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Meat Tax Crucial, Says Analysis, to Combat Climate Crisis and Global Health Threats

There’s no doubt folks are being nickel and dimed to death by taxation, but can we please stop it with the liberal-tax-monger language. The GOP just passed a whopping tax hike on the middle class and poor to give their rich friends a break. It offsets the $5 billion reduction to the top .2% of the nation with a near $5 billion dollar tax hike on everybody else, especially those between $50-100K/yr, over the next ten years. I’m not that concerned right now about paying a couple more pennies per pound of meat, comparatively speaking, especially since others pointed out this is going nowhere, at the moment.

My scarlet red state legislature just granted more tax breaks to the extraction industries, raised the gas tax by 25 cents (when prices were down so us stupid citizens wouldn’t realize we were being fleeced by our “no new taxes” legislature), all the while cutting the education budget. This has been my life experience. Republicans either raise taxes or create debt at an extraordinarily alarming rate, if not higher, than Democrats do. Yet the tax and spend Democrats label sticks like glue despite no difference between the propensity of the two parties to tax and spend, or deficit spend. This is just another way to keep the populace divided so we can’t unite against our oppressors–the bought and sold US government, the 1%, and the corporations they own and control. Government by either party will either create debt or raise taxes because that’s what governments do. Either way, We the People get screwed coming and going.

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As ever, a wise and well-said comment. Thank you!

That is why The Declaration of Independence says no taxation without consent. Taxing food? Get real. Keep milking climate change with false reasons like overpopulation. All with the goal of extracting more and more from the people of the world. The obesity issue is from poverty and having to eat foods high in carbs which usually cost less. Diet high in meat do not produce obesity. There was a period back in the 1970s where people were eating the all meat (protein) diet to lose weight.

Obviously, the “larger brains” have been very mixed blessings over the millennia…knowingly destroying the planet along with that which sustains the species.

And so have meatless Fridays ala the Roman Catholic Church back in the day.

Obviously you have the means to afford Whole Foods fare along with grass fed beef, free range chickens, organic produce, artisan breads, etc. There is a reason that Whole Foods markets are only found adjacent to upscale, higher income neighborhoods. Just look around the parking lot and count the luxury cars and SUV’ s parked in WF lots.

Wishful thinking. But even were that true, your reply ignores the other (economic, ethical, ecological) ill-effects of consuming animals and their fluids.


Write to the Pope. Tell him about those devout christian men who rail and rant against sex education, contraception and abortion because of their so sincere religious beliefs. Demand contraceptive education in all schools, free distribution of condoms and 40 year jail-time for the sexual abuse of a child.
It’s very easy to complain about there being too many humans but you are here aren’t you?

I don’t recall having a choice on being here. Did I miss something?

My wife and I had no offspring and I do plan on exiting early, if that makes you feel better.

this doesn’t’ punish the industry. it punishes the poorer strata of americans.

you missed the entirety of my point about taxation–it wasn’t taxation in general, it was this kind of taxation—use taxes. And that is a profoundly liberal policy tool because it emerged out of the largely liberal “public health/safety” movement.

This is about sin taxes, which are almost overwhelmingly promulgated by urban liberals.

I get exactly your point and I agree with your death by a thousand taxes angle. Just sayin, if a person thinks they’re going to avoid high sin taxes by moving to a Republican state, think again.

The Democrat Obama almost doubled the federal sin tax on cigarettes in 2013, something he would not have accomplished without the support of a Republican Congress. I don’t remember hearing any caterwauling out of the GOP caucus over raising that tax–the party of no new taxes–nor do I remember the repeal of any sin taxes when Republicans took over democratic elected bodies, which they have done with great success over the last two decades.

Republicans are just fine with sin taxes, especially if that revenue can be diverted to give tax breaks to the 1% and their corporations. Both parties tax and spend–that’s my point–and both parties view sin taxes as appropriate, even though they disproportionately hurt poor folks. While it may have once been true that Democrats tax and spend (sin taxes or any other) and Republicans don’t, that statement is now and has been for some time a fallacy–repeated ad infinitum by the right wing–which has stuck and is patently absurd on the face of it. And what is even more absurd is that I find myself actually defending the Democrats, something I am rarely compelled to do.

I split this hair because We the People are caught in a whirlwind of chaos and until we realize that both parties are equally at fault for everything, we won’t be able to address the root causes of our national dysfunction.

We’ve been through all this argument once before when you produced a similar supposed bundle of peer reviewed evidence:

And I recall, from then you simply vanished when I actually got round to looking at it (which took me a good half hour to read through) and, seeing what disingenuous nonsense it was, left a response to that effect, which was a bit of a waste of my valuable time, so I’m not going to fall for your crap a second time around only to, once again, find you scuttle off somewhere not to respond once found out. You’re sussed as deceitful, time-waster. I wouldn’t be surprised if you even work for the meat industry.

Doesn’t appear to have worked so far, does it? And even if it were true, which I doubt, you may have smarter generation but also a less compassionate and empathatic one.

Incidentally, I have recently been told my Doctor I have high cholestrol and I have been vegan, lapsing to vegetarian, for the last 30 years. So seems like I’m getting more than enough cholestrol the way things are.

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um, I had heard of Meatless Mondays. That’s why I wrote “Meatless Mondays”…

Sure, if you’re a cow (http://nutritionstudies.org/12-frightening-facts-milk/)

Cholesterol in the native state, taken in moderation, is needed by the body. The type most people eat has been denatured because the producers are looking to maximize profits.

No. But I raise a few under the conditions advocated by www.westonaprice.net. It could tax the mind, but it is a good read.

I’m sorry, but if a Democratic candidate tells me I need to become a vegetarian, I will not only vote to re-elect Donald Trump, but I will volunteer for his campaign! My attitude towards meat, especially mammalian flesh is akin to what Charleton Heston had about his gun.