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Media Coverage of Oregon Militia Standoff Raises Eyebrows — and Ire


Media Coverage of Oregon Militia Standoff Raises Eyebrows — and Ire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

After members of a rightwing militia—many armed with assault rifles—seized the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon on Saturday afternoon, observers questioned the corporate media's treatment of the event, pointing to a double standard in coverage compared to other recent protests.


Treason, pure and simple. Yet, not newsworthy?!


Tip for Black Live Matter in the new year, wear cowboy hats.


And carry assault rifles.


Yet another predictable consequence of GOP fear mongering, false populism, and bigotry.


Being at the receiving end of violence feels the same regardless of the ethnicity of the perpetrator. Remove the artificial definitions of terrorism that are used to paint singular groups.


I'm sure this is a prime reason the government reacted as it did (or didn't). As for the media, they exist to justify what the corporate government does. But your question reinforces it--in essence, you are suggesting that radical protesters should be heavily armed and threaten to shoot law enforcement, so they can carry out whatever actions they believe are right. But what if the Black Lives Matter movement decided it's time to carry assault rifles to their protests...would the law enforcement and media response be the same?


Don't you just luv those cowboy uniforms, neck bandanas and guns. Subliminal "jesse-james" looks.


and whiteface.


White people can't be terrorists, although occasionally they can be emotionally disturbed.


They are staging an armed occupation of a federal office becasue some rich ranchers (who get free use of federal (BLM) land) were cited for environmental regulation violations. They then set fire to some ecologically valuable federal land and are facing 5-year sentences for arson. Oh the Injustice against Humanity! The Injustice!

Can you Imagine what would happen if the Black people of Cleveland, armed with AR15's, tried to take over even just a DMV office to protest their governments killing of children in cold blood!


You know if they were Black, they'd be dead by now.


Where are the SWAT teams when you need them?


They would also be dead by now if they were leftists engaging in such actions as part of a strike against a capitalist boss at a mine or mill.


No, they should cordon the facility off, turn off all power and water to it, and stave or freeze them out.


Your analogy is ridiculous. The Waco site was privately owned property, not a federal facility, and the government shamefully (and probably illegally) overreacted. There is no difference between these Oregon scumbags and any other terrorist group that makes an attack on U.S. soil. Frankly, I couldn't care less if everyone of those morons went up in smoke.


cnn.com labeled them "protesters"


If it's white Christian men armed with guns... it isn't terrorism. (That's the mindset operating.)


They'd be gunned down preemptively! And most state law enforcement agencies (along with their cohorts inside the courts) would rule that such action was totally justified.


Being a WASP cracker has its' privileges.