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Media Downplay Global South Leadership on Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/07/media-downplay-global-south-leadership-covid-19


You totally ignore Africa where some countries have done even better than the Asian ones you mention. Rwanda has yet to record a death. Two small African countries have no active cases in their country. Kenya, where I live, has 47 million people, and only 2600 cases and 83 deaths. All of Africa has had only 5,082 deaths among its 1.3 billion people.


Let’s be honest, the media are trolling the bottom for money. They want a vaccine or a newly patented drug to arise so that they can advertise for great profit. Nothing more, just business.


This article misses an important point. Corporate/government executives the world over – including the Global South – are robbing the people blind under cover of the covid-19™ scam. Trillions in taxpayer dollars are being shoveled into private bank accounts. Illegal logging in national parks, illegal mining, illegal fishing in protected zones, etc, are unmonitored and out of control. Ancient lahuán trees (Fitzroya cupressoides) are being cut down and stolen from Alerce Andino National Park in southern Chile. The park is closed to the public because of covid-19™. Nobody can stop the thieves. Anybody who tries to stop them, or even just tries to go there and bear witness to what is happening, will be arrested, using covid-19™ as an excuse. This is just one small example. The final great barbecue of nature is happening right now, facilitated by the covid-19™ lockdown, unreported, out of sight, out of mind.

In Chile, Bolivia, and other nations of the Global South, covid-19 fear™ has been weaponized and used to oppress dissidents and crush popular social movements. Chile happened to be ordered into quarantine just when the popular uprising that began in October was on the verge of bearing fruit. The covid-19™ lockdown included a lockdown of democracy: the plebiscite scheduled for April was postponed until November. The people’s hopes for a new constitution – and the popular momentum that had been sustaining these hopes – where shut down by covid-19 fear.

Follow the covid-19™ money trail. Stop following corporate propaganda talking points. The covid-19™ lockdown is causing hardship and suffering for billions of non-privileged people the world over. The lockdown is more deadly, and far more abusive of humanity, than the virus. Governments represent a far greater threat to human well-being than flu viruses. Too many people can’t see what is happening – global fascism on the march – because they are hypnotized by the corporate media drumbeat of fear.


I was going to mention this as well. African Countries have a lot of experience in dealing with such pandemics and yet have managed this crisis much better then Western Countries with far greater resources.


During the past half century the GOP has been striving to turn the US into a third world nation, so why would we have any expectations that the US gubmit COVID-19 response would be anything more than a what a banana republic would expect ?

Meanwhile, many third world nations, after shaking US and European imperial oppression have been going the other direction, improving their citizens’ lives.


Alan MacLeod is spot-on with his central point about which countries are indisputably dealing with the pandemic most competently: those governments for whom human lives matter.

Africa has better numbers than many expected at this point, but their outbreaks are too early, and their testing facilities too challenged, to factor into MacLeod’s comparison at this point. I’m very glad there might be some room for optimism over some countries in Africa, but it might be premature optimism. Egypt and South Africa have two of the steepest outbreaks in the world, according to the Johns Hopkins charts.

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It also worth noting how Sweden dealt with this. They decided there would be no lock down.

They have one of the highest death rates per million due to COVID and now they are noting that the economy is tanking. It is predicted to shrink by an amount just under that of the decline in Germany as per the EU while the Bank of Sweden has a GDP shrinkage of over 10 percent.

Those that suggest there has to be a choice between the economy and lives fail to understand that doing nothing will still impact BOTH.


Several countries in Asia that dealt with the problem involved continued, if not long periods, of authoritarianism and even mass surveillance.

Good points in this article. But it is not just the south. An interesting case, very little talked about in the mainstream discussions, are the countries of Eastern Europe. Most of them have significantly less numbers than the Western Europe.

If only you had a clue. You think there is no mass surveillance going on here? Our lockdowns were bad enough that the loonies got all upidy and brought their 2nd amendment toys to statehouses everywhere and made themselves into complete nuisances. You’re sanctimonious attitude is showing. The fact is, both Cuba and Vietnam kicked our obese asses.

You actually think that what takes place in the U.S. is similar to what goes on in countries like Vietnam? Can you give more details? In Vietnam, the government is run by the Communist Party and no dissent is allowed. There are no “2nd [A]mendment toys.”

About lockdowns in the U.S., are you implying that it was worse in the U.S. than in Vietnam? In what way?

About my “sanctimonious attitude,” perhaps you can explain to me why things are worse in the U.S. You see, I’m writing from Asia.

Finally, about kicking your “obese asses,” what did that cost Vietnam? At least two million dead, many of them unarmed civilians, including children? Today, you ask the average American, and he likely can’t even identify Vietnam on a map, let alone know that his country attacked it in the past.