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McConnell Laughs When Asked If Covid-19 Bill Will Pass by End of Next Week—When Unemployment Benefits Expire for 30 Million

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/mcconnell-laughs-when-asked-if-covid-19-bill-will-pass-end-next-week-when


“They pled, they bled, they starved! We got richer!! (Cackle, cackle!)”


In the meantime, what is really going on and why are we being distracted?



Agree Roberto.
I am not much for conspiracies but clearly placing secret police in Portland where the protests were both peaceful and winding down can only be seen as a rehearsal for some kind of martial law actions…
Trump, credit where credit is due, seems a master of chaos - causing distraction ‘here‘ so we don’t keep looking ‘over there ‘ to the real goings on…


Well, WE’VE all been laughing, at Yertle looking like some shriveled turtle’s head, like Donald’s dick or some pathetic 50’s cartoon character? Mitch and Nancy laughing, is LOTS scarier than those unmarked wanna play death-squad fools angrily beating the righteous veteran protecting our 1st Amendment. Master’s SCARED, now. It’s likely to get nasty? Dismissive, haughty, reactionaries following Massa’s orders (why are corrupt old honkeys blaming everysomebody else?)






I am not a Democrat but I am DAMN SURELY not a Republican. This precipice of social irresponsibility brought about with a sense of glee by the evil bastards is not the party of Eisenhower. All morality was tossed aside with Reagan. The class war is all too obvious and many cannot afford food and rent, much less baubles of distraction to keep them in line. They far outnumber the police and if and when they become desperate enough this nation will see things so dystopic in character as to shatter what is left of the American dream–for the late great George Carlin that would translate into an awakening of mass proportion.


Anyone else feel absolutely chilled?


I really really hope I will be able to laugh when McConnell looses in November.


I know I will be laughing, dancing, and celebrating with fireworks and champagne when tRump gets hauled off to jail. That day should be declared a national holiday.


I wonder if he’d be laughing if we let “his” supply of oxygen expire?


I see no reason to cheer if Biden is the replacement. I’m personally offended that the Democrat Party would force a choice of Biden or Trump upon us. They’re both wrong, but the Democrats rigged another primary season and selected a failing 78-year-old who was never that bright at his peak.


Oh yeah. You just know something big is coming down the pipe. And none of it is good.
I believe that, now that conservatives and fascists have won the day, they can now afford to be patient. Sure, they would like to win in November, but it’s really not necessary at this point. What I believe they will do is scorch the earth, make America practically ungovernable in 2021. In essence, hand the incoming Democratic Party a shit show not seen since 1933, and bank on the fact that the current Democratic Party will be incapable or unwilling to do what is necessary to address the post Covid American landscape.
The voters will then elect a Christo-fascist like Pence or Cotton, and the finishing touches of Lewis Powell’s famous memorandum will be completed. America will form an alliance with the other fascist nations of the world, and Jefferson Davis’ dream of a pax American Confederacy will come to pass.
Then again, maybe we’ll just deteriorate into a failed state, and the former USA will Balkanize into three or four nation-states that will share only one thing in common, that they will all be equally extinct when global warming runs out of control.


The more Trump fucked up, the more a Biden presidency became possible. It serves the Democratic power establishment two ways. It all but guarantees a win in November. But more importantly, it means THEY didn’t have change. They’ll now be able to take power in January and preach “stabilization”.
And the collapse of America will continue.


Just like Hilary cackled like an evil witch with her We Came We Saw He Died regarding the killing of Gaddifi, McConnell laughs at the suffering and outright killing of US citizens. All of these fucking sociopathic monsters need to be removed from power before they literally kill everyone and everything upon the earth. The fact that they laugh so easily as they fuck everything around them is beyond the pale. It gets harder and harder to even get out of bed every day knowing that things are getting worse and worse at the hands of these fuckers. What is even worse is knowing that far too many of my fellow citizens are actually cheering these monsters on.


Is there someone that can really beat him in Nov?


In my opinion extending Covid-19 Bill is not the answer. National Health Coverage is the answer. If 67% of US want National Health Coverage and 46% are Republican than I think it is the Democrats that are NOT advocating for M4All. My personal survey says my Democratic friends with discretionary funds are the ones having a hissy fit over the passing of a bill like H.R. 1384 and the Senate version S. 1129. When you can’t get your avocados because too many farm workers are ill maybe that will get your intentions. M4A is a bi-partisan issue. Do your own survey. The power is in the people. Stop being a partisan snob.


A universal basic income is also needed along with Medicare for all.


The sad thing is only sociopaths run for office. Most of them anyway. And most of the others become sociopaths after being in “office” for a while.


And people give power to the sociopaths. A good book title would be
“Man is a Masochist”.


What you say is true. Which only makes the future look even bleaker. It seems humans may never learn to get along with, and care for each other in a real way. Selfishness still is the driving force of far too many folks who believe they are “superior” to others.