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McConnell's Inaction in the Face of Gun Violence Angers Democrats, Progressives Calling for Reform

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/mcconnells-inaction-face-gun-violence-angers-democrats-progressives-calling-reform

Stupid less-than-half-measures like milquetoast background check laws will only serve to give spineless Democrats and evil Republicans a rallying point.

“See? We enacted gun control! We did our jobs. It’s not our fault that the 300,000,000 millions guns already out there are still available and the death toll is still climbing.”

Background checks that no one does and agencies sympathetic to the gun lobby ignore are not “gun control.” Take the f$%ing guns away. Civilized people don’t need guns.


We are living in a growing police state condition. Who will stand up to the armed police or anyone else who tries to subdue a nation from fighting off fascism in real time?

Something Ms. Maddow said is bugging me. Words to the affect of, mental illness or other mental conditions don’t cause mass shootings.Which she refers to as bullpucky. Anyone I think a person is mentally ill in some way if they decide to settle their minds by murder. Anger, that’s a mental disturbance. Hate, that’s a mental problem. Etc. etc.
When it comes to gun violence it takes two, like an epoxy to complete an action. Let’s see if anything happens this time.
In the meantime we can watch trump default on his half million dollar debt to El Paso.


Dem “leadership” has been “angered”

Well they are just rough tough and hard to diaper, ain’t they.

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moscow mitch
will wait this one out.
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It was a telling moment watching a CNN interview between a past republican congressman and a present day dem.
Both, in the course of the interview claimed to own an AR-15.

Also, gun law won’t pass the senate. So the only reason to vote on it is to get their vote on record. Pro or con.