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McConnell’s Unbelievably Reckless Plan B: Repeal ACA With Nothing to Replace It

McConnell’s Unbelievably Reckless Plan B: Repeal ACA With Nothing to Replace It

Indivisible Project

Republicans considered going this same route in January but abandoned that approach after just a few weeks of thinking about it. That’s because the effects of full repeal are devastating, and even Republicans know it:

Yes, absolutely right we must fight this after years of neglect. This is actually the first real fight and this is a very good approach. You have to know very little about healthcare to think there is another approach. If so, lets hear it.

The ACA is far from perfect, there is enough analysis now to see what can be fixed, but you have to work on it and that is not being done in earnest. What is being done is obstruction. Republicans are pulling out the stops on this and it is way past time that we need to better understand the process. For instance, medicaid is a lot more than just access. Under medicare there are medical dead ends (pardon the pun). For instance medicare pays for a medical device like a pacemaker but doesn’t pay for the entire process, medicaid does that. So anything that gets rid of medicaid without replacing it is not a good plan. It is more than that too and most people don’t know because your medical professional does all that for you. Time to learn what you have and how to use it in a more efficient way.


The republican party wants to achieve by neglect what the Nazis achieved by force, and for the same reason, to cull from the population those who are deemed undesirable. One republican recently showed the depths of his compassion for the elderly (one of the groups that republicans want to cull) stating that he could not see any “return” from the Meals on Wheels program. That is, the elderly are useless and no longer produce, so why should we feed them. That republicans do not wear swastikas does not make them any less nazi in their program, one of a utilitarian eugenics. That their program would leave millions to starve and die of preventable disease is no less nazi than building death camps. It is even more evil in that it is a deceitful way to kill “undesirables”. Unlike the honest nazis, republicans would have us die in private, so as to not ruffle their sensibilities and to hide the fundamental ugliness of their “philosophy”, which, at bottom, is that if you are old or poor you are just not a worthwhile human being and should just have the decency to die already. My relatives who fought against nazis in WWII are spinning in their graves to see their ideology reborn in the new republican party.


I would add that it might be a surprise to some people to find that they too are on that list. I’m not sure it is that extreme but the effects are certainly similar if not by intent then by design.

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NOW is the time to really fight for what we know is the way to go; Medicare for All.
And NOW is the time to get on the Dems to make it so!
No more double-speak and sell out by Dems BS will be tolerated.


That is all pretty much true, as I said before in another context it doesn’t fix healthcare but it provides some life saving provisions to patients, The biggest problem is the states that have not included care to their citizens. (in terms of costs) In my state we had it long before it was ACA. Many working poor would have no care otherwise. It is a three tier system though which is pretty confusing when you talk to people within that system. Medicare for all doesn’t fix some of those issues either, it basically removes one of the largest bloats and that is a billions of dollars administrative insurance system and replaces it with a government system. It is inefficient, if people knew how to use it might be an improvement, they are assuming people don’t know and in many cases that is true.

Repealing ACA would be a disaster. If we can’t agree on modification or replacements now what gives anyone a reason to think we can two years from now particularly if it required a super majority. There is no responsible politician that would support this.

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The ever expanding collapse of medical insurance markets since the November election is already doing exactly what McConnell’s Plan B proposes. Although the media has been keen to remind us of the twentysomething million Murkins who will lose Medicaid, many other Murkins not currently benefiting from Medicaid are also being left high and dry.

All the GOP needs to do now is sit back and say “we told you so” as the markets collapse.

Of course the GOP will never acknowledge that they are the ones who have sabotaged the ACA from the very beginning.
The ACA was a right-wing plan and needs replacing, but Trumpcare is no care for many Americans.