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MDs Now Prescribe Walking to Boost Your Health


MDs Now Prescribe Walking to Boost Your Health

Jay Walljasper

Everyone knows walking is good for you.

It’s plain common sense, backed by a wealth of recent medical research. In fact, a major new study found that lack of physical activity is twice as deadly for us as obesity.


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The best walking is walking that replaces a car for nearby shopping errands and getting to public transit. Suburbia - much of which in my area does not even have sidewalks on its shoulderless roads, renders walking, even a short walk to a bus stop or store, life-threatening. I long ago came to the conclusion that this was exactly the intent of such development.


Have you trid jump roping? It will rap you tight and tune your co-ordination, reflexes and stamina like none other- That's why boxers do it- build up to 20 to 30 minutes A day- You will crave it once you find your center....