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Media and Police Response to Waco Biker 'Brawl' Spurs Critique


Media and Police Response to Waco Biker 'Brawl' Spurs Critique

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Sunday's biker gang shootout in Waco, Texas—which left 9 dead, 18 injured, and over 190 arrested—and the media storm that followed have highlighted a prevalent bias both in policing and reporting on such incidents.


Well, it’s been argued the riots in Baltimore, by schoolchildren, was orchestrated by the police after intercepting some phone chatter at a local high school. Who knows if that is true? But it is true the Baltimore transit system was shut down and the students were corralled by the Baltimore police. Trapped and angry they responded like teenagers, duh! So, the devastation of fire and looting was engineered by the states’ action, here, possibly. Now, in Waco the police knew about this dispute, too. Again, they let it commence and who knows what actually happened when 300 armed adults let it rip, but it certainly was about more than parking spaces and patches. After the two melees the response by all the usual suspects, including the MSM, was all to predictable. And, only furthered the idea someone is very strange with our law enforcement in this country. White privilege only tells 10% of the whole picture here in both of these instances. Until we can figure out and CAN safely discuss the 90% not reflected on, ( insert iceberg metaphor here ) we’re not going to get to the bottom of this insanity. Which, imo, is probably the whole point. What you don’t know won’t kill you, unless you’re a curious little kitty, that is.


Sorry, that’s supposed to be something and not someone before… is very strange. My bad.


let’s see, “credible” threats against law enforcement in recent days ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-32802276 ), city employee(s) as part of the brouhaha, no doubt salary paid by those fine, liberal austin folks ( http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Report-Austin-city-worker-arrested-in-Twin-Peaks-6273016.php ), and you claim, with 9 dead, 18 injured, and somewhere between 170-190 (depending on which stirred pot full of spin one reads) arrested, no one “disobeyed a lawful command.” seriously? were you there?

and the police are keeping rival gangs in separate cells. here’s an idea: put a 10’ high fence around baylor’s football field, give each of the gang members their choice of chains or dull knives, or bats, along with a bottle of tequila, and turn them loose within the fence. then let’s talk about media hype. that way the police won’t have “to guess motives or intentions.” nor will the herd expect “hugs and kisses from the police.”


Are you reading the same news story? High school kids compared to bike gangs, really? The police ( and Feds ) were there well in advance of the conflict, they knew of the meeting and why it had been called, they’d asked to be inside the Twin Peaks Restaurant and were denied their request, they shot the Kossak members who were showing the wrong patches and were causing the turf trouble, evidently. My point is that if this had been the Crips and Bloods or the Zetas and the 13th St. Who-Hahs, would they ( police agencies ) have acted the same way? Double Hell No! By a Baltimore comparison none of these things would of played out the same as in white Waco, Texas. To me it looks like all this could of been stopped way before it escalated at the restaurant. Since when it is OK to have brass knuckles and swords, guns, et al, while being in any gangs? What would of been wrong in having a checkpoint for DUIs and outstanding warrants 2 blocks before the Twin Peaks? You’re aware they do this type of thing to Native Americans going to and from the reservation in many states, aren’t you? The last time I looked the Apaches and Navajos haven’t had a war in well over a century. ( Many times caused by authorities looking the other way or actually taking sides. ) The more I hear of the story about this Twin Peaks melee the less I’m inclined to believe the police version, too. Aren’t they legally bound to act beforehand when the public is potentially at risk of serious injury or death?


At least these knuckleheads/thugs only killed each other. I was wondering why the police did not set up roadblocks before to. Personally I think the police are afraid of these people, they are extremely dangerous,but then again that is what the police are for.


These biker gangs are very dangerous. They are well arms and not afraid. If I was the police I would fear for my life when confronting them. But as you can see not one gang member was killed by the police. They weren’t even put face down on the ground. No choke holds, no tanks, no tear gas. That’s reserve for unarmed protesters and citizens. Guess we should all arm ourselves


If every citizen carried a gun there would be no shootouts.


The comparison between Waco and Baltimore is totally specious. The bikers were involved in a brief violent confrontation between specific gang members that lasted a few minutes at most and did not burn down buildings in the area with participation of thousands from the local community. It did not last for several days as did the riots in both Baltimore and Ferguson. It seems incomprehensible that these parallels are being drawn, except that those writing choose to exacerbate racial tensions by claiming unfair media and law enforcement coverage. In Baltimore you did not find a large number of rioters charged with serious offense resulting in million dollar bonds. Why was that not mentioned in the comparisons about unequal treatment?


Yeah, that’s the ticket. Armed children protecting schools is the way to solve school shootings, too.


Let’s let this play out. We’re now learning that most of those shot ( 8 dead ) were Kossak club members. They were told, according to one of the wives account, it was some sort of peace talk on Bandidos turf. Also, the Kossaks were between the police and Bandidos when the shooting started. If, after everything you’ve seen from altered and outright fabrication of police reports, you think this was just a " totally specious " comparison to Baltimore, try buying something from the businesses that shut down because of it. That cost $$$$, too. You can charge anybody with anything but convicting them is an entirely different manner. Unless your black and have to take a plea bargain, of course. Bails are reduced or dropped all the time at arraignment. And, people in Baltimore sat in jail for days without being charged, which sounds like unlawful detention, to me. Pretty unequal, too. Nobody in Baltimore shot at the police in broad daylight, surrounded by tanks and the National Guard, but the local and state police seemed to allow the situation to escalate in Waco. The police state and the MSM love it when you drink their Kool-Aid and can’t understand why these bizarre bike guys were allowed to get away with dangerous behavior at the expense of the public, near a mall, no less. And, finally, the participation of thousands, ( which events ) really? Did you count them or just go by police and media accounts? On second thought, don’t answer that, you have the right not incriminate yourself unless the police beat a statement out of you, of course.