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McConnell Urged to 'Finish the Job' and Reconvene Senate to Put Twice-Impeached Trump on Trial

Well, I think his coup failed and it appears, per reporting, the moving vehicles are at the White House. We are just going to have to hope his folks are on their way out.


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That’s hilarious that the photo shows someone carrying out a bust of Lincoln. Like the Trump family brought in a bust of Lincoln when they arrived.


Yeah, I learned my lesson about posting from Twitter the other week when another commenter warned me the video I linked to wasn’t as described in the link. But, in this case, it was too funny to pass up. I have no idea whether anything will be stolen, but it’s Trump so . . .

I am actually worried more about the plans on state capitols and the Capitol again, starting this weekend.
I don’t understand why CD is not covering this.

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I was looking for somewhere to interject my comment and I like yours! Mitch arranged to have confirmation hearings and vote Coney onto the Supreme Court in less than six days. He’s being his usual self —unhelpful and partisan. This is the most important crisis affecting our country in my lifetime and for a multitude of reasons, this must be dealt with with consequences for the assault of hatred in our society. We cannot look the other way and think that we as a country cannot move forward without addressing this problem and it is arrogant for any representative or senator to suggest such a thing. If we are on the Titanic, let’s plan ahead and grab a lifeboat.

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I tried to watch it twice and fell asleep. I’ll try a third time. I want to finish hearing what he has to say.

Someone needs to watch them. I just know they are stealing something.

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I had the same problem, and I found myself fast forwarding a lot because the vast majority was already old news.
I was rewarded finally with those insights on how vast the problem is and how willing the lied to are willing to fulfill the code of violence they have been voicing.
Scary stuff.

The far-out-right-wing-crazies continue to use the “Cheney Defense.”
To defend their abhorrent behaviors they keep trying foist their guilt upon others, usually democrats.

That family is a den of thieves. I’d bet they’ll steal anything not bolted down permanently.

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Son of a gun. If we knew they were THAT greedy maybe with a big enough payoff we could have gotten him/them to leave a couple of years earlier. snark

Yeah, why did the Democrats wait 3 years to start impeaching the slime?

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Opaque sure, but you got it, maybe some others.
Playful, not glib.
Best I could do with cold, exhausted covid exposed essential worker fingers after deleting a dozen angles personally deemed too depressing still feeling a need to exercise my choking voice in hopes of, always in hope of, connecting by assembling words. Maybe you were having a bad day too, the world makes me cry now.