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McConnell Brags He and Trump Are 'Changing the Federal Courts Forever' With Extreme Right-Wing Judges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/mcconnell-brags-he-and-trump-are-changing-federal-courts-forever-extreme-right-wing

They have been doing this since day one, I don’t recall the Schum putting up much of a fight or rallying the dem’s. It would also be interesting to read how the voting went for each one seated. We well know the quality of those that have been seated, just at Kavbrewski.


But there is indeed a simple solution. If (a horrendously, otrageously huge ‘if’ I’ll grant you) a progressive/activist President and congress (or congress that will succumb to progressive blugeoning like Sen. Sanders proposes) gets electied, they could - by law - simply expand the judiciary. Court cases take years - sometimes decades - to wend there way through. Justice delayed is justice denied. Double the number of judges, no triple, quadrupe it - expand the judiciary by x10, it is the smallest branch of government, why continue to starve it? Let cases be heard in days instead of years, and then, in a matter of months, the courts can be 75% progressive. Robert Reich even had a brilliant cure for the absurd Supreme Court. Aboslish its current configuration: like some of the lower courts, make the stint among the “Supremes” a temp. one-year gig, cycling up from the lower courts - and make the rotating panel 17 strong. QED.


This brings to mind one of my favorite poems from the proletarian journal The Blue Collar Review


I had a good seat at the fund raising dinner
Between Richard M. Nixon and Jesus H. Christ
The lead off speaker was King Rat Buchannan
He had a little speech and he said it real nice

He said the hippies and faggots would be better off dead
And he hoped they would oblige us soon
And if they didn’t he’d build concentration camps instead
And send those hippie faggots off to the moon

Now I know the meaning of those three initials GOP
Greedy Old Perverts, that’s what they are to me
And they built themselves a boys club
down in Washington, DC
Paid for by fools like you and me
Now I know the meaning, we all know the meaning

Time for the bourgeoisie to close up ranks
Time for reactionaries to retrench
Time for the kind of leadership that this country needs
Time for a Nazi on the supreme court bench

Now I know the meaning of those three initials GOP
Grease Our Palms, baby, that’s what it means to me
And they built themselves a boys club
Down in Washington, DC
Paid for by fools like you and me
Now I know the meaning, now I know the meaning

Well the first course, baby, came right on time
Baby seals in light sweet crude
It was plutonium mushrooms and dioxin fish
And all that rich Republican food

It was a big piece of the big business pie
With none left over for the little guy
It was a slick handshake and a fat cigar
A little Jim Crow and a lot of Jack Tar

Now I know the meaning of those three initials GOP
Gnarly Old Puritans, that’s what they are to me
And they built themselves a boys club
down in Washington, DC
Paid for by fools like you and me
Now I know the meaning, now we all know the meaning!

                                   by  Kevin Bolshaw

There could also be a formal review and reconsideration of Trump appointed judges.


Put to the right music it could be a Woody song :-)))


Nazi judges are going to be branded for life.

Heaven forbid it’s a short one.

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Dutton, you are correct. The SCHUMER bot did not put up any fight at all. I recall several articles where he fast tracked 20 to 30 judges at a time. Chuck and Mitch are pals. Schumer has been photographed multiple times at gatherings, drinking and laughing with Mitch. I saw a photo recently of them at a birthday party for Mitch. He was telling jokes and saluting his friend. It’s all about the club.


Johnson sez:
" McConnell’s rapid confirmation of Trump’s often unqualified judicial picks has frequently flown under the radar of national news coverage …"

Interesting, since he’s done literally nothing else since Team Blue™ took over the House of Reps following the 2018 election. (OK, I’ll acknowledge the exception of the $4.6 for migrant abuse, with which Pelosi’s crew was equally enamored. Still …)

*On a side note re the photo atop the article … anyone else wonder where McTurtle’s ‘other’ thumb is?


Also, we need grassroots movement to end lifetime appointments. The judges, like anybody else, ought to retire at some point. That should also apply to senile old politicians.



No thanks to Chuck Schumer and his sellout dem senate fake resistance pals.


These 2 scumbags are changing the courts for a generation at least. Longer if people don’t wise up.

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It almost leads you to think that Democrats wanted to win presidential elections.

But mention the words “President Sanders” to them.
Then, all of a sudden, losing sounds good to Chuck Schumer.


its all too typical of foolish leftists (or maybe a GOP troll) to shift the blame to Democrats when the reality is they have no power to block any of the judge nominations unless they get Republican help.
Folks who don’t like the right-wing reshaping of the courts should remember this when fools tell you there is no significant difference between the parties. We could have had judges like RBG or even Garland, but by not helping Clinton defeat Trump in November 2016 we got Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and worse. Sad

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If we ever get a progressive congress they should do a thorough review of the judiciary including of all hearings and presentations of each justice of the supreme and federal courts… If there is found to be any deception or wrong doing, said judge should be brought forward for impeachment.

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are you claiming I am such a person?

Seems odd that Republicans in the minority can find a way to stop whatever they want to stop but the Democrats are powerless. Unless, of course you accept the fact that the Dems really don’t want to stop anything the Reps do.


Good ideas, and we sure do need more judges hearing cases cuz’ everything takes far too long to get to court the way it is now.
As far as Supreme Court goes, has been suggested that the number of judges seated on that bench be increased once Trump leaves office, to try & provide at least some balance to the highest Court in the land.

Judge placement? :joy: With control of ALL 3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, Republicans couldn’t kill Obamacare/ACA. ACA STILL HERE, alive and well. :joy: Just how much of a failed Party DO you have to be? Republican so-called “judges” are 100% unqualified for their jobs and will resign and/or self-recuse, 85 people (and counting) of Trump’s failed, unqualified regime have been fired, resigned or SELF-RECUSED. Republicans have proven to the entire world that they cannot govern. Repubs are eating each other alive. Bolton, alone, has turned on Trump and he’s got damaging Intel on him. Former White House National Security Staffer Fiona Hill, who oversees Ukraine policy at the WH with first-hand knowledge Lt. Vindman and Top U.S. Diplomat to Ukraine, Ambassador William Taylor CONFIRMED everything the Whistleblower said: COURT TRANSCRIPTS—with MORE damning testimony to come. :point_right:THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN “administration” is under investigation and GOING TO PRISON, one Repub criminal at a time. The tragi-comic Republican "judge placement “argument” is A JOKE. The entire Republican “administration” is in SHAMBLES, in total disarray and dying right before their very eyes. Republicans will NEVER live Trump Co down and they will NEVER recover. Republicans have FAILED.

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