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McDonald's Being "Called Out Worldwide" as Brazil Opens Probe


McDonald's Being "Called Out Worldwide" as Brazil Opens Probe

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the fight against McDonald's expands its global front, federal prosecutors in Brazil have opened a probe into the fast food giant and its main operator in Latin America, Arcos Dorados, for alleged violations of tax, labor, and franchise laws.


Choose ONLY organic, sustainably grown food produced by local farms. Find the closest Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) nearby. Screw anything that is fast food or gmo, including mcdonalds and 99% of corporate food stores. Think about your health and the Planet!

Can't afford? Ya can't afford not to. Figure it out.


You mean, you can't bribe politicians in Brazil? What a backwards country. They need to learn how democracy works.


Patronize, support and develop food co-ops


A lot of them seem to be spending time at the > Car Wash


Supersize that!


it's one thing to choose not to eat fast food, but to eat only organic, non gmo food, is simply not possible for many people who live in low-income areas where healthy alternatives are not offered. many low-income folks also don't have reliable transportation or enough disposable income to get to places where there are healthy alternatives. it will have to start first with those who can make an impact with their money, using their purchasing power to broadcast the message for those who have little to none economic power.


McDonalds? Fast food full of preservatives, cereals (meat), and empty calories? Never a friend of labor...low wage part-time work only...gotta keep the profits flowing in no matter the cost to human health.


Worthless purveyors of death, ill-health, ecological destruction, and exploited labor.


I noticed recently that a McDonald's close to my house is serving only iced tea with sugar, getting rid of their UNsweetened iced tea. I asked at the counter whether they had any behind the counter and no they didn't. This is a McDonald's which has mostly black customers. I hadn't been there in many months (seldom, but once in a while, in a hurry to a gig I will get a quick "hamburger" to tide me over). So I made a point of hitting several McDonald's on the way back from my gig that day (and for the next several days). These were all in mainly white areas. They all had both iced-tea selections. So I kept looking at McDonald's' for several weeks. Same deal. I guess poor and black areas don't get healthy choices, even as basic as tea without sugar. Though I should note, the young kids (all black kids) at the counter looked at me as if I were from the moon, asking for sugarless tea. That makes two things to wonder about. Very discouraging.


I guess I need to get out more. Where in the US do you live more than one mile from a decent grocery outlet? Organic foods can be purchased with food stamps. Buying in bulk can save money, also. If you do live far from the city, you, likely, have the opportunity to grow some really good stuff.


Organic food is twice as expensive, so the small amount of food stamps people get will not last very long by purchasing organic. Most people living in cities in those food deserts do not have cars, nor do they have room to grow things on city sidewalks.


I used to live in one of those food deserts. Every two week after payday I had to take a taxi to the nearest Safeway which was a few miles away. McDonald's was in walking distance. the only thing I ever bought at McD was a fish sandwich and some fries. Did not like their stuff even way back. But your point is well taken. Even people who live near grocery stores with organic produce, many cannot afford to pay the higher prices.


you having experienced something similar first-hand makes you more aware of and sensitive to the challenges that are faced by many.
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Organic food is not twice as expensive. And bulk food is half as expensive. Again, in what city are you more than a mile from decent food. Which desert are you speaking of?





Great article. No mention of distance. What if you had to walk one mile each way? It might improve ones health and perhaps encourage outlets with more options to move closer. Good luck with a political solution.


Like corporate news destroys your brain mentally, corporate food destroys your brain and health physically. Corporate food, like Mickey D's, is made for profit not for your health.

We grew up in America being lied to by the corportocracy and that includes the food corportocracy. Some examples: food preservatives are not healthy for you but they enhance shelf life and that enables the large food corporations to increase their bottom line, your health is irrelevant; another example is milk, we have been told all our life, that milk is good for you, when pasteurized milk is really very bad for you, but raw milk is very good for you, but it has a very short shelf life.


McDonald's should be kicked out of Brazil, Luxembourg & other places it violates laws.I'll never go to McDonald's again even for a salad. Stores like Whole Foods are more more expensive than conventional stores. I recently bought five items there for $40.00. You can buy a lot more stuff with that amount of money at most stores.


I live in two places throughout the year. In the summer, fall and spring in Colorado. Closest place to buy organic food 3 miles. In the winter I live in Southern California. Closest place five miles. I don't live out in the country in either place. You must live east of the Mississippi River and in a large city.