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Media Embrace New 'Reform' Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare


Media Embrace New 'Reform' Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare

Justin Anderson

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in support for Medicare for All, a single-payer healthcare system that would guarantee the universal medical coverage that the Affordable Care Act failed to achieve with its passage in 2010. Sixty-four percent of Democrats support single-payer healthcare, while over half of Americans believe that the government should be responsible for ensuring coverage, according to surveys by Pew Research Center.


The health insurance industrial complex adds absolutely nothing of value to the people. It only sucks away too many of the fruits of their efforts. Another big fail in the hyper-financialized capitalistic farce known as America. The industry’s lobbying is quite effective. Yet one more reason to GET PRIVATE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.


Slavitt has done more to give real people access to healthcare than this author’s weak smear of an article accomplishes in favor of single payer. I am embarrassed to read this.


Thanks for a well written and important update.


Perfect profile of an agenda to keep corporations top dog in our “healthcare system”

Excellent work Common Dreams. I think I’ll read it again it was so good, and even bookmark it.

I’m grateful to have such a good source of news, and proud of the good people working to bring it.


We all must be very skeptical of any plan to improve Healthcare with the words, “United States” in it.

Especially, at this moment in time when the “United States” government has been taken over by the Fascists, the White Supremacists, the Corporations, and the Biggest Blowhard in the World.


The monkey wrenching done by the MSM on behalf of their advertisers and, especially the drug companies, is a sight to behold. True, it’s an ugly, nasty sight, but so is our current healthcare system. " Profit over People " is their slogan.
This " pragmatic " approach is just another form of slow-walking the steps necessary for a Single Payer Healthcare System.
The MSM is already only interested in reaching the top 30-40% of household income earners. Everyone else can use an old transistor radio, thank you very much.
The groups backing Slavit & Co. will make sure the already comfortable are given all the best information. So they’ll fight against S-P tooth and nail, of course. How very kind of them.


There’s no such thing as guaranteed health care even in the nations with nationalized care. Every single one rations.


Of course it adds value. It’s called surplus, otherwise known as profit, the only way value is actually added.


Not to the people, only to the shareholders.


The “Third Way” is always a detour to a dead end


Memo from Trumpf: Give the poor their box of tainted low quality food and no healthcare and see how long they last. Problem solved.


Those that support maintaining the commodity status of health care should be embarrassed.


No surprise there; the rich are rich because they cling crab-like to their riches and will not give up until we crack the shell.


That Frist and Durenberger are on the board is all you need to know that this organization has no interest in providing medical care to anyone. Their whole reason to exist is to transfer someone else’s money into their own pockets.


The rationing is a whole lot worse when you have for profit insurance companies deciding who is going to have their medical care paid for and who isn’t. You surely remember before Obamacare that insurance companies were paying their bonuses to their adjusters based on how much they denied in payments. You surely remember that when a person suffered a very expensive medical problem that the insurance companies would comb through their applications looking for some reason to throw them off insurance. You surely remember that insurance companies used to stop paying when an arbitrary cap was reached.

Don’t throw that “medical rationing, death committee” around as if it were something that private insurance companies were not guilty of up to their earlobes. A government employee isn’t affected if the government program pays for your health care, but a private insurance adjuster is going to lose his/her job if too much gets approved.


And how exactly are insurance company profits “added value?” What have they done to improve the quality of life of anyone that could’t be done at much lower cost? Witness the fact that the insurance companies were going apoplectic when Obamacare required them to spend 80% on actual health care while with Medicare, less than 5% was going toward administrative costs. The rest was going to actual health care. How can the extra 15%+ that the insurance companies were getting be considered “added value?”


I’ve been waiting for this since “single payer” has gained momentum with the people. A swift and loud response to these corp. shills is a must. How we get this message out to the people is the question.


“Weak smear” ? Are you kidding me ?
All you have to do is check out his bio in the article to know who he’s really working for.


In the late '80s, on a healthcare forum run by PBS and moderated by J. Lehrer among others (?) I believe, some 80% of the attendees wanted a Single-Payer type system with a menu of other options, as well.
That nat’l pressure led to Hillary &Bill’s 1994 3rd Way disaster. Like these gatekeepers and stooges are trying to pull off here, again.
These organizations are all doing the same thing; they are stalling, hoping to gain a few more bucks for their backers. They’re pathetic, really.