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McConnell Objects as Sanders, Senate Democrats Demand Vote on $2,000 Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/29/mcconnell-objects-sanders-senate-democrats-demand-vote-2000-checks


Are they intentionally pushing for social chaos?


McConnell’s probably going to package the $2k with section 230 to kill $2k but give GA GOP sens cover to say they voted for $2k.


Not just because I hate his fucking guts, McConnell has convinced me that the Senate needs to be restructured such that their is a small committee of either three or five members (with representation of both parties) who deliberate on what gets goes to vote. The matter is far too important for one person to decide. It should not be carried out by a monarch, but a small committee. I am tired of the power that one individual exerts on such important matters.


He hits a double thru the gap between fancy nancy and stymied schumer.


Sure they are, at least in part. I’ve been hinting at that for a week or so. Keep our powder dry for another three weeks regardless the teasing by retrumplicans.

Could be. Could cost him the Senate but I think he’s confident either Loeffler or Perdue will win. So let’s see.


Does it really matter how votes are delegated as long as reasonable people are doing it? One, three, five, or fifty?
Then of course who gets to decide who is reasonable.
Same mess, different formula.
I’ve said the same about third parties. If they can ever get fairly registered, will they end up much the same as the LOTE parties?
“One two three four, who are we fighting for?”

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YES! Especially, If Pence declares the electoral college fraudulent next week.


Disaster Capitalism 101.


Did trump invite the kkk kinda guys to come to DC on Jan. 6th ??

The army could pre-position an infantry regiment to DC area, just in case
a few or more decide to violence,


I do not know but Trump did invite the Proud Boys to the White House and may have discussed it with them.


Good cop/bad cop.

And Duopoly Theater goes on and on.


Yes, Washington DC would be a great place to start cleaning up the hatred being fomented by these Fascist fucks attempting to remain in power.

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From what I’ve read, McConnell is going to turn the tables put his own bill forward with poison pill amendments. Democrats need to be messaging a “clean” bill ASAP.

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. . . OR a “committee”, no matter how constituted:

IMHO, any group of 34 or more (That’s a full third of the Senate, BTW) should be able to force a roll-call vote on ANY matter, so that We, The People (for whom they all are theoretically working — Ha! Ha! ) can know exactly where each of the idiots stands on any given issue.

(Actually, as noted previously, IMHO the Senate should be abolished and all of their “noble” functions taken over by “the people’s” House, but that’s a separate issue.)


Who are they going to protest, themselves? Who are they armed for, themselves? What would they shoot at, their own feet?
Sounds like a waste of precious time.

Less vacation time, and MORE stand alone bills and votes.

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Its my understanding that the Senate is “supposed to work” on consensus, like all natural cultures and still prevalent even in important govern bodies in civilization such as security council, corporate boards etc. At least some of the inception structure of the US govmt used the Iroquois federation as an example.
It only takes 1 Senator to object and this is known as a filibuster. This objection can be over ruled but only if it has the majority to vote the objection down called a quorum. In normal consensus an objection is given sufficient time so everyone can consider it. And if none or few are swayed the filibuster(er) should standdown and abstain or even support. Conversely if the quorum vote fails the measure should be brought.
We hear of the term “administrative rules” when dishonesty is used to thwart the consensus. work arounds. The “leader” “objecting” to an objection is not permitted as far as I know. They would need a quorum.

To not allow full vote on what lower house passed seems like a huge mistake if that rule is actually written and gives the senate to decide. Moreso if a significant amount of Senators want it brought, say 10%.

its interesting at least to see recently the senate and the house show they can do unanimous votes to move things along quickly.

If the intent is not to reach honest consensus on bills and make visible the will of the people then no amount of rules will fix that. Maybe having political parties is the problem.


People focus on McConnell himself. He is a sociopath, a horrible person, screw Kentucky for voting for him (and the Democrats for nominating McGrath). But, he is just the person that is so horrible that he is willing to be the face of what many in his party want to do. It takes a special sociopath to be the face of this monstrosity, but he is ultimately protecting many of the members of his party. For example, “McConnell’s objections came shortly after Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia behind the $2,000 direct payments as they fight for their political lives in runoff contests against Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.”

They need to say this, but don’t want to vote no, which is why McConnel is willing to do this. They can say they would have done this or that, but McConnel won’t put them in a position that they have to make a deeply unpopular vote.

And we are in this position, once again, because of both of these parties. It is good that the Democrats are supporting this, but it should have never gotten to this point. It would have been a great thing to campaign on, but most Democrats ran from core economic and class issues, because most of those that ran in the general election (thank you Democratic Party primary voters) are right wing and don’t want to change what is a failing system. And they gave away all their leverage early, for basically nothing.

This entire political system, and the economic system, are horrible.