, American workers & families were better off before! There were rules & regulations - enforced, that kept greedy banks & business entities in check & protected us from big business running gov’t. It was a little more fair, income equality was better than obscene gap now & the very rich paid adequate taxes that went into domestic need programs, infrastructure & things that benefitted all of us. Fulltime jobs could support a family. 40hrs a week came with medical/dental benefits, sick leave & often with a pension. People were moving up, not down & out. Things were simpler in '70’s & moving in right direction at least.
There was hope!
Plus, we were liked & respected as world leaders. Diplomacy.
Not like that now!

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I’m right there with you! What should we do?

We are already at that point, and the people we have to fight are not only the right wing lunatic populace but also both parties who are essentially full of such people that you described. No one in government is going to save us, especially not at the federal level.

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Not that I am for the Dems, which I am not, but if the Dems jump on the GOP’s $0 for election assistance and call it for what it is, murder of U.S. citizens, there will then be many more GOP voters jumping ship for the Dems.