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McConnell Laughs When Asked If Covid-19 Bill Will Pass by End of Next Week—When Unemployment Benefits Expire for 30 Million

Corporate takeover of police. So they can then outsource / offshore ALL public services.


Yes you wonder why we surrender to those kinds of folks.

Perhaps the 3’s provide an answer ?


If you fear something enough you will give every freedom you had away…

America will find its will again to be free from tyranny and oppression .

Time for a civil rights movement for the soul of humanity.
A belief in an angry deity makes for angry humans .

In my view, what would benefit humanity the most right now is a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a violent, vengeful, and vindictive God. This would release of our species from a global doctrine that emphasizes power and punishment, separation and competition, and love which is highly conditional, replacing it, at last, with an ethos of unity and cooperation, understanding and compassion, generosity and Pure Love. That is, a love which asks for, needs, requests, expects, and demands nothing in return.


Seem to recall something about “those who trade liberty for security deserve neither”.

And Goebbels.


What you say makes me want to watch “the gods must be crazy”.


It’s a god of make believe having nothing to do with ultimate reality .

What is “The gods must be crazy .”

Intriguing !

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"Thirty million workers won’t be able to pay rent on August 1st and McConnell is laughing."

This is atrocious – but what does Mitch care – he has $31 million and health care we pay for.

P.O. Box 95 Lexington, KY 40588


At which time he will join go through the revolving door and make far more money in the private sector (as a lobbyist, or sitting on the various boards of corporations he has enriched over the years). That’s assuming there is an election, though.


Gods must be crazy is an old low budget movie. A lot to do with the bushmen of the Kalahari. They have absolutely nothing called “ownership”.
(There are 2 movies. Part 1 and part 2. Don’t have to watch in order )


Ahh yes… Ownership a human construct having nothing to do with ultimate reality again…

I will seek it out .


Be sure and remove the + sign on the URL.


I’d suggested an Ivanka/Dwayne Johnson (Beyonce?) ticket on Naked Capitalism, was DNC’s only acceptable/ winnable choice; once Oprah had demurred (Smaug is fictional, Ayn Rand foreign born & Reagan passed away). Yolonda Ross!!!


Keeping in mind that their corporate funders pay both parties, their masters being the same, the strategies serve goals of the former.

Agriculture is weaponized from the start with agribusiness, also the model for oil industry - simply look at the absolutely bizarre weaponization of fracking!


McConnell is beyond belief cruel (obviously) ----wielding tremendous power courtesy of a huge amount of enablers.

Charles Booker losing to Amy McGrath was a huge disappointment—one that personally pushed me to work even more on detachment from any hope that this absolutely vile system can ever change.

Well . . there is Amy McGrath now McConnell’s opponent thanks to the deep seated corruption of the “voting system” in this country,

From Ari Berman just prior to the “election”

“Kentucky cutting number of polling places for Tuesday’s primary from 3700 to 200

There will be one polling place for 616,000 registered voters in Louisville’s Jefferson County, where half state’s black voters live

This is going to be a disaster”

Charles Booker lost and yes, that was a disaster. Charles Booker winning could have, (again, imo) been a significant turning point.



And to top it off this from the lovely Ann Coulter:
We can join forces with Ann Coulter! WASF! Forgive me, I know it sounds defeatist to add that acronym but I cannot resist in some cases.



Kind of amazing how mind numbingly stupid the economics of this is. Do these idiots know of the concept of effective demand? How in the hell does it make sense to cut back demand further now, and do nothing for state and local governments? We’re in deep trouble.

And please give me a break with the Democrats. They did dick when they had leverage, and Pelosi let this sociopath get everything he wanted and went along with it. He needed the Democrats to pass the things for his right wing oligarch donors and they didn’t get much in exchange for one of the largest wealth transfers in US history, during a pandemic. And you watch, Pelosi being tied to pay go, if she pushes for short term assistance, it will result in cuts after the crisis is over. MMT is not for her.


Americans do love celebrities almost as much as money.


Always (unfortunately) spot on posts TrumpTowerofBabel.

I hope you keep posting throughout this nightmare. It helps with other’s reality checks amidst the ever growing craziness.

And these people are crazy . . .pathological.

What I find helpful is trying to understand the roots of mental illness and am appreciative of Mary Trump’s dissection of the Trump family and how DT’s cruelty came to be.
I’m sure there are similar family dynamics which created M. McConnell and others that would of course, include Dems. As she points out (Mary T.) a dysfunctional childhood does not give them a pass on their cruel behaviors.

I found this recent piece in The Guardian fascinating:


What needs more exploration are those that are not sociopaths/psychopaths that support these clearly cruel to the bone people that will not, will never change.

Ignorance? Lack of education? How can the farmers that are struggling where I live in the rural midwest think that trump gives a shit about them?
He despises them.

I am re-examining the racist family I grew up in as well . . . why do I self reflect and other family members do not?

Lastly, thanks for bringing up the HRC Gaddifi comment with cackle. That should never be forgotten.

Excerpt from Guardian article, Mary Trump quote:

“One of the reasons I was so devastated by what happened in November 2016 was because, while I knew that he was categorically unfit and incompetent and cruel, I never foresaw that 100% of Republicans in office would just enable him to the extent they have.

“It’s been horrifying because, in that sense, he’s not the problem. If he were being held to the same standards other people in his position have been held to, if they had cared about the transgressions he’s made, the lines he’s crossed, then he would have been neutralised, at least reined in. But they’ve given him permission to keep going and doubling down.”


BigB –

What you are saying or predicting will only be possible if Biden, Pelosi and
the corporate-fascist Dems continue on with business as usual – colluding
with GOP –

But I continue to push everyone to come out into the streets – this is a time
of opportunity to push for MEDICARE4ALL, ERA, GREEN NEW DEAL –

and by all means – keep funding liberal Dems – !!

And Mitch’s opponent in Kentucky –


P.O. Box 95 Lexington, KY 40588

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Makes my point that unless we Progressives destroy the Republican, cowards, fascists and Bible Trumping sycophants they will surely destroy us!


I’m hoping the guillotine will be bipartisan. Dems are just as complicit.