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McKibben: Time to Declare a War (Literally) on Climate Change


McKibben: Time to Declare a War (Literally) on Climate Change

Jon Queally, staff writer

'It’s not that global warming is like a world war. It is a world war. And we are losing.'


The West's hyper-financialized, petrodollar-based economy is based upon the inefficient use of fossil fuels. That economic model is today's enemy number one.


Liberals believe in global warming and conservatives don't. It's as simple as that.
The difference has to do with the Bible (God) versus science.
Of course Republicans exploit the "it's God's will" mindset to full advantage.


. . . . and declare war (can we think of a better term?) on all those who are committing crimes against humanity by promoting fracking around the world (http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/09/hillary-clinton-fracking-shale-state-department-chevron)

and allowing the latest pipeline to be approved:


McKibben writes: "Hillary Clinton, though the likely winner, may not willingly embrace the profound counter-assault needed to fight the unrelenting physics of carbon, methane, and other greenhouse gases"

Ya think?

Check out her “climate army” team and see where their tentacles lead.


"Both Clinton and Trump have demonstrated that they are damaged persons who crave power at any price and who are not going to risk losing power by doing anything that would anger or threaten the acquisitive aspirations of the ruling elite of the nation.
We are, to put it bluntly, f**ked. I can see it just walking through the Trewellyn Nature Park, where it’s abundantly clear that things have reached a point of crisis already. We in the US, the largest contributor to climate change if one considers not just the present but our historical record, cannot wait another four years, much less eight years or longer to take dramatic action. "


Sorry, Bill, we're not losing.
We have lost.
All we can do now is deal with the disaster.


Hillary is a creature of the oligarchy.
And the fossil fuel industry butters a lot of her bread.

We Progressives are in for a massive fight with the Hillary administration over the next 4 years on this and other important issues.
Strap on your helmets.


The reaction (by reactionary forces) to the activism of the sixties has been to suppress the American public spirit in favor of a corporatized oligarchic individualism and selfishness. Close a factory here costing us jobs at home and building a factory overseas helping a competitor's economy at the expense of our own was even seen as a legitimate substitute for patriotism. The corporate identity would eventually be excused from needing to be patriotic. Greed was its own excuse and rationalization.

However, that unpatriotic greed continued to exploit its home ground advantage and exert a commanding influence on American society and identity. When workers fight to protect tax cuts for the wealthy and cuts in services (like education etc.) for themelves, the activism of the sixties had grown numb and insensate.
Occupy amazed us because other Americans broke the magic spell of inaction and tried to 'do something' and 'say something' in a world where the people had grown silent and the voices of power had grown amplified by an almost exclusively corporate media.

Nevertheless, the forces of power remained triumphant and the voice of the people remained muted and almost tentative if expressed at all! Until Katrina hit New Orleans and the North Pole began melting away in the present and not fifty or a hundred years from now. The public heard the corporate media echo the denialism of the oligarchy and followed along until the drought set immense fires and catastrophic floods proved impossible to ignore as they kept on happening each year instead of being forgotten. Extreme storms, the biggest and most powerful ever seen started to happen every year somewhere on Earth and well ...it was hard to continue acting like we would only need to worry about that stuff fifty years from now or at the end of the century.

We began worrying each year. At that point we noticed...that we no longer had a responsive government. Where was our voice being heard? We noticed that activist voice of the people that had changed civil rights and women's rights and gay rights and so forth for the better had not survived the corporate suppression. We find ourselves in a situation where we have no avenue available for our voices to be heard in our own government. We allowed the lobbyists and the corporate revolving door, the open handed corruption to prevail and even legitimized it as the norm but nowhere did we maintain a voice of the people in our government.

Hell, it is almost as if a voice of the people in government is inappropriate or illegitimate somehow! We just don't expect it. We watched as the oligarchy cheated US out of electing Bernie who was by far the more popular candidate. We watched as it went down and took us down with it. So now what? What happens now?

Climate change happens no matter what. We begin to pay the price of fools who should have but never did and who would have but couldn't and who want to but don't. Whatever happens now in this oligarchic denialism and rank corruption... happens to us all.

Amid the pain and misery the only difference is that we will have been proven right and they proven wrong.

Remember the sixties ...it may save your life and that of your children. The spirit of the sixties was that people wanted to on their own. It wasn't our leaders leading, it was more that our leaders joined with us as one of us. We - stopped the war! We - ended segregation! We the people didn't wait to change the world...we just did it ...together.

Remember the sixties...and save the planet! Get active or step aside... There are no other alternatives in this rapidly advancing future. It gets scary from here on in.


This government is paralyzed and has no idea of what to do as the solutions are so far removed from their usual way of functioning as to be utterly impossible to address. Radical, life threatening problems require radical changes and joint effort with sacrifices across the board. The corporate capitalistic model is designed to win through domination and accumulation which it does very well but that will not work in this case and in fact will lead to ultimate failure of a unimaginable magnitude. Any possibility of success demands joint social effort on a level never before conceived but advocated by the Green Party. That is why they are so despised and feared. Want to have a chance of survival? Vote Green. Now!


How silly your comment is in the face of climate change. Hyperbole or immaturity, either way the Green Party won't save us. How absurd a comment that was. You seek a leader to do for you what you don't really want to do yourself. So the Green Party will save us eh? Would that be this election? The next election maybe? Or the one after that?

