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'McConnell Is Afraid of Democracy': Progressives Push Senate Majority Leader to Stop Blocking Vote on HR1

'McConnell Is Afraid of Democracy': Progressives Push Senate Majority Leader to Stop Blocking Vote on HR1

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Progressives are ramping up their pressure campaign against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in an effort to force a vote on the "For the People Act" when Congress returns from recess.

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I’m all in favor of grassroots political pressure. But I sure as hell am not going to kid myself about how effective it is when it goes up against entrenched, big money influence from oligarchs.

Torches and pitchforks. Until then, enjoy the status quo.


Torches and Pitchforks?

AR-15’s and AK-47’s would surely be much more effective.

Of course, providing local gun laws permit it.


To put it another way: Turtle Face needs a good ass whipping. His reign of Evil Turtlles must come to an end as all things do. As far as his Power Elites, they need to be made to quietly be removed…Isn’t it time for us to do something other than debate the issue as posters always do here? Upsets me greatly that nobody ever comes up with a plan or a solution. OK, I will do it for you. Since we already know who these people are who want their status quo, we need to tip the balance in our favor. Anyone who thinks these men with white hair are untouchable have no imagination. Start rounding up a few at a time and make them disappear for a while. That would shake things up. Should have been done a long time ago. How many movies have you seen with a similar plot? This does not have to only be in the theaters…

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McConnell is bullet proof for now. He has his corporate base and can buy the advertising that the right uses to frighten the gullible with lies and slander. He will only be removed by a Democratic Senate or an awakened electorate. Until then he will just continue to feather his nest from the political sweet spot he has worked toward all his political life.

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You are right. As a matter of fact any union worth it’s salt in the past would have supported such a disappearing act for some legislators.

Thank you. We’ve tried everything else and we are wasting our time thinking our Politicians will fight our battles for us. They won’t!

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Nobody is bulletproof … that’s what they want you to believe.

Of course Mitch is afraid of Democracy. If our Democracy was working as it should (and could), Mitch would be out of a job, or possibly incarcerated. Fuck, he might actually have to get a REAL job.

Of course not. There is no money in it for them in fighting “our” battles. If they could make as much money in helping the people as they do in creating those very “battles” at the huge corporations request, they would.
Follow the money!

I just got off the phone with Emmanuel Macron and he say’s they have dozens of slightly used and slightly rusted guillotines for sale, cheap.


AMENACE! Bitch McTurtles password to the River Styx where his yacht is moored and full of all of his cronies and the tRUMP Crime family! Next destination…HADES!

I think a Gauntlet from AOC to DC should be formed and every citizen given a cudgel with which to play “Whack-A-Mole” on McTurdles thinly veneered shell as a start for this POS!

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