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Media Boosts Obvious Saudi Front Group as Neutral ‘Think Tank’


Media Boosts Obvious Saudi Front Group as Neutral ‘Think Tank’

Adam Johnson

The Arabia Foundation appeared in spring 2016, seemingly out of nowhere, as a Saudi-focused think tank with “ties to Riyadh,” but vaguely independent of the regime. Or at least independent enough so that media wouldn’t represent it as an extension of the kingdom. But the past few weeks have clearly shown it to be little more than a PR outlet for de facto Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman and his sprawling, opaque business interests.


Adam Johnson and FAIR do such great media criticism. Thanks for the regular re-posing here at Common Dreams.


It comes back to who owns the MSM - the AIPAC lobby and the Saudi lobby. They have an alliance. They are the war machine. All of the Mideast wars we are in are proxy wars for them. We are even bombing in Yemen for Saudi Arabia right now. Their lobbies own our congress and through them our taxes - most of which are war dollars being sent to their wars. WWIII is on the brink because they want us in a war with Russsia. Why? Because both want to topple Iran and Russia is backing Iran. They don’t care if Russians, Americans or Europeans die in a nuclear war. They only care about completely taking over the mid east. And these are not the Israeli or Saudi people. It’s a few members of the Saudi Royal family and a few Israeli billionaires.


Don’t forget National Petroleum Radio, they should be on the docket, too.


Iran is no bastion of freedom, but compared to KSA, it’s a modernizing force in the Mideast. Furthermore, I don’t blame them for carrying the torch for the Shiite minority–some nation has to.


Don’t forget they aren’t a democracy because of the Great Britain and U.S. governments. We overthrew their first democratically elected president in 1953. Installing the Shah, a brutal SOB.


The 2 largest problems in the world today are global warming and overpopulation.

The powers that be will solve them both with a global thermonuclear war that will thin out the population and cause a nuclear winter.


Wrong. And the people that believe in over population are probably the people that support war and murder - including nuclear, at the top, and justify it like that.