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'Mean-Spirited': DeVos Attacks Effort to Better Serve Students of Color and Those With Disabilities

'Mean-Spirited': DeVos Attacks Effort to Better Serve Students of Color and Those With Disabilities

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Civil rights advocates are calling out Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her "mean-spirited, reckless, and unnecessary" decision to delay a rule that aims to standardize to how schools identify students with disabilities in hopes of addressing issues of discrimination.

…who would “improve” upon Jesus by making him a bottle blonde in her likeness…


She is a bigoted, racist, anti semite who is homophobic and anti public ed too boot. Get her out, and I hope the districts sue her!

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Notice she hasn’t said “boo” about the school shootings in FL or anywhere else. and actually looked like she was smiling when parents of victims met with Dump and others including her.


yes her demeanor at that meeting was disgusting

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I know first hand what it is like to grow up disabled without services. This administration is evil. It is never healthy to wish someone a revenge, so I will refrain from doing so but my mind swirls and spins. She will have to face herself one day.

She probably was thinking : One more excuse to close public schools.
Thank you for your post.

I worked in Special Education for decades. This is pure discriminatory BS that the Trump administration needs to have rammed back down their throats. So Trump does not want to represent those with disabilities, those who are non white, and to top it off, he is a blatant sexist. How did this slob become president?

Let’s be honest. If it were not an Obama rule, she would have no problem.

If Bears Ears were no an Obama ruling, Hair Fuhrer would not have touched it.

But since this is an attack upon:

DeVos gets 6 for the price of one.

And speaking of Bears Ears.


Betsy DeVos is so vicious, I’d call her a polecat - except I wouldn’t insult a furry little animal like that.

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