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McConnell Urged to 'Finish the Job' and Reconvene Senate to Put Twice-Impeached Trump on Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/mcconnell-urged-finish-job-and-reconvene-senate-put-twice-impeached-trump-trial


C’mon Mitch, it’s just like taking out the garbage.


Misha Addisonovitch needs desperately to hear from you comrade, glasnost, perestroika, ya?

Do you feast with the Preseditionist Don’ner Party Misha?

Surely you recognize that your remarks are too opaque for the average reader to comprehend. Perhaps you believe you are being glib.

"Eldridge also blasted the GOP House members who opposed impeaching Trump, saying that “his high crimes are too grave to ignore and the danger he poses too great to allow him to remain in office—or ever hold it again. The Republicans who voted against impeachment put their loyalty to a seditious president over their duty to support and defend our Constitution.” "

NPR has a list of those that voted against impeachment in the House today, listed by name and State. We all need to get to work on removing these traitors to the country and the Constitution. Since they can’t be impeached themselves, it’s up to the people they are supposed to represent to remove them from office.



Assuming that Mcconnell would act like a human being is a grave mistake. It would almost like pretending he’s not married to Chao.


I wonder whether the House could have prevented McConnell from adjourning the senate last week had it invoked this provision of Article 1, section 5 of the Constitution:
" Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, [adjourn] for more than three days, nor to any other Place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting."


Interesting question…

McConnell is holding pro forma sessions, gaveling in-and-out every three days, to get around that:


The Supreme Court blessed these sessions in 2014 in NLRB v. Noel Canning, a case about recess appointments. This is one reason why I’ve been saying the Senate is the real problem the last few days: Senators agreed to leave town.


The Senate was officially in session on Tuesday, January 11, and they adjourned until Friday, January 15 - so they aren’t violating the Constitutional provision that you cite. Tuesday’s session lasted 38 seconds. The House and Senate use a parliamentary work-around to comply with the Constitution. It’s called a pro forma session. In this kind of session, only a handful of members attend, and they can claim to be complying with the Constitution. Article I, Section 5 allows less than a majority to meet in an official session, but they can’t do business without a quorum. Any business that they might conduct has to be done by “unanimous consent” because that’s a way to pass a bill or resolution without a roll call vote and as long as no one demands a quorum count. They usually reserve unanimous consent for non-controversial issues with both leaders’ approval. Pelosi tried to use unanimous consent for the 25th Amendment resolution on Monday, and the Republicans blocked her. That’s because Monday was a pro forma meeting of the House with only a few members present. A real working session seems to depend on McConnell’s calling everyone in, and the current plan is for a real session on the 19th.

Someone here suggested several days ago that the 48 Democrats in the Senate could show up and send the Sergeant-at-arms to round up 3 Republicans. That would provide a 51 member quorum and allow the Democrats to pass whatever they wanted. The problem is that another part of Article I, Section 5, leaves any round up to the Senate rules. Someone with time might look into the rules to see who is authorized to compel attendance.




Look for “Daily Digest”.


Thanks for this explanation. What is the chance that McConnell might call the Senate back into session on the 19th? And and call for a vote to convict? By his public stance on impeachment in the House, he seems to want to be rid of Trump. I suspect that he is trying to save his R party from further damage by the Orange Man. I suspect he doesn’t want to see his reemergence to influence the R’s or as an R on any ticket in 2022 or 2024.


Thanks – At least this delay isn’t due to the House failing to do all it could do to remove the sociopath in chief immediately.


They have already agreed to return on the 19th. Did you mean before the 19th?

My guess is that McConnell wants to push the trial ahead as far as possible so that people forget about it. Wednesday will be filled with inauguration stuff, and the evening will be all about the inaugural balls. After that, the news will be about confirmations and the $2000 checks. By Friday, impeachment won’t even be at the bottom of the bird cage. Mitch will be happy to get Trump out of elections, but won’t mind having him on twitter to rile the loyalists. Mitch has been the Dick Cheney of this Administration, but Dubya never gave Cheney as much embarrassment as Trump has given to Mitch.

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I still wish that the Democrats had impeached Trump for election tampering the day after the Raffensperger recording was released. Congresscritters were in town, and Mitch would have had a harder time dismissing class when an impeachment trial is the next order of business. Pelosi ignored the recording and tried to use the utterly inapplicable 25th Amendment. That wasted a week and let Senate Republicans escape until the 19th.


Biden is pushing Mitch to approve his cabinet nomination approvals ASAP instead of convicting Trump. Are these morons putting politics before country AGAIN?.


I agree that Pelosi dragged her feet on impeachment and stretched everything out as long as she could. Probably to give Mitch cover. These two play tag team all the time. We the People are not represented in any of this on either the D or R side.


That’s a rhetorical question, I assume!

I read somewhere that they’re thinking of doing split days in the Senate - impeachment in the morning and confirmations in the afternoon.

I think that they could do the whole thing in a day. The evidence is Trump’s one hour speech, and there’s no way to refute it, but we’ll give 'em two hours anyway. (They could have done a three hour trial a week ago if they had impeached Trump for election tampering - one hour for the Raffensperger recording and five minutes to swear in Raffensperger and have him verify the recording, then one hour for the defense.)

Bedtime for me! Good night!


Mitch is like a cat that tortures a mouse before finishing it off. He wants to use the trial to get in the way of Biden’s agenda. The Senate only works 2.5 days per week.


The dung beetle knows enough to only use its feet. The GOP goes all in. Quite the curiosity.