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McConnell Headed Back to US Senate, But Will Reviled Republican Remain Majority Leader?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/03/mcconnell-headed-back-us-senate-will-reviled-republican-remain-majority-leader


Gee another Democrat offering a Republican agenda defeated by an actual Republican. Thanks, Democrat Leadership for intervening in the primary to avoid a policy-based challenger to Mitch from offering the voters of Kentucky an actual choice that mattered.

Another successful bi-partisan defeat of governing in the people’s interests.


People are unfit to govern themselves, although I’m wondering how Scandinavia and NZ (this time around) bucked the tide . . . .

Common Dreams: we do NOT need to see the cruel, hideous face of McConnell enlarged on your main page—or at all for that matter.


Makes me want to puke just looking at that bastard


The corporate media in Scandinavia and NZ are not the absolute willing tools of the corrupt, evil oligarchy, as in the U.S. of Avarice, Aggression, and Arrogance.

Corporate media, especially Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, and Breitbart have so brainwashed more than 40% of the population that we are doomed.


“They spent $40 million+ to get her across the finish line against Booker,” tweeted The American Prospect’s Alex Sammon of the DSCC effort in the primary. “They could’ve just stayed out of it and let the best candidate win, and put that money towards beating McConnell.”

Wait, people think that the DSCC or the DCCC want to beat Republicans and not the left? Come on now. The open secret in American politics is that it is up to the Democrats to beat back the left in their primaries, which they do. After that, do they want to beat the Republicans? Yeah, but not as important as the folks threatening their host, which is the corrupt party infrastructure. That remains with Trump, and they can fundraise off of him, but not with leftists winning.


That’s a face that would make you cry –

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Careful, speaking the obvious truth: that Koch-funded neo-Confederate kleptocrats tend to consistently install, assist then enforce right wing autocrats’ agendas can get you banned, here? Podesta, Debbie & Robby CHOSE Trump as the perfect boogie-boi Nazi gangster.

~https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=leHmw-W6G00 (Katie, Matt, Jimmy, Aaron, Thomas)


~https://boingboing.net/2020/11/03/538-election-analyst-i-think-we-can-eliminate-the-biden-landslide-scenario.html (Boing-Boing, telling the TRUTH? Available at AMAZON!)

~https://truthout.org/articles/mcconnell-elicits-outrage-by-invoking-mlk-in-his-reelection-acceptance-speech/ (also quotes: Gandalf, Lao Tzu, Groucho, Jesus…


Hi Beli –

KOCH is behind so much in the US – and has been for more than 100 years –
finally realized guns were pathway to overturning democracy here –

Didn’t watch your link, but reviewing the protests/lootings didn’t help when they
don’t really explain that it’s right wing starting the violence –

Another big problem – so many of our police UNIONS supported Trump –


I would have much rather seen what Booker could have done. But it’s clear that not every community is ready to choose the progressive over the pathetic. I knew she would lose but Swearengin losing to Capito in WV by 40 points was even worse than I expected.

Joan –

Thank you … didn’t know re $40 million –
Amy McGrath may have had a good chance v McConnell – ? I don’t think they helped?

Also looked like they didn’t do much for Sara Gideon, Maine –

So now they say “goodbye” to Bernie Sanders recruits and they’ll start again recruiting
right wing Dems?

Also – while the public wanted to take the Senate, didn’t seem like Party cared that much?

In other words – tell more if you can.

And where do we go from here –
New Party?

And I so badly wanted to see this as the END TO THE GUN –

Think of the threats now to so many liberals when Trump takes this election –
And any rise of AA’s – maybe Biden will make a deal with him re his son – ?
A lot of anchors have gone out on a limb making their feelings about Trump clear –
And now what will Gov. Whitmer do – what will her life be worth.
And get ready to breathe in more fumes – and am just guessing that Trump has
taken over the program to limit the population with the virus?
How about women rising in government – ?
Have this theory that the Don took a hard look at Whitmer and realized that he’d love
to grab her; she’d actually make a great president – i.e., someone he needed to attack.
With new reign of armed right wingers, Prouder Boys –

Perhaps there is a coalition forming somewhere in the world asking, “Are Americans ready for self-government? They just voted for more disease.”

Nah, it would take divine intervention, and that ain’t coming.

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I don’t think Trump will really feel like he won unless he takes it to the Supreme
Court – defeats them on PA ballots –

The coal miners daughter can’t win in West Virginia??? We live in a very right wing country----and because this will be so close nothing will get done------CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE WINS!


I don’t blame you one bit, for NOT wanting to watch Katie Halper, Matt Taibbi, Jimmy Dore, Thomas Frank, Aaron Mate’ getting DRUNK and spouting defeatest Rooski negativity?


It’s scary, trying not to choke, laughing… while gagging on too much reality, leaking through

~https://truthout.org/articles/qanon-candidate-marjorie-taylor-greene-projected-winner-of-ga-congressional-race/ (if you’d just BELIEVE, harder and HARDER, in what you were being told by “your” half of Comcast, AT&T, Disney, NYT, Bloomberg and Bezos, Tinkerbell would be…


~https://truthout.org/articles/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-and-ilhan-omar-win-landslide-victories/ (what a shame, DNC & DSCC spent all our money, fighting REAL Democrats?)

Fox has called Arizona for Biden----Biden can win without Penn------but again because it is so close we will just get stalemate gov-------you needed a real blow out to get any change.

These big board people on CNN-fox --MSNBC --are really sad----

Might have liked it – but I can’t watch in evenings – too loud.

Rather very much like Jimmy Dore – not familiar with others –

Taking about “reality” – anyone feel the presence of Russia pushing us one
way or the other on this election – ?

And, what about Trump and Russia now?

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Illusion –

CNN is reporting Dems hold HOUSE? That’s good – if true – and
if we can move Pelosi out – put AOC in –

If this works tonight – will also put Bernie Sanders in better position in party–
and I care.

I think Drumpf is counting on big fight re PA – mail in ballots w/SC.

CNN’s coverage – with all the boards and strange scenery is eerie –
what are they thinking. One of the board guys like us know “he doesn’t have a
horse in this race.” Is he an American?

And continuing to report … what Hillary held in 2016 … or Obama in 2012 drives me nuts.

An all the details about the counties … just give a total.

I’m cranky!

I switched from watching cable news with my wife (who is given up for the night) to Katie, Matt and others while I do some dishes. Aaron is gone now, but one of my favorites - Briahna Joy Gray - joined. She just gave some anecdotes that made me wish we could have rolled the dice with Bernie. If he had lost, we’d have a black eye that would have taken a while to heal. But I still think he had a better chance than the guy who looks like he’s going down now.