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McKibben Blasts Obama Over Arctic Drilling as Activists Ready for Fight


McKibben Blasts Obama Over Arctic Drilling as Activists Ready for Fight

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Faced with the imminent arrival of the Shell drilling fleet and newly announced White House backing for Arctic oil exploration, activists and environmentalists are readying for a fight.


Golly gee, Bill - why didn’t you start “blasting” O before the last election? What you said of him now was just as true then … Will you jump on Hillary’s bandwagon?

As for Keystone, shucks you haven’t “blocked” it yet - besides which you seemed to have missed how he did an end run around it with all those other pipelines - so Keystone is probably a moot point …


It would be kind of nice if I didn’t see REI kayaks in the picture. Sec. of the Interiror Sally Jewell, who pushed Shell’s program through the approval process, was “given” the job of CEO of REI by her bank and Exxon-Mobil contacts to clean up her history for a run at the Interior Dept.

A few of us could still smell the fracking chemicals on her even after this scrub job, but she got a clean ride from most of the environmental groups. I can’t find McKibben endorsing her, but I also can’t find any record of him attacking her clear record. Before being set up at REI, Jewell as an engineer opened pristine greenfield to drilling, and as a banker, financed new oil fields for both Shell and Exxon-Mobil. Where now Sierra Club?

Cries of Betrayal, Calls to Organize as Obama Aproves Arctic Drilling

I find myself wondering how you’ve distinguished yourself in the fight against global warming? What have you done?

I know McKibben has given up a huge part of his life for the last few years.

And please tell me, if the XL pipe line isn’t blocked, then it must be under construction. I haven’t seen that in the news. Just because the blocking has been iterative, and not yet final, it has worked amazingly well so far.

Golly gee Aquifer, your talk is very cheap.


Hmmm - given up a huge part of his life? Well i guess it all depends on how you look at it …

The point is, even as he protested that leg of the pipeline - helped keep all attention on it - and continued to
“pressure” O to “do the right thing” even after it was rather clear that O was using the movement to show his “responsiveness” (even as he facilitated pipeline after pipeline) - to keep the environmental wing of the party on board for his re-election - McKibben was a good foil for him …


Obama is lining his nest egg. See point about him nominating Sally Jewell for Sec. of the Interior.

That urge to apologize for evil when the evil doer makes the right noises or has the right look is hard to suppress. But suppress it you must.


Naw - I don’t think of it as 3 dimensional chess - it was, indeed, a con game, pure and simple - the “3 dimensional chess” folks were the ones twisting themselves into pretzels trying to find an excuse for O’s multiple betrayals of his supporters, the ones who couldn’t admit to themselves they had been conned …


Golly Gee Aquifer, you think Mitt Romney would have been any better? Yes, the Keystone pipeline was blocked, though other pipelines are being built. McKibben has done much to advance the struggle against climate destruction. What have you actually done?


Your comment reads like you were addressing it to RobertL18, but your actual reply was to Aquifer. Just curious.


This is not in reply to any other comments, but just in reaction to staring at that picture. My thought is, I can imagine it framed and carefully laminated, gracing a wall a hundred or two hundred years from now, and young people wanting to study who those ancient heroes were.


I grow tired of the “well, Mitt would have been worse” argument. It’s intellectually lazy.
The bottom line is not what Mitt may have done. It’s what Barack Obama and his “all of the above” energy policy has done. He didn’t even have the balls to stand up and say he was for or against Keystone. He simply waited and waited, and finally lucked out as the price of oil took a dive late last year and made his non decision for him.
Barack Obama has been a gutless corporate toady who almost never mentions the enviornment or the poor. His (non) policies concerning both have thus far not been discernibly different than any a republican would have enacted.


I’m not defending Obama, I agree with your assessment of him. I was pointing to the real options at the time in relation to criticism of McKibben.


Hmmm, if by stirring them up, you mean pissing them off - i suppose that is so - but activists are out here, ostensibly at least, to get action, not denial of same …


Why do you persist in the LOTE meme that keeps lowering the bar in election after election, to the point where now, in so many ways, the Dem candidate is to the right of Richard Nixon?

There are other, much better folks on the ballot to choose, than either a D or an R - it’s waaaay past time we chose them …

McKibben did much to publicize the issue of GW - but when he used his position to focus attention on that northern leg of KXL, he gave O cover for sliding through other pipelines, including, btw, the southern leg, and he allowed him cred with the enviros which he clearly didn’t deserve , working to keep them in the Dem electoral camp ,


Don’t suppose Michelle will run for POTUS when Hillary is through?


Yes, I got caught out in my own first attempt at a reply to you. It takes some getting use to. Compared to Disqus, it isn’t so bad though it does take a while to get use to the confusing visuals.


Thanks for the history, i was unaware of these specifics.


McKibben blasts Obama.

Finally Bill! You realize the Obama con! Like I wrote you a long time ago, Obama was never on your side.


Yet again, and for real this time. Where now, Serra Club?
Where the hell have you been?

Michael Brune, executive director of The Sierra Club, spouts a line while not looking at his own organs support for Pres. Obama & Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell, who gave Shell the green light.


McKibben is a day late and a dollar short. His buddy Obama has made it obvious for years that he’s ready to screw environmentalists in favor of big business. Yet McKibben shilled for him relentlessly. Is he finally waking up?