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Media Continue to Ignore That Both Parties Almost Always Agree That More War Is Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/media-continue-ignore-both-parties-almost-always-agree-more-war-good


Vote Blue no matter who.

Get the government you deserve.


War without end, a-amen, a-amen.

Ike’s warning about the MIC upon exiting the WH was unambiguous and he saw it arise and knew it from many angles. Having dropped more bombs on Korea than in the Pacific theater in WWII and more on Vietnam et al. than WWII in toto, the war machine was on a roll and out of control. With no genuine enemy at hand, the specter of communism, particularly Soviet influence, was dangled before a bedazzled citizenry whose fell into a patriotic trance that to this day still permeates the anti-intellectuals longing for the “good old days”. So many jobs are tied to the military behemoth that its lobbying powers are legion. Steering the ship toward more sane and peaceful endeavors will be seemingly a Sisyphean task, but we must get that blasted rock up to the hill of Peace. (apologies for the mixed metaphor) The MIC needs a fear-based culture to keep its power. The People need to tame it with confident, brave resolve.


Media continue to protect the class interests of their owners by making the public believe that “We’re All in This Together.”

(We’re not really. Their interests are antithetical to our own.)


The failure here (and Liberals fall for it all the time) is thinking that the media is a separate entity from the establishment or MIC.

They’re not.

Consider them the “company spokesman” and the company is the establishment elite.

So, why act “surprised” that the media would ignore this? Its THEIR job do so.

Its really foolish to think we are going to change this …or them. Stop wasting your time, and ink, on this.

Think of other solutions/alternatives to counter the media.


The United States can’t handle another 4 years of a racist, fascist, warmongering rapist who does whatever his cronies from the 1% tell him to do.

That’s why I’ll be voting for the other racist, fascist, warmongering rapist who does whatever the same cronies from the 1% tell him to do.


The US 2019 military budget is approx. $730billion. China’s official 2019 defense budget is approx. $178billion. The Chinese are busy building the New Silk Road that follows the route of the old Silk Road from China thru parts of Africa to Europe. The Chinese government allocates approx. $900billion for this project. That’s impressive and will put a lot of countries and people to work.
There are critical voices who have called this project “a new form of colonialism”. Those voices are probably afraid to lose their own Super Power status…


This is an excellent example of bipartisan agreement between the two corporate owned Party’s. Both vote for endless war consistently despite the fact that 99% of the public doesn’t want it. This is why we must all focus on removing all Democrats and all Republicans fro office this November. We are already stuck with two war mongering imbeciles, with the more hawkish of the two (Joe Biden) poised to win. As long as we have corporate imposed sycophants in the House and the Senate, we’re doomed to another four years of slaughtering innocents around the globe to prop up investor capitalism on Wall Street.
Let’s abandon our efforts to take the presidential race seriously and instead pool our efforts this November to deliver a death blow to the servants of the 1% in Congress. Both Party’s are frantic to seal that final crack in an other wise antidemocratic establishment in case the general public figures it out. We must act now or else the only alternative left to the American people will be violent revolution.


Trump is always reminding people that he won’t take us to war----I think this is the fundamental reason Clinton lost-----people are sick of war. Some democrats are being primaried and people to the left are winning and they are taking down some powerful democrats----maybe the next one will be O’Neil in Mass--------The green party should pick one or two congressional seats and go after them with everthing they got----but I don’t think the green party really is interested in winning.

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If the Green Party went after a Congressional seat “with everything they’ve got,” who would notice?

I’ve never missed one of Glenn Greenwald’s “System Update” segments.
I’ve never been disappointed either.

And I revel in the fact that he has invited pundits representing opposing viewpoints to his to debate him in that forum – but that none has had the balls to take him up on his offer.


It will take an outright revolution. Every president or activist of the past who spoke out for peace as opposed to war was conveniently disposed of – JFK, RFK, and MLK (JFK was on the verge of completely withdrawing troops from Vietnam and was aggressively pursuing nuclear disarmament and detente with Kruschev’s Russia).

The MIC and the corporate-owned duopoly hate peaceniks with every fiber of their being. The mad dogs of war and of greed will never be voted out of power. They would rather die --and, it goes without saying, kill anyone who talks of peace and social justice – than give up an inch of their power and control.


Its time we stopped all of this warmaking for the reason of money. If we didnt have these trade agreements we could have decent jobs that paid well that didnt get outsourced that didnt have to do with war and the deep state. Our young people could get those jobs. Right now they are supposed to get outsourced unless they are for national security. Thats really a bad thing to do.

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The Green Party has an excellent, solidly progressive platform and it deserves more respect than it gets. The problem with its repeated failure to launch is that it has never had anyone with enough name recognition to give it the impetus it needs. Bernie Sanders could have done just that, if he had had the balls to stand up to the Democratic Party instead of being its waterboy. His intention all along was to stay within his comfort zone and retain his longtime friendships with his cronies in the Democratic Party. He was never the revolutionary that so many of his supporters thought he was.

Jill Stein was a very astute and capable candidate but she was too much of an unknown and the MSM was easily able to dismiss her as a lightweight. Given the right person, with enough charisma and name recognition, the Green Party could become a powerful force to be reckoned with.


We need many people to be forced to listen to his facts broadcast with the fire and passion.

Surrounding Washington are a large number of defense contractors. Living in the Virginia suburbs are many of the corporate CEOs and officers of those defense companies. They constitute the wealthiest group of individuals in one location in the nation. There is a thing called ‘Citizens United’ which gives them enormous leverage over members of both parties. Plus through extensive marketing, those who support defense have made cutting military spending a sign of weak kneed almost treacherous behavior. Every politician every year has to prove their ‘macho’ tough side by voting for more military spending or be attacked vigorously in their home districts for trying to cut defense. So, yes, America’s go to solution to any problem is most probably military. That’s never going to change until our structure for financing elections change and I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.


There’s nothing surprising about corporate state media supporting
the military-industrial complex and an American public, suffering from
a military psychosis, not caring about the absurdities.
What’s surprising is how little attention Julian Assange gets for unveiling the depth of this American evil with his WikiLeaks, 2010 “Collateral Murder” video. And why are the voices of authentic journalism silent?


Beyond the fire and passion, Glenn delivers facts and explication.

That’s why so few dare debate him.


Brilliant! Promote that person.

They would just love to be able to suppress any kind of anything because of the foreign investment that would pour in.

Nothing says “open for business” these days like a massacre.

Maybe because there is so little of it thats not being paid off?