Meanwhile... The species faces the unexpected... "We have met the extinction event and it is us" - Pogo's grandson!


Please, either we work together or we die separately. I simply said the Green Party advocates joint social effort, which it does. I am open to other solutions. Put them on the table. Chances are nothing will change this, but so far this is the best possibility i can see.


Looks to me like we need the same commitment to the coming real terror and climate devastation that we now have with ISIS, and all the other so called alphabet terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately, and I fervently hope I am wrong! From my perspective, there will be no war on climate devastation until the world gets a wake-up call where millions are sick and dying in some kind of climate horror.


What political party stopped the war? Which party ended segregation? Which political party changed women's rights and gay rights? Not a one. It was the people of this country who acted together without leaders (our leaders were more like spokesmen and coaches). There was no membership who would march together on Washington. It was just people who wanted to join with others and did so voluntarily. People today want leaders as a substitute for their own commitment!

The sixties were all volunteers lol.


Addressing climate change is simple - stopping fossil fuel usage at the consumer level. But I see only a retreat from progress in that direction. Never have I seen more and larger cars and trucks on the streets of my area than I see over the past year of cheap gasoline. Young millenials are flocking into the city - taking with them their cars. They never use public transportation like the frequently non-car-owning, bus-riding people they are displacing. Due to the sheer numbers of cars on the narrow streets, they park their cars up on the sidewalks, blocking them (illegal - but the police don't enforce it) - something that enrages me. When asked about using public transportation, they complain that the service is terrible - but further inquiry shown that they have never attempted to use or even check what service exists. Me, the old fart luddite, even has to show them the transit agency's real-time bus map website:


Which, with their ubiquitous smartphones, eliminates even needing to wait at a stop wondering when the bus will arrive.


I think we need a third party and the Greens will do IMO but I am not going to pretend that they are what they aren't. There is no real Green Party as yet. Certainly none that can effect change this election. That is still looking for leaders to lead us anyway. The reason why the sixties effected change is that a spirit of change had been created by people everywhere on their own. Suddenly there were hippies saying "Peace and love" on NYC hard boiled streets and a graceful old cowgirl out in Idaho saying that she was proud that us young fellas chose to wear our hair long if we wanted to because that was what freedom was about. It was a group of raucous students who were lucky to be able to scrape up enough gas money to drive around putting up posters announcing a demonstration at the campus! It was a Mormon wanting to talk to that long haired hippie guy to try to understand him and vice versa. It was those gals who insisted on not being called girls until we all realized that they had a point and stopped doing it.

We the people were the sixties...that is why we won. Who else was there to win but us if us was so inclusive? We were that us. Who are we now? I don't think we trust in us anymore but I think that will change. The young have no choice. For them...their world is guaranteed to be scary.


i agree. seems only people who work or like being outside care. in US RW dont care. they dont serve in military. they see no actual effects of our actions. all a/c wall-e 'human' in near future...it is extremly insane and yet we cant even agree on basic reality of emissions?!?!?! yes it is going to be all global flooding like in LA a denialist place which has earned it but how about everybody else who DOESNT deserve envir apocalypse?!?!?! people carry on in 100 degree weather like it is NORMAL?!?!?


Lets imagine that the U.S. Congress really declared war on the terror of climate change and voted the same amount of $ that they give the MIC! But I know, just another pipe dream, but a common dream for many.


Every one of us needs to do our part without waiting for leaders. We also need to exploit status to get people to change, status drives consumption. We need the "Oscars" of green to reward any companies/people doing it right.


I was there and got to witness the 60's. It was about a lot of things, but primarily motivation. Drafting white boys just graduating from college was radically different than what we have today. Easier to risk public and radical dissent when one feels their life is at stake. Also, the so-called hippies saw reality in a manner impossible to understand from this materialist perspective, but it was motivating enough for some of them to try an entirely different social contract. As a society we gained a lot from their efforts successful or not. Today, we feel disconnected from each other and in constant competition - after all, it is about individual success and accumulation of things. That is by design and is the capitalist system. The point is how to change that mindset and focus on how we can help each other and change what is surely a dead end path. This discourse is one tool.


Bruno Latour speaking recently in Tokoyo

It is this situation — this wrestling with the double bind of responsibility and powerlessness in the face of ecological catastrophe — that has proven almost impossible to visualize. Hollywood, with its myriad spectacles of world-ending disasters, would sooner show us complete species extinction. As Marxist critic Fredric Jameson has written, “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.”

Latour, however, is more grounded in his appraisal of the situation.

“We will disappear, but in thousands or millions of years,” he says. “The Anthropocene is really a question about what is the trace left by (human) activity, and measuring the origin of this trace — chemically, atomically, (through) the use of sand, the use of water. The trace is of our collective actions on Earth. It’s dramatic enough, I don’t think it has to be any more ‘Hollywood’ — it’s so dramatic that it needs no dramatization.”

Latour: rethinking ecological crisis from the ground down

What will the future look like? The future of globalization that the oligarchs are racing toward?


“I have a good friend who is studying Fukushima and the people who try to go back there,” Latour says. “How do you live in the ruins? In that sense, Fukushima, too — if I can say that … it seems horrible — is showing us the future. We will have to go back to live in the ruins of a technical system which is gone. And, unfortunately, that is a figurative and metaphorical situation for all of us, in some sense.”