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Media Blackout on Brazil's Anti-Bolsonaro Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/17/media-blackout-brazils-anti-bolsonaro-protests

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Scary stuff, it is telling us corporate media is all in for the dictators around the world including our own dictator in chief. They want the royalists oligarchs to win and be lead by dictators grabbing what left of the peoples land and governments.


as a general rule, when a person runs as an open fascist, don’t vote for him. this is brazil’s self-inflicted wound.

too many people bought the garbage scams decimating the socialist/reformist leadership. they should’ve known better. just as we should know better here.

My sympathy meter’s run dry for people who keep electing these kinds of reactionaries because they get frustrated at the pace of change by the pinkos who are resisted at every turn by the local oligarchy.

What you have is a CIA/Elites coup in Brazil. Lula termed out and Dilma won the last election. She too was overthrown under bogus corruption charges, and a new election was called. Lula was running against Bolsanaros and was WAY ahead in the polls. So he was imprisoned under bogus charges and taken off the ballot. The people wanted to vote for Lula but couldn’t. So Bolsanaros, a USA/global elite puppet, was installed and Lula remains in prison. Bolsanaros “owns” the military and the death squads.

Maybe it’s time you re-calibrate your sympathy meter for the oppressed, powerless, and dying people of Brazil.


this is a fair point, and I stand corrected for having come of way more dickish than intended. Even with Lula out of the picture, there was still a candidate from his party and there were others besides Bolsonaro running. The choice wasn’t just Lula or Nazi-boy, I guess is what I’m saying.

And this isn’t happening just in brazil. Argentina and Chile have been playing “right left ping pong” for some years now. In some ways, their traps are the same as ours in our elections. people don’t always understand the depth of entrenchment of the ruling class of those countries. And if they do, what to do about it. Handcuffed by the electoral system the same as we are here.

So in that sense, your right here. But Bolsonaro did not squeak in. He won a first ballot election. He has and had a lot of support in that country. I always feel sorry for the handful of people in every country–this one included–that no better and do their best. But we need to be honest: the problems with our voters not knowing enough are shared among a lot of the so-called “democracies”.


Terrific response! And so true. Just as here, the elections are rigged by and for the 1% in South and Central America just like they are here. The elite have total control of all media just like here too. That’s how we ended up with Trump in 2016… And because the Dems are controlled by the same elite, Trump (or a look alike ) will probably win in 2020 too no matter what the voters want. The global elite control the narrative everywhere. It’s all very depressing…


Nobody reported it because it was nowhere near what this biased publication has written! It was nowhere hundreds of thousands nor was it near 100 cities…

There was no Tsunami at all! And they’ve been trying it multiple times the last months and every time it gets less and less people.