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McConnell Admits He's Been Working to Sabotage Covid Relief Talks Behind the Scenes to Prioritize Rushing Barrett Confirmation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/mcconnell-admits-hes-been-working-sabotage-covid-relief-talks-behind-scenes

We have Takers & Makers…
M. McConnel=Taker.
D. Trump=Taker

Who else should be on this list?


The entire Trump family
William Barr
Mike Pompeo
Stephen Miller
Sean Hannity
, the list goes on…


There is a great documentary, “Totally Under Control” that is well worth seeing. It chronicles the government response to the CoronaVirus-19 and the Trump administration in particular. Covid-19 relief is only one aspect of this complete failure of political will by the Trump administration to protect Americans.


The Republicans are despicable but to see our problems as only Trump and those scum bags misses the root of the issue which, in my opinion, is capitalism, a failing empire, and a political system designed to benefit those in power while ignoring the needs of the mass of population. Why else do we have 200,000+ dead from a pandemic with both candidates for the Presidency promising to fund our continuing wars and military above all else, ignoring public health care and continuing to shovel tax payer dollars to corporations with little or no restrictions in the middle of massive economic failure and unemployment. Fortunately this election will see Trump defeated but unfortunately Biden will win.


Written as if Pelosiis wants a deal before the election, which she doesn’t.


McConnell approving a fascist will always take priority over starving
children even if they are in his own state…

One good thing has come from the virus. At least we do have to see
his evil smirk when he wears a mask.


Moscow Mitch, Trump, and the GOP have been working behind the scenes to sabotage America for a long time.
Looking at the trail of foreign dark money they’ve been getting, including from the Russia mob, laundered through banks and via Russian oligarchs, and looking at their deliberate actions that have resulted in tens of thousands of dead Americans and the dismantling of regulatory and science agencies, it’s logical to suspect they’re traitors/foreign agents.
The tip of the iceberg:


the Clintons


McConnell is a very able politician. Unfortunately, the dems have chosen to use all their ammunition against progressives, so there is no one to stop him.


I love CD, every time I read this site, I feel as if I am living in a parallel country. The corporate media feeds the public no real news but celebrity crap and extremely limited information. This story and others such as the Trump supporters attempt to kidnap a governor is low balled so as not to infuriate. Americans are ignorant, not because they are stupid, but because they are fed a daily diet of incomplete information that does not represent the truth. This is why we must choose between two clowns to be our President. Even if Sanders ran, the media coverage would have crucified him and his ideas. We need a CD type media network to educate and truly inform the public.


Truly Revealing: The Democratic-Republic Manifestation has emerged or manifested out of our current system… The faces will change…the words, too…but ah, the system will live on… Fortunately or UnFortunately the system is collapsing for good and for ill…Certainly this last gasp of financial injections of Trillions upon trillions of dollars into a collapsing system…where does that money come from and go to?..to the same place…


This is why the Republican Party absolutely must be made so small that it can be drowned in a bathtub!


A firing squad would remedy this and set a good example going forward.


Me thinks that about the Democratic Party. Watching both parties shrinking to that size would be nice.


Where would one view this?

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With all due respect , a lot of americans do not WANT to know. Any information that disagrees with what they want to believe is tuned out. Granted that the pablum on tv is what they are exposed to , but they are conditioned to not exercise their thinking , and never question “authority” - politicians, preachers, and talking heads. trump has fox for his voice and a lot watch it because they think he agrees with their views. If they get exposed to information that contradicts what trump says or fox says, they do not look further or think through it - they automatically say “I don’t believe that”.
I have heard it many times.


Just for fun. Vote against Mitch McConnell at


Sign up for your vote to be counted. The little up/down arrow on the poll line switches polls. It’s an interesting experiment even if one does not want their vote to be counted. No donations. No cookies. Just an old retired sociologist experimenting.

Well, they’d succesfully stomped US down, fulfilling DNC’s contractual obligations (that Wasserman Schultz testified about?) Our betters’ duopoly will gladly use our TERROR at loved-ones’ deaths, rampant poverty, foreclosures, chronic illness, storms, entire communities wiped-out by fire, fat Nazi crankheads threatening us with automaic rifles, under orders from a 3yr old psychopath Führer, they’d chose to run against to LOTE us into supporting their glaring kleptocracy. It’s like the mob protection scheme montage in ‘Goodfellas.’ They’ve gnawed out the rotting carcass of Massa’s empire while blaming their victims? PS: we’d passed ~300K excess deaths, last week. It’s likely about ACB reinstalling Trump, to facilitate his 0.01% bosses ever more blatant feeding frenzy






Nah.They are stupid. It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to understand that the MSM is literally owned and run by corporate monopolies, and that those corporations obviously have a vested interest in promoting, whether subliminally or brazenly, the status quo of crony capitalism and conservatism. Most of the lies they/we are being told are so bodacious as to stretch the limits of credibility. Even a high-schooler ought to be able to grasp how biased our mainstream media is. Someone has to be very weak-minded to be as susceptible to brain-washing as so many Americans are. More than anything, it is the collective stupidity of the American people that is going to bring this country crashing down hard. If enough people actually saw the truth of how we are being manipulated, lied to, and screwed, we could rise up en masse and strip these greedy, self-serving pigs of their power. But the brainwashing is so extensive and runs so deep, there are too many stupid Americans who have been conditioned to hate those of us who tell them the truth. So they will defend their oppressors instead of rising up against them.