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Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up


Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up

Ben Norton

A US-led NATO military coalition bombed a hospital run by international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders (known internationally as Medecins Sans Frontières, MSF) in Afghanistan, killing at least 22 people—12 staff members and 10 patients, including three children—and wounding 37 more.


Very astute analysis, Mr. Norton. Frames indeed DO matter:

"Ambiguous, misleading and even downright dishonest language abounds throughout the coverage. US media spin the story to reflect positively on the culprit; they report that the US is investigating the atrocity, while failing to acknowledge that the US itself is responsible for the atrocity.

"This technique is very reminiscent of the loaded language police departments use to downplay police brutality—language that is often repeated verbatim by journalists who just uncritically quote government press releases."

How friggin cowardly can you get:

"Anonymous US military officials told Fox News (10/3/15) they “regret the loss” of scores of innocent lives, but “say the incident could have been avoided if the Taliban had not used the hospital as a base, and the civilians there as human shields.”

Military courage is an oxymoron.

Wisely deconstructed:

"Remove references to the US and the Taliban in such media coverage, replace it with blanks, and you have a template media can use any time a US ally bombs civilians—A Guide to Defending War Crimes Committed by US Allies: “[Ally] did not actually want to bomb [civilian area], but [enemy] forced it to.”


Excellent article that says what needs to be said but usually isn't by our media. This writer's website is worth a peek and a listen too.


There was persistent static on the line between the Pentagram and the NYT.


Gosh, with that kind of coverage you'd think we were living in a military dictatorship.


Ha Ha! Just kidding!

Obviously the heroic forces of the (not sure if it's Fatherland or Motherland) would never bomb a hospital unless it really deserved it!

And stop all this nonsense about 'accidental bombing.' These are U.S. troops, the finest in the world. They don't do accidents.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


The reason these officials dance around the issue is that they are protected by the absence of clearly defined rules (laws of war--rules of engagement) when it comes to areal bombardment of targets occupied by civilians. In other words--they can get away with it. What these decision makers confront is essentially a loss of face, a black mark on their reputations, a malaise originating in people's disapproval. They will not be prosecuted, they will not face war crime tribunals. I hope MSF keeps up the pressure, otherwise it will disappear very quickly.


According to the newly issued US "Department of Defense Law of War Manual", you Ben Norton are or could be an “unprivileged belligerent” .

Army Lt. Col. Joseph R. Sowers, a Pentagon spokesman, explained the reasoning behind the inclusion of “unprivileged belligerents” as journalists.

"[A] last sentence simply reflects that, in certain cases, persons who act as journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons to accompany the armed forces or unprivileged belligerents rather than civilians. The fact that a person is a journalist does not prevent that person from becoming an unprivileged belligerent.”

This means, I believe, that if any US Army privileged belligerent PFC deems you an unprivileged belligerent journalist, he can shoot your sorry ass. That rather sounds like the reasoning of your average, porcine 'Merican peace officer found in so many a small town USA, doesn't it? Be careful what you report or write.


What the hell do schools of "journalism" teach these days? Are students subjected to voltages applied to their private parts every time they challenge an official narrative? Or given a cookie every time an anonymous administration source tells them anything? Perhaps it's fear of the "Phil Donahue" effect, where massive ratings were no shield against the consequences of telling the truth. Money and fear seem to be the prime motivators these days in the good old USA. Fourth estate indeed! More like a fifth column.


This cogent article points out what I have been saying since 9/11, the Fourth Estate, never reports the truth when the Amerikan Empires, Fourth Reich is guilty of war crimes. When it comes war crimes, one has to wonder if bombing a hospital by the US is exonerated in the MSM.... what in the hell would it take?


Perhaps a surgical strike on the NYT. Then the Washington Post can print statements from administration sources that Arthur Sulzberger was harboring Al Qaeda operatives in his office.


Something tells me this will be pedaled out of the corpress news cycle real quick like.

Of course, it has to go through the spin cycle first.


Every thing that imperialist amerika has done in the Middle East is a gigantic War Crime against humanity!
The outright murder of hospital workers and patients on the list of worst evils!


It has always been a puzzle to me how, during the blitz on London in 1940-1941, the German Luftwaffe failed to destroy major hospitals in London. I can only reconcile this paradox by realising that the British never gave the Germans coordinates of their hospitals and the Lutfwaffe never used USAian navigators.


The official name of that international French medical organisation is Médecins sans frontières, with the accute accent on the first e of Médecins, without capital letters on Sans and Frontières.


The obvious scenario of any organization under question investigating itself would inherently be lacking credibility. Yet it's a virtual twin to the MSM investigating any mainstream power structure that's under question. It's as real as a law of nature. The language used by those who control the exercising of the 'law', foreign and domestic, is so patently and openly absurd as to allow any free press a field day deriding it. But the MSM is an element of it.

As the archive article by Grace Lee Boggs points so clearly, the need is to have a universal fundamental movement. Sanity. Rationality. Humanity. (If there's one word used less than socialism in the press it's humanity). The tide will change when it's exclaimed loud and clear that 'the king has no clothes'. And it can't be denied. Even by the mouthpieces for the king. That movement always strikes us as the impossible dream. But that is the purpose of propaganda. Take a closer look and one finds that the king and his empire are always worried that their sand castle will crumble. And that society has a memory. A long, long memory.

Not that there's any way to predict these things but it doesn't seem the height of improbabiltiy to suspect that a movement within first world countries, of whose monsters are the biggest road block to civility and need to be transformed (I'll be civil with the language), might be among the more efficacious pathways to create such a movement. That means the people who are the most propagandized, the people of the first world industrial high tech nations, the liberal western democracies, have the ball in their court.

(MY GOD... spending, debt, spending, crime, spending, immigration, spending, entertainment, spending... and yet we STILL have to be responsible for a universal movement!!!! What the h*ll more do you want from us??!! And how much is it going to cost?!! ). Propaganda at work. It's there to keep the sand castle standing.


When US forces were committing the first war crime against the city of Fallujah, Iraq they barred the entrances to the nearest hospitals and actually fired on and killed people trying to retrieve the wounded from the fields of fire. Kunduz is not an aberration, it is the policy.

I can't wait for the latest lickspittle of American exceptionalism and "realpolitik" to show up here to tell us that "everybody does it." Well yes indeed, and that is why for a brief moment humanity realized and codified that "war is the summation of all evil' and to be avoided at all costs. Cruelty, barbarity, dehumanization, death and destruction is what war is all about and our criminal leaders took us there so cavalierly that their coup is breathtaking.

I've said it before: the night the shrub announced shock and awe I felt like I was falling into an abyss that I could not see the bottom of. I'm still falling, and still cannot see the bottom.


When things become so outrageous, sad, immoral and one is practically powerless to do much about it, sarcasm and mockery is the only thing left in order not to become insane.


Mainstream media lied us into war on fabricated news & they continue with their criminal lies!