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McConnell Is Happy About Tax Cuts, But Even Happier About Stuffing Judiciary With Right-Wingers

McConnell Is Happy About Tax Cuts, But Even Happier About Stuffing Judiciary With Right-Wingers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Senate Majority Leader loves giving tax cuts to the rich, but not as much as he loves stacking the courts with right-wing extremists

True – very shortly we will likely have a SC based in perverts,
corporate shills – and 100% right wing.

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GOP tax cuts are intrinsically intertwined with stacking the judiciary with young right wing judges, many of whom will still be on the bench during the 2060s.

The tax cuts give the 1% and their corporations enough additional dough to challenge in Federal Courts before right wing judges any future legislation they don’t like. Overturning legislation in court will effectively transfer legislating authority out of Congress and into the Courts for anybody having the millions of dollars it takes to go to court.

It won’t matter if every GOP Congresscritter is voted out, only Congressional action favorable to the 1% and corporations will be safe from being overturned by right wing judges.


Although leaving the US WAS one solution, keep in mind that corporations will use some of the money they get from GOP tax cuts to buy more politicians in other nations, now that they have had a fantastic return on investment (ROI) buying US politicians. Other nations are already experiencing Murkinization as a result of their politicians who are already owned by global finance.

You can run but you can’t escape the financialization pandemic that has rapidly spread beyond its incubation in NYC, DC and London.

Looks like we’ll have to pray for some premature heart attacks, once the GOP is no longer in the majority.

Perhaps the Deep State can arrange that like they did with the Russian Hacking story.


“Stuff the judiciary” to get the monkey off the diabolical dimwit’s (and many others’) backs regarding obstruction of justice, collusion with a foreign enemy with intent to co-opt our electoral processes among many other potential indictments (and convictions) for other heinous, destructive and outright criminal actions by the admin with the blessings of the greedy old pariahs. all in accordance with the PNAC (Project for New American Century) and New World Order playbooks as authored by the likes of Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Bush 41: stack the judiciary from local to state to regional/district and appellate courts along with SCOTUS (remember Citizens’ United ruling…handing over our elections to the highest bidders/rollers).

For some reason, I can imagine McConnell back in the civil war period arguing in favor of slavery, leading for succession and generally stonewalling anything good or humane. I will contribute to a one way ticket to Guantanamo for McConnell. Anybody else?

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Secession is what I think you meant to write. And I would pay for a one way ticket to hell for the jackals like Jabba McConnell and others…anywhere in or under Earth…any number of “rendition” sites will do.

yea, I need to watch my spelling.

MMin –

And you seem to be making clear that’s all OK with you …

“7-2 is fine with me.”

Then, why are you here?

Holy –

Remember it took them hundreds of years to totally knock out the attempt at
democracy here …

And, more than 60 years – and still counting – to knock out all of the New Deal.

Global Warming is still the Wild Card and that seems to be one reason for their
new urgency.

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7-1 for perverts and corporate criminals isn’t … “all sides” …
Again, if you support corporate-fascism and the right wing …
WHY are you here?