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McKinney, Texas: Rage Is Our Rightful Response to Anti-Black Racism


McKinney, Texas: Rage Is Our Rightful Response to Anti-Black Racism

Kirsten West Savali

“If those were my sons, somebody would have to post my bail money.”

That was my first thought when I watched the now-viral video of white police officers—allegedly responding to disturbances at a private pool party in McKinney, Texas—throwing black teenage boys to the ground and handcuffing them.


Do get psychological help. Your understanding of both racism and sexism are in a league that can only be labeled: pathological.


Many of the attendees to this private pool were from out of the private community and were not invited.

Your first sentence is not true, according to the black family who hosted the party, and that makes nonsense of your entire second paragraph.

When trouble is being cause by a group of black youth, any black youth in the area is suspect while white youth are not suspect because they are obviously not part of the black group.

That runs counter to what is known. The trouble was not being caused by a group of black youth.

If the complaint had been about a group of white boys than only white boys would have been detained.

I truly doubt that in the general case, and the opposite happened here.


The study linked by Ms Savali is a good introduction to an entire realm of scholarship addressing brutal history that colonized the mental and spiritual grounding of this nation. We ignore it at our peril and the sunlight unfolding it will contribute to a vast array of what otherwise appear to be conundrums and paradox - all that is and has been externalized. Like costs in predatory capitalism, they become the stays of unwritten, (tropes of “plausible deniability”) that poisonous exceptionalism is awash in. The elephant in the room has ‘except’ written all over it in invisible ink.


What nonsense. Maybe the reason the black children ran away is they KNOW they are going to be targetted and harrassed by the cops because it has happened before? Try this on for size. A white kid and a black kid walk along a street each of the kids having a joint in his pocket. They see a cop approaching. Now everytime that Black kid was walking past a cop on the street that cop stopped him and did a search. The white Kid has never been stopped on the street and searched by a cop. Which of the two kids do you think more likely to cross to the other side so as not to be searched?

Black children do not even have to be committing a crime and are picked up and harrassed by cops.

Did you not see the kid approach the cop with the Flashlight? Why did the cop not pull his gun on the white kid when he was approached as he did with that black kid? Blacks have been shot dead for less then “carrying a flashlight”. Yet you claim the cop justified because he was “approached” by a Black kid.


I’m very sincere in saying that some day I hope the boot is on your neck, and no one helps you.


The cop is a disgrace. What thugs?


Sad, really sad to see how those who should serve and protect inhabitants of society are using them as victims for their own frustration. Sad indeed, how Modern (patriarchal) society has developed.

Now there is one thing that confuses me, perhaps someone can clarify. It was a 911 call that alerted the police to come, and when they arrived, they went ahead and did their violent thing. Where is the investigation? Is it not normal in the USA that police who arrive at the scene start with asking questions, trying to find out what is the situation on the ground? Nobody was carrying a gun here; there was a dispute of some kind. It seems to me that the police relied on the information given on 911 as being correct, rather than using their own senses.

This also occurred to me as being strange, when I watched the video of the heart breaking killing of 12 year old Tamir Rice. The police received a 911 call saying someone had a gun. Police arrived and shot Tamir. There was no investigative element in the whole incident, only violence based on a 911 call.

Now here is my confusion: is it so that the 911 caller as per definition is right in the USA? Is the police merely ordered in by any 911 caller to execute what the caller tells? I thought they came in order to assess via their trained and professional abilities what the case actually is all about, rather than merely relying on a telephone call.

It actually means that anyone who live in a racial neighborhood in the USA can create a likely but untrue scenario where the police will come and shoot the black-skinned neighbor due to a story that the white-skinned caller makes up. Pretty scary isn’t it.


You have been sent here to incite. However, the others only see you as someone who needs some psychiatric help.

How much are you getting paid for this? Maybe you have reached your limit on your booze input…or maybe on drugs. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


The cop definitely has anger management issues and should not be working as a police officer. His handling of the situation also indicates either a lack of training or bad training and whomever trained him and/or hired him should also be fired.


I abhor autocratic suckups like you who have no interest whatsoever in actual justice. Same to you. I sincerely hope that the boot comes down on your neck someday, the same boot that you lick today.


My guess is that you are guilty of domestic abuse and project your own need for justification for your violent streak upon defending this cop who is mugging a kid.

Get help for your problems.



Are you responding to a post that was deleted?


The whole scholarly scientific field of sociology is ignored by USans at their peril.


Scary, but it was true in much of the US from the 1870s to the 1960s - it was called “Jim Crow lynching.” You don’t think any of those “strange fruit” swinging in the sultry southern breeze actually raped a white woman or committed any act of violence at all, didn’t you?

I guess sit is still true to some extent today.


You remind me that there is ongoing study in anthropology of science that documents and critiques the rise of the argument of sociology as a ‘soft science’. Oddly enough it has taken quantum physics to begin to break through the extreme prejudice inherent in the correlate conflation of technology with science. Its going to be a long row to hoe.


Thanks, Yunzer, yes I know about the sad history of America, and the horrible consequences for its victims: The First Nation’s People and the imported African people. As it seems, history repeats itself, or rather it lives on and on and on, because the underlying values have not changed.