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Media Coverage Is ‘a Sort of Advertisement to Mass Murder’



Events such as this call on us to submit to our higher calling as a people. Profits are not our higher calling. Sensationalizing the psychopaths works for increasing profits, no doubt. Let's eschew that as a society and focus on the positive contributions of the fallen and their families and friends. It's time to channel our inner Walter Cronkite.


Oh, wow... What the hell is wrong with being insignificant?

Even if that was the murderer, wtf is that for a goddamn motivation? Are you going to outdo the mass murders committed by the great dictators of the twentieth century? No, of course you're not; so don't try that nonsense.

If you want to be significant find a way to build something. Any idiot can destroy shit, or kill people. But getting together to build something will make for a legacy that inspires others who will follow after you.

I don't remember the names of the mass murderers. I do that intentionally. I will take note of when they die, in prison, but nothingmore.

I'd rather remember the people who build things, whether great or small. Helping to build a community theatre is far more glorious thing than committing a mass murder. Helping research a cure for a disease is even more glorious. If you're after glory that is. Which is a gloriously squishy sort of word.

Better that your life be an example to follow, rather than a lesson to be learned from.


A culture of violence,militarism,consumerism and fear-the US just fire bombed an Afghan hospital for over an hour-this carnage has been happening for fourteen years-the presidents hometown of Chicago how many die there each day-the death penalty-if you do something wrong the answer is to kill-and I totally disagree we as a society have an obligation to understand the real motives behind these murders by Chris Mercer-its so amazing ---lets just ignore it,lets close our eyes!-the one word that seems left out is military-WHY? And another word consumerism-people who seem so fake and plastic----Here is an Idea -how about we have a day of silence for those killed in Oregon and the Afghan hospital-everything is closed for a day-we as a nation take a day to reflect on violence and think how we can change things?