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Media Defend Biden by Attacking Dems for ‘Attacking’ Obama

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/media-defend-biden-attacking-dems-attacking-obama


Joe Dough embodies the same servility to the überklassifizieren as the corpress, and it appears they will pull out all the stops to pull his foot out of his mouth.

The dearly departed (from office) Dear Misleader is the very essence of personality over principle. Invoking his godhead is to be expected from those who daily traffic in the diminution of democracy.


Very well said. It is amazing to see the same groups of media “personalities” go on and on criticizing and predicting. The same group of people who told everyone that Hillary was a sure shot and that Trump could not possibly win as every poll (taken by people like them) said so.

I only ever see this panoply of jerks when articles criticizing them include video clips. What continues to amaze me is that people continue to watch this shit and actually believe it and want more.


As per the article here on CD the other day, stop calling these conservative, 80s vintage Republicans in the Democratic party centrists. It suggests that they are more liberal on the issues than they actually are. Their job, as per their beloved Obama, is to preserve the status quo, even when it requires working across the aisle with their many friends in the Republican party. Better to give away the farm to the Republicans than to allow those awful progressives to stink up the party.


Does the Killer Clown ascend to ringmaster of this circus of the cruel and macabre without being “personalitized” via “The Apprentice”?

What can we call the corporate media machine, other than “The Accomplice”?


My favorite thing to post today - Just came out

Koch Industries secretly financed a report by Third Way, a corporate-funded think tank with ties to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party.

"ties to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party". Now Ask yourself WHO THE HELL THAT IS !!!

The Third WAY


The Clintons and Obamas have always fit right into the third way mold.


YEp, It was not a stretch for any of them

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Call the corporate media machine, “The Long And Winding Road” to nowhere.

Dems attacking Wind-Sock Joe by attacking O’Bummer’s record are more than justified.  If O’Bummer and P’Loser had done their jobs in 2009, Haspel, Mnuchin and Prince – among several others – would be serving long prison terms instead of serving in the present “Administration”.  In fact, if O’Bummer and P’Loser had done their jobs in 2009 we not have the present POS as POTUS.



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Yes. They are the PR ring for the whole scam. They even get to run the “debates”. They control the entire narrative. There is so much better media out there than the corporate rubbish but so many people keep going back to the same old tired shit like it’s home.

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Well, part of the problem is a lack of effective outreach by alternative media outlets. There need to be some hefty creative confabs to figure out how to expand audiences, obviously with as little cost as possible.

One tactic could be to hand out info at public gatherings - demos, candidate rallies, public hearings et alia.

The “centrist” corporate/banker clinton/obama DP wing and its sycophants, try to sell the idea that “the Democrats are moving too far left”, an obvious attack on Bernie Sanders and “progressive/left”…

. That of course is a BS deception, very similar to the also false narrative that after taxes on the richest have been repeatedly gutted/lowered, advocates for fair taxation are attacked for “wanting to raise taxes”! The truth is they want to restore fair taxation. Similarly, the so-called “left” now attacked by the right was once the “center”.

Consider that Prez Eisenhower would now be labeled a socialist lefty for his principled comments (at least).and run-out of today’s RepubliCon Party, and FDR a commie in the DINO DP for advocating for the “little people” and fair, regulated, economy.

Both the R’Con shift to the extreme right over time, and the DINO corporate/banker/wall st big-money wing’s following them, have muddled the meaning of what is what, usually very intentionally, as when biden is linked to obma’s betrayals (and his own ugly past).

Both parties establishments are driven to the right by the power of big-money dominating our now fully subverted electoral processes.!

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Obama’s legacy:

Catfood Commission that recommends cuts to Social Security
All-of-the-above energy policy that sees domestic drilling skyrocket
Deports more undocumented immigrants than all 20th century presidents combined
Close to 1,000 d-party elected seats lost nationwide
Income/wealth inequality soars
Bails out wall st, screws homeowners
Last year in office, drops 26,000 bombs on seven countries

Jeebus H, Obama’s legacy is the biggest reason to vote against ByeDone.