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Media Ask Which Candidate Can Better Exploit Our Irrational Fear of Terrorism


Media Ask Which Candidate Can Better Exploit Our Irrational Fear of Terrorism

Adam Johnson

The media’s tendency to focus on horserace issues—who’s up and who’s down, what the cosmetics are of an event rather than the substance—is routinely derided by media critics, and mocking it has become something of an election year tradition. But one 2016 topic in particular, terrorism, has become the hot horserace topic of the year in a way that goes beyond the silly to the potentially damaging:


Trump is using fear of terrorism to push his racist agenda against Muslims and fear of street crime to push his racist agenda against Hispanics and African Americans. His entire campaign is based on creating fear to stoke racism. This is how fascists can get elected, by creating fear of groups and claiming they can provide security. Trump has said he wants to deport all illegal immigrants and although he has backed off a bit it is still on his website. He is pushing profiling of Muslims to deal with terrorism and barring all immigrants who are Muslim or immigrants from Middle Eastern Muslim countries. He claims the police can stop crime in African American neighborhoods if we just let them whatever that means. To stop terrorism he has also advocated torture and even killing the families of terrorists. Trump claims by getting rid of political correctness he can do the job. That seems to mean getting rid of the constitution. If people (white people) feel it will make them safer then he will probably get a lot of support,


Americans with any intelligence are not afraid of terrorists from the middle east. The majority of refugees are just that people who have been damaged by the US and have lost family members, their homes and the safe place they used to live.

Americans are afraid of the police which are the judge, jury and executioner, our elected leaders who sell white phosphorus and cluster bombs to be used on women and children, deny us quality economics, education and health care.We know who the enemy is and it is among us. Like a cancer it is growing. Its only a matter of time.


In my youth we had 45 and 78 records. When they were damaged they would jump back into the same groove and play the same thing over and over until you got up and moved the needle. For crying out loud someone move the needle. We are so sick of the same old repeat to infinity.


78's? You must be one old son-of-a-gun.


For me, personally, my biggest fear comes with the Two terrorists candidates that we are being pushed to believe are our only choices in this election, while being sidelined with the idea that a Third party candidate cannot win. What buffoonery this is.
Should we, the American voters, decide that what we want outweighs what they say they will grant us (maybe) would surely get Jill Stein elected. What are Clinton or Trump offering other than 'possibly' or 'it's all about me'. Are they not insulting our intelligence? Are we to believe that they truly offer this country or its citizens any benefit at all? It is more about their power than our benefit.
We are not pawns to be sacrificed on the altar of wealth distribution or corporate favoritism, we are human beings, voters and Americans, we deserve more than rhetoric or bullshit and we should vote for that. http://www.narvinsingh.com/choose-no-evil-the-case-for-jill-stein And insofar as our Congress, I'll offer this. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/reese.asp An older opinion but still very much alive in our politics.


In my day, the phone did not have a dial. You just picked it up and Murtle would ask who you wanted to contact. While we waited for the call to go through we would have a polite conversation until she said your party is ready.


I gave you a like for your good comment but am not sure about this.....


Same here. Not sure things have changed for the better. Time will tell.

P.S. Listening to those conversations is now a job at the NSA.


There are no "terrorists" we do not create. Our endless wars, drone murders and support for war and human rights abuses around the world feed violent reaction which ultimately, is blow-back to the terrorism we continue in order to feed the militarism on which our economy, nationally and locally, are dependent. We have met the terrorists and they are us. Both major party candidates are likely to foment war. Clinton is a hawkish neocon whose policies are in line with the CIA agenda. Trump is an ignorant, short-tempered and dangerous buffoon. As I wrote in a recent article, the military industrial machine has become our government, a National Security State in service to the oligarchy.


Which city in the USA has the largest and most intrusive intelligence gathering operation that is second only to the FBI in size and scope?


A prime example of what you're talking about was that bullshit "Commander In Chief" so-called forum staged by one of the most insidious pushers of national stupidity - NBC. Here was one of biggest manufacturers of consent telling us all that this is what is really important - who's gonna be the biggest bad-ass on the world scene. Forget those trifling issues of climate change, extreme inequality, and the largest (and possibly final) power grab by concentrated wealth and power - the TPP, etc.

And Matt (Where's Waldo?) Lauer(sp?) as a serious and responsible moderator. The mind reels.


I'm thinking, Bluffdale Utah, home to the NSA data center. It's barely a town; I've been there!


This is how we deteriorate into a nation of crazies. We have created our own mess, and we are trying to deal with it by beating it to death--rather than take a good close look at how we initiated the terrorism we so arduously fight. It's like trying to treat cancer with a blow torch, never once questioning how the body became ill in the first place. But that complete lack of honest introspection is pretty typical of most nations...maybe of most of humanity?


Hillary is using fear of Trump, fear of Russia, and fear of Truth to forward her corporatist, warmongering agenda. Neither one makes the other an acceptable choice. Voters can choose red failure, blue failure, or action in the right direction.


the whole government exploits terrorism so they can justify attacking all of the other country's. Hear it everyday just about. From media. The elections are rigged they will put in who they want anyway.


We are pawns because they use us only for our vote. How many promises and how much rhetoric have you heard from the politicians about their plans only to receive nothing in return. No representation is what we end up with for that vote that allows them to bend us over and shut us out.