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Media and Politics in the Age of Trump


Media and Politics in the Age of Trump

Victor Pickard

onald Trump’s 2016 campaign will likely preoccupy future historians for years to come.


Why would those in government allow tampering with something that works perfectly for them? The media is never going to have a conversation with the American public about its deficiencies. Never.

The media is paid handsomely to do its job. All those campaign ad buys brings in mountains of cash. In exchange for that, the media legitimizes the ruling class. Makes what is disgusting quite acceptable because no opposition is allowed to be shown. Simple as that.

I would not be surprised that the media turned around on Trump because he was not spending as much as Clinton on ad buys. Trump was enjoying all that free media. The media doesn't do free.

I also would not be a bit surprised that Trump is there primarily to make the public embrace Clinton out of great relief. He's the only one that can actually make her look good.