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medea benjamin 3:47 PM (3 minutes ago) to me Best,Medea Khashoggi Is The Tip Of The Bloody Iceberg: 10 More Reasons to Cut the US-Saudi Alliance

medea benjamin 3:47 PM (3 minutes ago) to me Best,Medea Khashoggi Is The Tip Of The Bloody Iceberg: 10 More Reasons to Cut the US-Saudi Alliance

Medea Benjamin, Mary Miller

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All 10 are great reasons to cut the KSA/US alliance. But here’s why it won’t happen:

Money talks.


The article is very persuasive and thorough. The Khashoggi killing is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. But the popular media are making it seem like Trump is right in suggesting Khashoggi was killed by “rogue” assailants.

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“By maintaining close ties with Saudi Arabia, the US is sending a message to citizens around the world that it values money and power over human rights.” MB

Thoughtful people already have this on their minds. However most of us feel powerless and other are totally preoccupied with organizing our own lives to survive.

"Now that Khashoggi’s gruesome death has opened people’s eyes to the murderous ways of the Saudi Crown Prince, it’s time to peel away the layers to expose the rot at the core of this repressive monarchy. " Without sanctions, boycotts and denial of investments there will be no change in behavior of the Saudi Crown.

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Our history is full of installing brutal dictators in countries so we could have cheap resources and labor. The ME is just one region where the US purposely put people in power who would repress their people and make sure we had a compliant people. No matter how it was done.

We trained the Saudi secret police along with others from our controlled countries in ‘enhanced’ interrogation techniques. They finally closed the School for America, though it quickly reopened under a different name. That was also closed, but the way things are kept secret I wouldn’t doubt that it is still operating somewhere in the US.

We have had decades of reasons why we should cut ties to the saudis and others which are regressive regimes, but unless they do something like what Saddam did which was to bite our hand over kuwait, we support and help them stay in power.

We don’t back down no matter how awful they are to their own people. we want these people oppressed. The lie that is told that we want freedom and democracy in the world is just to make the US seem decent. We have done more to make sure that freedom and democracy is not obtained by many people around the world. We have installed over 35 dictators around the world during our history. So why after we have and still get the benefits from the saudis should we say no and walk away from them? The answer is that we won’t, by keeping their people oppressed, the saudi elite and the US get rich. A mutual benefit for both.
Trump was actually the most honest he has ever been when he stated that money was the reason why we don’t care about this journalist being killed. It’s why we don’t care about yemen. It is why in all the regimes that are our ‘allies’ that we don’t care what they do
The only time we complain is when it is a regime that we don’t like. Then like the hypocrites we are, we complain about how terrible they are, how evil they are. Countries like Iran we complain about. It doesn’t matter the saudis are worse than Iran. What matters is that Iran is an enemy and the saudis are friends, so the saudis could kill someone on 5th ave and walk away unscathed.
Can you imagine the outcry from the US government if this was about Iran and not the saudis? I can. They would be screaming and threatening them. we would be slapping hard sanctions on them. We wouldn’t wait for proof, give them the benefit of doubt, no it would be swift and harsh.

Good reasons Medea, but it is a fairy tale to believe the U.S. war profiteers would ever allow their sycophants and government quislings to cut ties with their billions of $$$ in lucrative weapons profits.

The Saudi regime is one of the most brutal, repressive and thuggish, corrupt regimes in the world, but here is the problem…THEY ARE OUR THUGS!