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Measuring Our Impact on the Planet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/14/measuring-our-impact-planet

A Chris Hedges column recently reminded me I’ve been meaning to catch up on the thinking of Karl Popper (a great philosopher, imho), which led me to something he co-wrote with Neuro-biologist John Eccles around 1975, called

The Self and Its Brain

Every once in awhile, along comes a book which knocks your whole worldview for a few good loops, and this is one of 'em. For (countable infinity) Aleph, Popper & Eccles plunging into the nature of reality as a whole – the old Plato thing about truth (how old fashioned!), is a special extra bonus! It’s just dangerously, thrillingly transformative, this book.

Unexpectedly, Popper’s whole theory of how consciousness plays in reality relies on an evolutionary view of what consciousness is for – how does it serve a species adaptation? – which necessarily yields, by default, any exclusive claim to consciousness by reasonable humans

What about the soul? Love, passion, all that sort of thing can be found in the exact same part of the brain, neuro-physically operating in the same way, in all mammals, at least. Eccles, the brain expert who doesn’t even agree with Popper about animal consciousness, can’t help sharing this anatomical fact.

It’s about time some prominent folks stood up for the truth.
I read the books of John Robbins many years ago ,it opened my eyes, changed everything for me about our food systems and our treatment of animals.
So many people were in denial about his work.

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Humans are evolutionarily and culturally programmed to believe and act like they’re the “best” species, the only species that counts. Their genes and their religions, memes, friends, societies, and economies tell them that non-human animals are all fodder for us to torture, imprison, kill, eat, and drive to extinction.
The anthropogenic mass extinction event is happening right now.
Humans don’t even treat other humans as if they had feelings and inherent rights, and less than 1% of humans are vegan.
The suffering our species causes is a permanent shame on us, and it’s ecocidal.
Eventually, after ruining the entire biosphere, we will have ruined our only living planet, and we too will die.


awareness of the unbelievable cruelty to factory farmed animals has reduced my intake of those products. Phoenix can get attention but more people doing that would get even more attention. Unfortunately I’m not able to totally give up eating animal products yet but I admire those that can and do.
I’d add that Greta des more than demand governments (someone else) take action, she also suggests walk rather than drive, take a train or boat rather than fly, though the feel-good part of the climate movement, not wanting to suggest inconvenience for anyone, often ignores that

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Thank you Joaquin Phoenix. for speaking for the animals, although, they, like us are mammals too. Although looking at his war torn world, the human mammals aren’t doing so well either.
AND, since it is Valentine’s Day–celebrate all mammals and skip the meat dinner (although chocolate is welcomed. : ) Happy Valentine’s Day to to All, a great night! : )